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KEVU* by 


■ :**#** k 


^NpQt't * * 

Tuud, **cye «*ciiy t *»* *** 








m w *. je i 


/ N< 

<? <* 

** «* a •# 

»*#* « 



** 4 

4 K 


%» » 










— •% *» • 
»% »• » ♦ • 



\ ^? 



m <: 


^5 » — 

R m 




its our 



these walls 

ten - these walls bear the memories of the birth and growth 
of this institution, these walls are more than mere extensions of the founda- 
tions - they are "biographies alive" - each brick imparting the story of its au- 
thor, these walls tell of long, grueling nights; obscure growing pains; and bit- 
tersweet anticipation, these walls testify to true tests of will, stamina, and pa- 

these walls are true 
witnesses of God's 
grace - these walls 
avow that each 
year God will bless 
and bring the year- 
book and its cre- 
ators to fullness, 
two-score and ten 
- these walls are 

ford hall rm 204 


x til earth and heaven ring' 

the bell is a constant reminder 
from whence we came and 
where we still have to go. 

'76 ACORN 



w - 

' * ■ i 







wheels of progress 


itually. originally depicted as a small, white, 

-on v ACORN, the wheels keep moving. 





flRfc: . /'-'^ 


'" 1 ' 





"we stand here now in rememberance of our fallen brothers and sisters who, like others 
before them and after them, made their pilgrimage to Oakwood College..." 

vaughn e. 

HrnB JnB B 


April 21 , 1 982 - March 1 3, 2002 

f d 

l#/ M* 

■ I*' 



(: Av:jtt!^ :Hf1 

;I0W*' 1 




l 0^ [ ' i: ' 



V ''.- 

7b /ose a /Wend /s the greatest of all evils, but 
endeavor rather to rejoice that you possessed 
him than to mourn his loss. -Seneca 


Forgettable... that's the best word to de- 
scribe him. Vaughn Ramphal was a charmer, 
a 'ladies man/' a friend, a brother, and a son. 
His presence was magnetic and his smile con- 
tagious. Vaughn was so full of life, so full of 
energy, and these qualities radiated to all who 
surrounded him, to all who loved him. How 
could you not love Vaughn? It's so hard to 
come to terms with the death of someone 
you love. But all we can do as Vaughn's 
friends is thank God that he was a part of our 
lives who will live forever in our memories. 

-Jessica Brazier 

'off-the-wall ' 




December 15, 1977 - March 30, 2002 

gtating our presence fall of 1 996, Thamar brightened the campus 
with her effervescence. Her love for Christ and others was genu- 
inely expressed everyday, as she would greet everyone with a hug 
and words of encouragement. An angel in disguise, Thamar would 
frequently stop her plans to help those in need; whether a listening 
ear, praying partner, or a laughing friend she always made time to 
cheer others. Utilizing her talents, Thamar was a dedicated mem- 
ber of Dynamic Praise, WSB Drama, Oakwood College Sabbath 
School group, and various other organizations at Oakwood as well 
as at home. She tirelessly worked as a behavioral specialist at the 
Harris Home for Children. Remembered first for her angelic char- 
acter and second for the radiance of her smile, Thamar will forever 
remain in the hearts of everyone she met. 

■ ' 

"...may they, in Your Mercy, experience the gradutation 
from earth to glory. To this end we dedicate this Student 

Memorial I " -excerpt of litany from Student Memorial dedication Nov 9, 2002 



/■■'^■•f'-J^i. J% 

.. , "'; 





.-*»» ' a 


dalton e 


William Cleveland 

December 1 6, 1 984 - September 1 6, 2002 


William Cleveland 

con graduated from Pine Forge Academy 
on May 26, 2002 and migrated down to the 
"Oaks." Although his time was short here at 
Oakwood College, Dalton's smile, touch, 
originality, voice and the very essence of his 
presence will be sadly missed, but will for- 
ever be etched in the recesses of our minds. 
Some may say Dalton's death was untimely, 
that he was robbed of living a full and com- 
plete life. However, as a child of God, 
Dalton's life was more meaningful and com- 
plete than many other lives will ever be. 
Thank God for His wonderful saving grace 
and as we continue this race, we keep the 
hope of seeing Dalton again. 

- Stephanie Jones 




nT ^ 

111 ^*m0r 

off-the-wall ' 

bert w 

QeQ}Kj© r 






1 wEOtiBSsaF jdrttfo ■! 




; ^^ "'1 

U ~**T 

lillt luffl 



|fcjj ' c &K3fc 





< : v--.x 





Dear Students: 

AjB\% come to close of another year, we are reminded that Oakwood College continues its 
legacy of Education, Excellence, Eternity. And as we celebrate 50 issues of the Acorn Yearbook, 
we are thankful for what God has done for Oakwood College. We are also very clear that the 
Oakwood legacy is not built upon new roads and buildings, academic programs, or even a 
strong enrollment. The legacy is built upon its graduates- graduates who leave this institution 
determined to make a lasting and positive impact on the Church and society. 

So we count on you, the Graduating Class of2003, and every person who has walked these 
grounds, to wear the name of Oakwood College proudly. Preserve it from every attitude and act 
that might call question on its fair name. I pray that you might be inspired and motivated by the 
words and pictures of this special issue. 

As you impact the Church, society, and the global community, we challenge you to make Oakwood 
proud of your life, virtues, and contributions. Because, after all, this is God's school and He 
looks to you to bring honor, not simply to Oakwood College, but to His name and to His king- 
dom as well. 

Continued blessings and success to you. 


DelbertW. Baker, Ph.D. 







1 within the oast ten vi 


within the past ten years 

Information Technology Department/ Technology Center 

Business & Technology Complex 

E. G. White Estate Branch Office 

Morning Star House renovation and relocation to campus 

Outstanding SACS Accreditation 

Communications Department 

West Oaks Apartments 

Vibrant student outreach: Aeolians, NAPS, DEEP and other ministries 

Market & Bookstore renovation and expansion 

East Hall renovated and declared an Alabama "Historical Land Mark" 

Campus renovations- new entrances, Adventist Blvd., Wynn Drive 

Oakwood Memorial Gardens; Historic Slave Cemetary & Student Memorial 

Prominent Back-to-School revival with 1 ,000 plus student baptisms 

fAw ^r 






Marcus Higgs 

Whaf s the point of a page 
void of any words, 
Whaf s the reason of a voice, 
if that voice can not be heard, 

What's the use of a pen . /f 
without the release of its ink, 

And whaf s my purpose as poet, 
if these lines do not make you think, 
whaf s your purpose? 

Marcus Higgs / 

indigo ego 

when we met 
lot was said 
thoughts free flow 
you said 

you've got something 
deep inside of you 
changed my life 
sew the seams 

when we left 

indigo day 

voice sounds resound 

invisible snapshots 



the one with the 

indigo ego. 

-Shannamarie Scarlett 



's childhood 
Like that last sip of kc 
to when sin«g ? in your 
to do, 
The so 

the thing 


™ truck that makes 
,ds and sour straws 

, so tight that you had 
f the bed, 
'der brothers and getting 

jw was the streetligh 

5 me when your 

If s like those stockings that itch while you ; 
church service, 
And passing notes in the hymnal and gettft^j 
that look from your mom that made you ner- 
vous , 

It's childhood like before PS2, when the original 
Mario was all we knew, 

When after school cartoons was the best thing 
next to Fresh Prince of BelAir, 
Childhood was like your first 'do you like me?' 
circle yes or no letter, 
and finding a Maybe written there, 
If s like hand games and double dutch, 
And birthday cake making you stomach hurt 
'cause you ate too much, 
"Is loosing your baby teeth, 

(reen beans were a form < 
punishment , 
along with no phone, no frienc. , .. , 

-Kimberly Pearson 


**' wi 

[0 '¥ 

the shining 

(thesis for people of the Spirit) 

Tamiya King 

-The Sovereign has summoned us to shine and sprinkle salt on earth- 
tor what is spiritually healthiest 

For the Father separated the light from the darkness 

on the face of the deep 
In the form of verbal sunshine and audiovisual divinity; 

And the evening and the morning were the first day of light for the sanctified 

People that are reflected when we smile; 
And the truth is easy to carry 

("For my burden is Light" ) 

Real Light. 
Light enough for new refreshing youth to package. 

Illuminate internally 

(so you can see) 

and let there be 



tarnished image 

s.s. kharma (t.b.) 

my image has been tarnished 

like pouring expensive wine into a broken goblet 

i gave to you 

poured myself to you 

until the last drop had fallen 

and you spilled me 

you allowed my precious flavors 

to fall upon the floor and stain the carpet of peoples 


you knew you were broken, 

cracked on the left side and right and chipped in the 


still you allowed me to pour myself into you 

maybe i should have been more cautious and 


you more carefully before allowing myself to be opened 

but its not competeiy my fault 

i assumed that since you were a glass, it was ok 

maybe since you were the one broken 

you should have removed yourself from the shelf 


lyrics- Gabrielle MP. Barnes 

He was born 

and rasied near corn 

he dont know nothing about thugc 

he's representing projects he's never seen 

stealing his identity 

from MTV 

My baby, my baby's got the hip h 

He speaks of powder milk 

and government cheese 

canned peanut butter, brother please 

Thaf s something he never ate 

The boy he calls his "dog" has r^Hiir ai 


bandana on his knee but u - '■ - ! ' -■ 

Baby, my bab^ 

he hip 

Yeah, he's east coast, 
not New York, 

more like Maine 

Not Chicago's L, 'cause he's never rode a Irate 
^ Tupac, so he's going back to Cali 
.. how can he go back if he's not from there 


My baby, my baby's got the hip hop blues 

Says he wants a girl from the x Hood, 

but where the Hood is, he dont know 

He thinks he's one of the hip hop singers 

For bye, he says "ONE" then shows me two 


My baby, my baby got the Hip hop blues 







sT ' 



I'm hurting; inside I'm realizing that life is fleating 

looking for a safe place in emerald windows 

but it seams there's no room in 

looking for a place to rest, 
i'm a weary traveler, 
life is a journey, it would be nice 
with a traveling buddy 











")our grades are going to suffer if you don't at- 
tend." You will receive your first 'F' in college if 
you stay in your dorm room during the time des- 
ignated for orientation," "General Assembly will 
last for only 30 minutes." Now where have we all 
heard these tales before? Freshman Orientation- 
where else? 

On Wednesday, August 14, 2002, over 300 
freshmen flooded the campus. Carter Hall and 
Peterson Hall sprang to life after 
being empty the whole summer, 
while the freshmen hustled to get 
room situations straightened out. 

The next three clays for our 
budding Oakwoodites went by in 
a blur. Thursday, August 15 th 
hosted registration, a final word 
from Dr. Baker, the cleparting cer- 
emony, residence hall orientation, 
and the freshmen rally. Friday, 
August 1 6 th presented a 3-hour 
long assembly, and after free time 
and a mall visit, the freshmen and 
new students consecration service. 

Sunday, August 18 th hosted the Success 
Session. For those of us too old to remember, this 
is the time where the professors give words of en- 
couragement to newcomers, as well as tidbits of 
advice. It is also the time when we hear Bruce 
Peifer's school spirit clearly ring from Moran to 
Peterson to Carter with the famous "O. C. ! " chant. 

The two days before instruction began 
were action packed. The days of August 1 9 th and 


20 th were designated for group activities, after a Gen- 
eral Assembly that was slated for 30 minutes lasted 
for 4 hours. Freshmen and new students were di- 
vided into groups according to last name initials and 
Navigators were assigned to each group. Shannon 
Hill said, "I liked the Navigators... 'Big H!' They 
were really cool. They made the experience more 
fun because they were young." 

Many freshmen shared varying sentiments 
concerning the activities. "It 
was HOT outside!" says Sheena 
Mann, fanning herself at the 
thought. During the spider web 
activity some students claimed 
that they didn't like being 
forced to do the activities with 
certain nameless people dan- 
gling pending failing grades on 
invisible strings. As far as the 
"Building Scavenger Hunt" was 
concerned, Kimberly 

McFarlancf began in stating, "It 
was pretty good-"Until they 
had us running around the dark campus like slaves 
running from the plantation," interjects April Lee. 
Another thing that failed to make the "Top 5 Favor- 
ite Oakwood Memories" list was running from Eva 
B. Dykes lawn to Moran Hall during a thunderstorm. 
Overall, the Freshen Orientation was a suc- 
cess. The following exclamation by Nicceta Med- 
ley serves as a rebuttal to all complaints: "I wish I 
could've been there!" 

-Jennifer Caudle 




"the message pre- 
sented at freshman 
consecration was very 
needed, it is important 
for us to listen to ad- 
vice and apply it so 
that we can succeed 
and in the future help 
those in the same posi- 
tion as we are now." 

Daphanie Beckford 

this year's freshman B-ien- 
tation was an experiefce of 
mixed feelings.. .to onlex- 
la&fe^^i^d^Sifet i ve 
and fun, on the other parts 
were a bit childish." 
Antonia Simons 






! + 


^ LJ w 

It began with praise like life begins with the 
breath of Christ and ended with admoration 
and thanks to Christ. The annual Back to 
School revival left students with opened hearts 
and accepting the fact that this year would 
be one of revived academic, physical and spiri- 
tual success. The theme song said it all, "for us 
to have a revival this year we must ask GOD 
to dwell with us/' 





it is an opportunity to begin the school year on 
a note of personal spiritual commitment... 

The revival dives focus 


Pastor Nixon 

Bermuda Institute 
Pine Forge 
Great lakes 
Greater Atlanta 
Mt. Vernon 
Forest Lake 
Burton Adventist 

all pictures 'copasetic 

ving from as far as 
England, Canada, and 
Bermuda seniors from 
various high schools 
trekked to the campus 
this October during the 
annual College Days. 
Representing their high 
school with the visiting 
seniors, many 

Oakwoodites pulled out 
their dusty jackets, 
sweaters, shirts and hats. 





KmS \mJt 





from the best dressed to the worst 
buyer, the fall USM spirit week was a 
blast. Opening the week with prayer 
students sent Prayer-grams and 
signed the wall with prayer requests 
and thanks. OC students stepped 
onto the 'Unoffical Red Carpef at din- 
ner tuesday. For the remainder of 
the week, students were urged to 
dress up in themes Rep your City and 
Super Twin day. The attendance and 
participation at the annual auction 
thursday night and the Ambassador's 
Pep Rally Saturday night proved that 
OC has got that HUMP-DEY, DUMP- 
DEY, DUMP spirit! 






all pictures "off-the-wall" 





nosphere was very estactic around Ashby Auclitorii 
crowds of students overwhelemed the outside court area on Sep- 
tember the 2nd. USM cabinet members 'qued grillers and vegge- 

links at the an^^^^parbeq^^^^B nd a 

little basketball enjoyed the 

holiday Southern' style. 

This is ^^^K 
students enjoyd§||||i 

sunshined filled labour clay. 
It's how this school year of 
revival got rollin,.... food, 
friends and fellowship. 

all p 






ion ice 


'///;■ '> "/j y, ■■ v ••/ '-a? ■ ■ . : - : *>". : * - /* / ' ;: / f j/y<? 

although it'l 
countless times 
before,, all who 
go still enjoy. 
f rezz i n g 
tempture to en- 
joy a night of ice 















at about 12:15 am on January 23 rd , "Let's go outside and play!" was 
the big idea on Oakwood Campus, especially at Edwards and Wade. 
The biggest Snow Storm in Oakwood College History since however 
long ago started off with huge snow flurries. Well, maybe not the big- 
gest. . . maybe not even a snow storm but it was enough to get us hyped 
and out of school for a few hours the next day. The residents of Edwards, 
Wade, Carter and Peterson Halls raced to be the first to play in the 
snow. Snow fights broke out between friends, couples, and eventually 
girls vs. guys. Cameras flashed as we tried to capture the moment. 
According to Roehelle Carter, a sophomore, 'This is what student life 
at Oakwood is afl about. Getting hyped about silly stuff with your 

Though classes were only canceled until I pm... very few people actu- 
ally showed up for their later classes, including teachers. According to 
one student, the BT Building was dosed up, neither teachers nor stu- 
dents made an appearance. What was everyone doing? The most popu- 
lar thing to (Jo when school is canceled- not a thing! Senior student, 
Denise Tolbert, said her snow day started when she woke up at 1 1 :00 
and watched movies all day. "It was quite relaxing. I needed the break 
since I hadn't done my homework tor the clay." 

didn't know we had a Official 


Kevin Jules 

h 1 933 the Acorn succeeded 
the Bulletin. The school was 
well developed as a junior 
collegeand many new devel- 
opments were taking place 
within the student body. A 
new generation of students 
began to travel through the 
corridors; students who were 
younger and in many cases 
more advanced and better 
prepared for collegiate stud- 
ies made up the constituency. 
Hence the Acorn was pub- 
lished monthly with the ex- 

ceptions of July and Septem- 
ber, and became known as "a 
journal of student activity." 
For twelve-years the Acorn 
served the junior college well 
as the medium to keep the 
alumni, onlookers, and the 
then-present student body 
bound together. 
In 1944 the institution took 
another stride of growth and 
offered senior college work 
with degrees; the first senior 
class graduated in May 1 945. 
In harmony with the progress 

of the school, the student 
body voted to separate the 
Acorn publication, naming 
the newspaper The Spread- 
ing Oak and the yearbook % 
Acorn. With that vote, the I 
first volume was published | 
Spring 1946 by the United ^ 
Student Movement and ac- 
cepted as the official 
yearboook of Oakwood Col- 
















1 I I Ugonna Anosike Amanda Jones Rochelle Maddix 
Cara Monroe Andrew Patterson2 | | Ronald Gibson 
Camillia Rodgers | 1 3 Haven Fair | 1 4 Camille Boyce 
Amber Dunson James McGriff Peta-Gaye McLean Leah 
Spellen | 1 5 Marx Alleyne Valena Baker Danita Burgess- 
Lambe Darion Deschamps Pauline James Sellie Shines 
| 1 6 Sonja Artis Selwyn Carrington Rhodeanith Dormer 
Qyuni Handfield Alyson Parker Malcolm Phillips Lanair 
Walker Stan Williams | | 7 Courtney Brown Matthew Curry 
Nina Dykes Christopher Harriel Justin Kelly Keisha Prime 
Charlene Walker | 1 8 Kylah Allers Agena Davenport Tif- 
fany Wilson | 1 9 Haniffe Carrington Jacaues Jocelyn 
Kenyatta Latham Sean Williams | 1 1 Jacquelyn Gates 
Jonae Jackson Janice Nwokike Kimberly Pearson John 
Stephens Christopher Watkins | 1 1 1 Oneka Bynoe Jes- 
sica Hildebrand Beverly Preston | 1 12TheophilusAmpadu 
Harvey Knotts Leslie Norwood Chalonda Webb George 
Young | 1 1 3 La'Shanice Blanchard Linbert Browne Amiaue 
Craig Caroline Douglas Don Howard Robert Jackson 
Segun Olaye Lorna Roberts Amy Smith Dexter Smith 
Mcintosh Thervil | 1 4 Kean Baxter Tiffany Daniels Donny 
Elliott Mary Lyn Fleurimond John Henderson Brittany Hol- 
land Camille McAnuff Rebekah Williams Victor Wilson 
Lynet Winfrey | 1 1 5 Hindia Miller | 1 1 6 Kalandra Cheese 
Johnathan Fields Christina Henry Theodore Nicholson 
Quentin Sanders | 1 1 7 Sheldon Bertram Donna Edwards 
Andrew Hudgson Rebecca Karimi Nicole Webster Diefront 
Artie | 1 18 Jurelder Solomonlsbelia Williams Adrian Wright 
Andre' Wright [ 1 1 9 Morris Barnes Diane Brewer 

Antoinette Davis Tiffany Gore Winfred Hawkins Stephanie 
Jones Amy McNeil Michael Wilson | | 20 Tanisha Fenison 
Nicol Ford Olive Lindo Kenneth Minors Rokeem 

Pough | 1 21 Eric Brown Kurtley Knight Allaceea Lewis | |22 
Jeremy Anderson Melissa Desamours Reginald Taylor Tory 
Thomas Myecha Watkins | 1 23 Shelley English Lauren Lewis 
Megan Mitchell Fallon Rivers Shanelle Sylvester | 1 24 Saron 
Alemayehu Joshua Baker Othniel Baxter John Hall Olivia 
McAnuff Marie Omeler Rachelle Peters Kianna Simmons 
Lisa Taylor Mwon Taylor Sharlee Walker Ashley Wilkins | |25 
Trevor Barnes Gemar Boothe Takiyah Markland | | 26 
Donald Bedney Mark Golson Mark McKay Henry 

Mitchell Meyassar Robinzine Leslie Scott Jessica 
Williamson leasha Woods Natasha Woods | |27Kelly 
Alexander Cortney Boyd Justin Hampton Samuel Paschal 
Ronnie Williams | 1 28 Jann Hugger Jonathan 

Mullins Kenton Perrin William White | 1 29 Naema Marr Jody 
Spraggins-Scott | 1 30 Vintonya Jackson Gerald Johnson 
Shane Lindsey Melanie Pullman | |31 Tara Carter Daniel 
Faulkner Eric Hall Clifford Laguerre 



















1 ^3 


















September 2002 

I 111 211 311 





Latonya Casmer 

Jenny Noel 


Sekenah Daye 

David Brezzell 
April Burks 
Justin Davis 
James English 
Mark Felton 
Kristy Hamilton 
Jason Hutchinson 
Latrice Moore 
Alexander Taylor 
Yonnett Victor 


Nathan Adams <^ 

Hodson Charles f O 

Reuben Meriweather -> q 

Kircio Mota o> 3> 
Ollie Pouncey 
Lawrence Rolle 

Nina Hill 
Steven King 
Lynda Murphy 
Joelyn Nurse 
Latonya Shepherd 
Robert White 
Kelly Wimberley 


Jamelia Butler 
Me'chelle Haynes 
Gibran Hunt 
Melissa Parks 

Aquila Brown 
Brian Jackson 
Jermaine Jackson 




Daniel Brice 
Chawah McCoy 





Q 3 

cr. n 



Wyvonne Cartwright 
Dillon Mitchell 

Sheneeka Anderson 
Tobi-Ann Campbell 
Rodney Dunlap 
Reginald Gracia 
Oren James 
Alexis Lawrence 
Veniece Massenburg 



Yvan Cherenfant 
Michael Coleman 
Ricardo Daphnis 
Nicole Kensie 
Candyce Monroe 
Kenny Walker 
Dorian Ward 
Tamika Williams 
Summer Wood 



Carlton Brown 

Joseph Burns 

Charles Hewitt 

Priscilla Owusu-Frimpong 

Teleka Patrick 

Justin Sylvester 

Sean Tillery 

Phillip Austin ^ / 
Alyson Charles m _, 

Christopher Chung 
Francki Elve 
Lashonda Henry 
Andrew Pileggi 
Alfredneitta Sanders 
Theodore Thorpe 







Jessica Lee 
Ecid McKenzie 
Chauntell Pullman 

Sarah Adams 
Michael Awoniyi 
Debra Matthews 
Derod Moody 
LaToya Parker 
Noah Washington 



Gail Dawkins 
Desiree Mathershed 
Jean-Richard Pierre 


Fanny Agbanyim 
Esther Haugabrooks 
Latwana McArthur 
William Roberts 
Ronald Walbrook 

Alva Ferdinand 
Angel Fluellen 
Angelique Fortson 
David Franklin 
Marvin Hall 
Randall Phang 


Lajean Hawkins 
Tiffany Johnson 
Prince Lewis 
Dion Taylor 
Robin Taylor 



Markees Baker 
Shelonte Benard 
Edrita Bryant 
Sunquine Cousins 
Rebecca Porter 
Marquis Robinson 
Bianca Williams 



Courtney Edmond 
Lorna Johnson 
Robert Poitier 


Moses Edwards 
Ryan Manning 
David Moore 
Wesley Val mi r 



Johnson Cesar 
Anika Powell 
Tenicha Williams 


Qurentia Chester 
Lois Fidelis 

Wayne Hewlett 
Marvin Hodges 
Rudolph Sterling 


Daren Daniel 



Robert Brown 
Julius Everett 
Richard Hardin 
Nicole Lundy 
Keith Woodard 

Loderika Holder 
Wendy Phipps 
Ramona Seawright 


Gwendolyn Clarke 
Stephen Foster 
Taniesha Lehmann 
Adrian Lemard 

Alj Edwards 
Randall Hoyte 
Kellie Smith 

You don't truly have life 

until you have made it unique and 

to only you! 

Esther Haugabrooks 

1 I I Bryan Boone Ashley Brandon Michelle Durant 
Reuel Fiel Jenean Johnson Tahia Ruff Lavina 
Seawrighf Helen Williams 2 1 | Charlene Sanders Kahari 
Smith Patrice Smith 3 1 | Shanae James Cynthia 
Robinson 4 1 | Lavona Cassimy Celeste Edwards 
Omar Preddie Omari Preddie 5 | | Nayrai-daun 
Bradshaw Arnold Moten Nicole Stokes Dwayne Th- 
ompson Davion Walker Carlin Williams 6 1 | Robyn 
Hawkins Casalnnie Henry Rose Lee Devin Mercer 
Matthias Patrick 7 | | Shennoa Blake Esther Jocelyn 
Okemus Williams Tiffany Williams 8 1 | Alana Ackerman 
Marjean Howard Jamecia Mills Abdulla Sutherland 
Stephen Williams Curtis Wilson 9 1 |ArtiaLong Chanika 
Martin 1 1 | Joseph Adams Anthony Albury Lakeisha 
Bonner Gelder Gamboa Debra Higgins Kevin 
Jefferson Shantel King Chanel Nealey 1 1 | | Tiffany 
Burton Andrea Chetram Hildaura Cowan Nathalie 
Eloi Naomie Paul 1 2 | | Francis Anaman Kevin 
Carrington Robert Engram Sebrena Grant Stanley 
Huggins Patrick Jacaues Shasone King Rowena 
Masoka Princess Pettigrew 1 3 1 | James Anderson 
Randal George Jaselle Martin Marsha Mitchell Shawn 
Williams 1 4 1 | Kerrianne Golding Kandace Waters 
1 5 | | Kimberly Cumberbatch Luwanda Scott 
Michael Smith 1 6 1 | Thomas Burton O'ge Percy 
Tyrone Reed Kimberly Robinson Ryan Smith 1 7 | | 
Johanna Brown Maxine Brown Tunicha Buttler Diana 
James Carla Smart Chinara Thomas 8 1 | Kristy Lamar 
Stephen Mackey Damion Parham Marguita Williams 
Wendi Williams 1 9 1 | Marcus Brent Marissa Melton 
Marvin Pitcher Jennifer Warren Vanessa Williams 
Juannette Wright 20 1 | Nicole Carryl Willena Davis 
Steven LaiHing Starshema Ramsey Natasha Taylor 
Dara Williams 21 1 1 1 Otero Allers Melissa Brown Hilari 
Saunders Keisha Wallace 22 1 | Jasmin Cordy Sonya 
Parker Shenika Taylor Shalisha Vanderhorst Felicia 
Wilson 23 1 | Marguis Jackson Andrew King Danice 
Mapp Annell Matthews Courtney Stokes 24 1 | Valerie 
Branham Schinel Outerbridge Judy-Ann Powell 
Racheem Sagay 25 | | Cheryl Cochran Tanya 
Dunkley Erlouse Francis Ayesha Jones Raymond King 
Dionne Lewis Steven Mathis Bethany Simmons 
Megan Smith Eryn Young 26 1 | Prad Georges David 
Gilbert John Porter Jarret Wade Eunice Wheeler 
27 | | Ebony Hammond Carlton Knott Keith Roach 
28 1 | Sheena Forde Jemaul Griffith Kadianne Muir 
Joetta Thomas 29 1 | William Cox Marcus Vassell 
Taoshin Yawn 30 1 | Kristin Bruce Everett Conwell 
Aiyana Davison Demetria Jones Rory Major Charles 
McCray Donald Rolle 31 | | Elsa Belfour Bettina 
Bertram Grace-Ann Johnson Ron Reddick Dawn 
Smith Rudy St. Felix 

























ig d 




































Justin Bevel i-\ 

Lavender Bryan C™ 
Amber Burrows wj 


Joseph Branch 
Leigh Jones 
Kayoba Kabinga 

Rochelle Carter 

Andrew Dottin 
Rebecca Faulkner 

Tamika Duncombe 
Kimberlee Jones 
Cherie Keogh 
Odette Lubin 


Kadiesha Miles 

Damion Miller 

Kave McDonald 

Jessica Morris 

Doneil Morgan 

Alton Staple 

Shayla Moten 

John Rhodriquez 

Stephanie Swaby 
Edward Williams 


Christopher Simmonds 

Courtney Wright 





Krystle Richardsc 


Stephen Ruff 

Keith Albury 

Ryan Evans 

Kyle Wimbish 

Carmen Wright 

Curlis Burns 
Hyacinth Henry 
Kristina Howard 
Michael Knight 
Emily Moore 



Toccara Strong 

Edwin Blount 
Toccara Boyd 
Kario Bulien 



Lorraine Anderson 
Edwin Davis 
Natalie Hyde 

Ashley Abrams v^ 
Tenille Mitchell 
Courtney Mosley 

Gladys Buchana ^ IJ 
Lysin Delva 
Caleb Dossman 

Justin Gordon 

Saara Daniel 


Erica Wells 

Giselle Hayling 
Ernest Medley 

Betsy Owusu 
Tiana Woolard 

Kristopher Wisdom 
Brandon Wright 





Jerome Cornwall 

Leslie Henry 

James Bell 

Gregory Carey 

Jamaal Hubbard 

Amber Jones 


Marlyse Dholah-Roddy 

Rodriguez Johnson 

Hansy Noel 

Clifton Jessup 

Dwayne Duncombe 

Yelena Packwooc 


Meretle Wilson 

Tia Jones 

Michael Macchiarulo 

Tarika Sullivan 

Carey McNorton 
Christopher Usher 





1 5 

Nkecha Hamilton -,-, 
Victoria Holmes ^ 
ZahairMcKenzie ^ 
Louis Nelson ~< 
Janae Smith 
Daniel Walker 


Adam Maycock *— 
Raymond Peoples ;> 
Andrea Starks c 
Seth Yelorda S 


Christina Huffman * 
Natalie Prosper 
Saran Samuels 


Marie Champagne ^-J 

Donald Cooper 
Teaneishia Hunter 
Darrell Patterson 
Kawaisha Waldon 
Cheryl! Wilson 


Juanna Carmichael g 
Ashley Collins 
Therron Coopwood 
Howard Hawkins 
Sharelle Hubbard 
Fiona James 
Augustine Washington 


Philip English 
Rodney Menelas 
j Kristen Pruitt 

jilian Baxter -■ i— 
Raquel Buckley 1 T"} 
Dionne Forrester 
Eleanor Innocent 
Ennis Johnson 
Oluchuku Okike 
Jennifer Smith 
Elisa Young 
Teresa Young 

Andre Hawk 
Erica Lee 

Cameron Lumsey 
Edward Martin 

Catherine BrowrrO 
. Akeem Frett ^— I 

Brian Mazengero 
: Beth McGatha 


Chalandria Bevel 
Alicia Cummings 
Diann SmaS! (Irving) 


Crystal Allen 
Danielle Banks 
Yannique Clarke 
Tyrice Clisby 
Edwina Romulus 
Wesley Sterling 

Donna Greene J r\ 
Simone Morgan 
Lauren Simmons 


Crystal McCarthy 
Charlotte Pettiway 
Maurice St. Louis 
Alex Williams 


LaTonya Anderson 
Kimberly Unger 

1 I I Alicia Bashkiharatee Paul Cleveland Lasean 
Davis Earl Jones Tiffany LaMar Alexcia Thomas Andre 
Turner 2 1 | Marisol Norris Torrey Price Troy Smith Treva 
Sweeney Josie Valentin 3 1 | Nicole Fleary Lakeila 
Greaves Michael Grey Charmaine Kerr Gregory 
Louissaint Dana Vincent Megan Yelorda 
4 1 Antonette Hutton Kelli Mosley Kourtney Musson 
Sharhonda Sherman Natalie Thelwell 5 1 | Carldin 
Arthur Shelton Palmer Denise Tolbert Samuel Turner 
6 1 | Jason Craig Daryl Curry Samuel Johnson Ken- 
neth Rancifer 7 | | Michele Clarke Brenda Morelus 
Philip Payne Gina-marie Pierre Khrystal Russell 
Michael Turner Erica Walker 8 1 | Ashley Artis Danica 
Chandler Johanne Colin Warren Edwards Janelle 
Jessup Joseph McGowens Timothy Minerve 9 1 [ 
Maisha Baker John Bell Michel Labossiere Sylvia Lyew 
1 1 | Joslynn Francois Eugene Johnson Joseph 
Roberts Johnathan Wynn 1 1 | | Antonaya Kelly 
Dewhyte Nisbeth Kerth Payne Andrea Powell 
Shanna Scarlett 1 2 1 | Bernard Downing Yolanda 
English Gwenne'Gibbons Sabrina Matheus Alicia 
Nurse Crystal Thompson 1 3 1 | Frederick Bryant Amos 
Burton Mustimbo Roberts Nathan Shuler 
1 4 1 | Kenrick Banfield Colin Caleb Naomi Cooke 
Darien Curry Kimberly Satterfield 1 5 1 | Liana Gray 
Dwayne Hylton 1 6 1 | Gordon McKenzie Noyle 
McPherson Chane' O'Bannon Frederick Sloan Fred 
Warfield 1 7 | | Marvin Boatright Shonet Brown 
Tranteegus Davis Shannon Hill Stea'van Jackson 
Meredith McFarland Nicceta Medley 1 8 1 | Andrew 
Henriques Henderson Henry Lori-Ann Jones Rashawn 
Tucker Kharis Dotson 1 9 1 | Deanna Powell Nevasca 
Powell Shaunte' Sullivan Estus Taylor Jewel Timmons 
20 1 | Phillip Brookins Porsche Vanderhorst 2 1 | | 
Akeem Davis Kiyomi Oatez Latina Sanders 
22 1 | Danielle Oscar 23 1 | Rawlston Edwards Kia 
Henley Michelle Wheeler 24 1 | Keisha Alleyne 
Marwan Battles Marcus Blake Jordan Collier Jennille 
Gardener Talitha Hampton Carolyn Pressley 
Jonathan Thomas 25 1 | Drechelle Larry Shalondra 
McKinney Myesha Robinson Nashon Williams Alyxis 
Wynder26| | Jeramie Davis JoyEllerbe Natalie Legall 
KarlaNesmith Shaun Wallace Harry Watkins 27 1 1 Chris- 
tina Jemine Neil Lewis Mwaka Mahanga Sheena 
Mann Sharrel Reeves Marissa Smith Lakisha Winters 
28 1 1 Reginald Felder Erin Golson Nathaniel Holland 
Locresia Huxtable Lanica Jones Brian Preston Chris- 
topher Thompson Joel Williams Sur Williams Katrina 
Frazier 29 1 | Eric Jackson Rashida John-Lewis Tif- 
fany Profitt Shelton Stanley Winston Taylor Jared 
Thurman 30 1 | Jeremiah Weekes 31 | | Sean Sigh 
Angella White 
























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Brencia Wynn 
Kori Jackson 
Janique Joseph 
Harrison Sao 











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1/1 03 


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Martelli Borieux 
Kaysha Britton 
Terrance Burrs 
Benjamin Douglas 
Melanie Jones 




Clacison Andrews 
U la nda Brown 
Adrienne King 
Ciarise Nixon 
Natacha Pierre 
Kendal Smith 
Emmanuel St. Cloud 
Linda Thelusma 

Steven Gates 
Woody Gracia 
Michelle Henry 
Jessica Jones 
James Lamar 
Joel Springer 
Tishona Young 

Sherron Co I gram 
Terrell Glover 
Samantha Gregory 
Jacqueline Pinder 
Calvin Sims 



Tiffani Bradley 
Angel ita Davis 
Sean Gage 
Jerahmeel Johnson 
Maria Page 
Lamata Troupe 

cd ~a 
era. 2. 

5! era 




Tyisha Cephas 
Jessica Graham 
Petri na Lewin 
Clint Mack 
Keamesha Nisbeth 
Nadra Outerbridge 

Crystal Brown 
Andrea Gillespie 
Michael Harris 
Keeva Johnson 
Pearline Johnson 
Marva Laurie 
Devin Reade 



Ake Ahonmahn Bokpe 
Jayson Brown 
Durandel Ford 
Mishka Francis 
Kenneth Moore 
Stacyann Rolle 


Christopher Belgrave 
Shakema Taylor 

Kristina West 


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Valencia Bradley 
Moses Haynes 
Rose-nadelle Jocelyn 
Jeffrey Roulston 
Scarlet Shorter 
Rajeeni Thomas 


Yanis Allen 

Dynasty Battles 
Robert Faeldog 
Michael Faison 
Myron Hill 
Robert Johnson 
Nadine Jones 
Kristina Symonds 
Nichole Williams-Alexander 

Anthea Craig 
Orlando Fordyce 
Adonis Labady 


Marcus Higgs 
Gabrielle Ruff 
Juliet Wise 




Annette Barker 
Kevon Hills 
Eijah Holness 
Cara Lindo 
Edwin Powell 



Anthony Cavins 
Qian Dickinson 
LiYi Loh 
Lloyd Sealey 














Melissa Dawson 
Michael Joseph 
Susanne Osborne 
Joshua Williams 

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Traci Preston 
RicardoTillery ^ 

Shannon Youngman % 



Crystal Forde 



Amber Daniels ^ 
Junior Ducheine % 
Jennifer Grammonto 
Naeemah Hall -o 

Tiffany McGinnis -< 




Joel Austin 
Nechelle Bake 
Latesha Smith 



Samuei Blair 
Samuel Edwards 
Jonathan Jackson 
Kesia Knowles 
Luis Fernando Rigacci 

Alton Dennis 
Andrew Ford 
John Morris 
Renee Morris 
Rodney Morris 
Joy Richardson 



Morris Carlyle 
Karine Champagne 
Sonya Perrin 
Antonia Simons 

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Taurus Montgomery co 

Ysaak Wisdom ^ 





Sheana Mason 
Frederick Murphy 
Marsha Remy 
Apryl Roberts 
Robert. Roland 
Johnny Wimbley 


Daleon Browne 
Kevin Norris 

I 1 Mario Harriel Tashianna Harris Malissa Martin 
AkindeOlagundoye Shelby Perry | | 2AishaAllsop 
Davina Bennett Moosgar Borieux Gabrielle 
Francois Roma Habtemariam Kevin Jules Keira 
Mitchell Brandon Montgomery William Nervis 
Annamarie Works J j 3Kim Carrington Sophya Cyrus 

| 4 Marian Doli Robert Gordon Andy Jackson 
Belinda Perry Edith Suber Jamaal Venter | | 5l_ena 
Andrews Carl Brewer Marisa DeBardelaben 
Tuere'Kemp Erica Roberts Benaejah Simmons 
Cassandre Verneus | | 6Andre Bruce Krista 
Charles Derrick Hendrickson Stefanie Lester 
Christianne Lubin Keith Russell Tiffiny Turner | [ 7 
Viviane Filias Powell Montgomery | j 8Ashton 
Francois Claudia Hawkins Precious Jenkins Eddy 
Remy David Ruff Kenneth Williams Desiree Young- 
Hurst | | 9Grace Engram Rodney Grissom 
Lawanza Warren | j 1 Cbevon Bishop Brian Ladiny 
Christopher Roberts Nadine 

Saunders | | 1 1 Jokebed Decanal Gessie Luc 
Grace Mbyirukira Audrey Rucker | | 1 2Rene Bar- 
row Schadique Escoffery [ | 1 3lmrhan Bannis 
Roberta Bishop Adam Germany Farron 
Gibson | j 1 4l\lea Baker Kamica Brooks James 
Henry Davonna Jones Tiant Leon j | 1 5sarah 
Doepke Akeem Fonseca Angel 

Thompson | | 1 6Blaine Allen Lark Pile Keri 
Wakefield j | 1 7Kyrinda Richardson Jennifer 
Williams j | 1 8Tessa Carrera Kandis Draw Derrick 
Hough | | 1 9Devon Brandon Jenelle Ernest 
Tyrone McKinney April Moore Jessica 
Simeon | | 20Anthony Patterson Kurtleigh Samuel 
Lydia Suddler James Williamson | | 2 1 Lloyd Allen 
Sherese Smith Tyrone StHill | [ 22Nicole Fils Alex 
Horton Rosny Lubin Selena Swan Raamah 
Thomas | | 23Raphael Jones Micha 
Logan | ( 24Cameron Anderson Kevin Banfield 
Pascal Romulus | | 25Latoya Bent Tommica 
Harvey Danacia Mobley | | 26Darrel Daniel Jolita 
Reevers Fabrice Saint-elie | | 2 7 Abigail 
Grant) | 28Kyle Alexander Dewayne Boone Tif- 
fany Boswell Joseph Fassett Nicole Franklin 
Natasha Lambert David Mugerwa 







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5 6 

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26 27 



Jason Mann 
ulie-Anne SatterfielcS 
.akesy Walker 

Ramona Charles 
Alison Dulan 
Elise Fleming 
David Grant 
Lauren Hastings 
Laurie Hastings 
Tameika Profitt 
Kanika Reid 


Laurence McKenzie 
Latoya Royal 
Amber Saunders 
Robin Williams 

Victor Alcindor 
:> ierre Cantave 
Chyla Graham 
Tyquan Harper 
Ashley Humphrey 
ennifer Yates 


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Heather Davis 
Kiyanna Dower 
Georges Fleurimond 
Kimberly James 
Liana Nelson 
Nicole Smith 

Jolon Delancy 
Cory Johnson 
Tamisha Valcin 
Perry Washington 
Yole' Wilson 









Michael Bookhardt 
Frantz Charles 
Nicole Haughton 
Perrar Joseph 

Casey Ricks 


Darla Cockfield 
Sheila Cooper 
Ernest Dailey 
Cherie Dickerson 
Garrard Rigby 


Jonathan Cantrell 
Phetsani Dlamini 
Julie Thompson 


William Bell 
Elayna Boynton 
Steven Petty 

Jason Vanderpool 


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era I 




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George Hassel! 
Candace McGoodwin 
Chanel Sales 
Timesha Warno 


David Andre 
Danyielle Jackson 
Jason Johnson 
Katrina Otey 


Tesa Nurse 
Daryl Oliver 
Yoedono Sovyanhadi 

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Krystal Thompson ^ 






Ronie Lubin w. 
Reuben Roundtree 


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Kennube Jones *- co 
Jasmine Murrell "^ 


Rommel Johnson ■£ 




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Jason Patton 5 B> 

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Marvin Bernard 
Angel Bowden 
Jennifer Harrison 


Mahalia Olatunji 


Samantha Bromfield 
Joy Chapman 
Joseph Johnson 
Michael Lewis 
Kareem Williams 


Felicia Daiiey 
Danielle Davis 
Tonya Duch 
Todd Jones 


Claval Hunter 
Brittany VanPutten 


Gian Alexis 
Renee Ramon 
Monique Williams 


Vania Cooper 
Javan Cornelius 
Valisha Tankard 
Angela Waller 
Kerri-Ann Warren 
Dantae Williams 


Lilian Batista 
Alton Conwell 
Shalleen-Kay Denham 
Aswad Maundy 
Husbert Nicholson 
Gladys Tom 
Regina Williams 


Daphanie Beckford 
Adrian Hargrove 
Hersha King 
Melvin King 
David Lynes 
Rose Monroe 
Lilly Nelson 


Reginald Darby 
Elly Delva 
Lindsay Evans 
Alyce Sanders 
Nevin Williams 
Tiffany Windham 
Todd Windham 


Melissa Davey 
Jillian Lawrence 
Carrie Singleton 


Anquida Adams 
Jason Kent 
Rothschild Mathieu 






ken clock is correct twice a day 

The Walls 

1 Kimberly Anderson Sentrae Blanchard Domin- 
ique Francois Anthony Hill Rashon Nicholson Krystal 
Yearwood | [ 2Sutania Bailey Dave Labady Franz 

McNish Jessica Reid | 3 Kenyata Bauerle 
Michael Ford Zenaida Henery Ronald Michel Althea 
Morris Matthew Nicholson Sekia Nurse Rhonda 

Souvenir Yolanda Wilson Tarmmi Wright | | 4chris- 
topher Howard Erinn Ruff Christopher Stuckey 
Devonnett Troupe Norman Usher | 1 5 Lauren Bailey 
April Buckins Chelauna Davidson Merkitha Johnson 
Walter Perry Marlon Reid j J 6ciarence Gillespie 
Rachel Lemons Tyra Taylor-Cooks Gregory Walcott 
| 7 Patricia Barnes Michael Bethune Anneisha 
Betty | | 8Paul Bulgin Clement Holder Eustace 
Laurie | | 1 ONedra Ferguson Sachoy Fowler 
Denise Stewart Monica Taylor (11 Skyra 

Dummett Kimberly McFarland | j 1 2Fatihah 
Abdur-Rahman Samuel Beale Jason Breese Ken- 
neth Cochran Andrea Douglas Genevieve Hamer 
Derek Lowe Gregory Perkins Mark Stephens Chris- 
topher White | | 1 3Enoch Baker JoelleHall Joyce 
Hall Jessica Jones Audri Parker De'vesco Pierre 
Joan Weekes | j 1 4Runako Howell Miriam Jean- 
Leon Candice Johns Katie Roddy | | 1 SAmanda 
Hawley Mlibazisi labandla Joel Milliner Jillyan 
Shelton Geoffrey Bennett Armand Blankenship 

Renald Emile | | 1 6Lorraine Henry Kenneth Lovett 
Lorraine Stith | | 1 7Sheldon McLean Marvin Moten 

Amanda Murray | j 1 80neka Harmon Matthew 
Hiller Fredricka McKnight Jerrick Warren Sharlene 
Wilson | | 1 9Amanda Ambrose Johanne Bastien 
Erin Fryson Toyin Ogunrinu Haroon Wisdom 
| 20Leticia Barksdale Adrienne Clansy Charles 
Julius | | 2 1 Nathan Collins Jodi-Ann Hudgson April 
Lee BrentWaldon | | 22ToyaBurr Keitron Duncan 

SudhirPerakathu | | 23Freddie Evans KrishonLong 
(Walker) Melissa Pondexter Reginald Robinson 

: | 25Sylvie Delva | | 26vaughn Andrew Kory 
Douglas Andrea Gaiter Kanyeba Kutebwa Will- 
iam Mack Quenesther Thompson ( | 2 7Taunya 
Carter Kito Chapman Roshelle Lindsay Marie Pierre 
Charisse Rox Sheri Scott Stefanie Small | | 28Rob- 
ert Cochran Jordan Earle Irmide Olibris 

\ | 2 9 Nathan Anderson Jennifer Caudle Jimmie 
Seawright Calvin Watkins Theodore Watkins 

! | 30christopher Carter Schari Flowers Christo- 
pher Henry Leonard Northe Naomi Samuels Guy St. 

















10* | 

1 V > 




















Michael Andrews 
Aleesha Houston 
Margaret Howard 
Tirel Mayo 
Decarlo McLaren 
Karis Pruitt 
Daniel West 


Evens Israel 
Alexander Lewis 



Edward Cleveland 
Dammeon Malone 
Cosville Rogers 
Uschett Slosh 


Samantha Amede 
Kerry-Ann Cameron 
Tamara Ellis 
Stennette St. Juste 

Roy Gaiter 
Uohna Hunte 
Edna Nore 
April Oakes 
Holly Small 


Adaira Ford 
Natalie Griffin 
Octavia Hall 
Nathan McGinnis 
Kim Minors 

Lucson Joseph 
Gerald Vertilus 


Topaz McKenzie 
Allycin Powell-Hicks 


Felicia Davis 
Attalie Johnson 
Kevin Phillips 


Claudine Brice ^ O 
ChappelleCummings < 
Shereka Dias § 

Norris Hollie o 

Harriet McClellan q 

Justin McFarland c 

Melissa Pearson Q 

Shem Ross 


Ashley Hudson 
Ernie Jordan 
Sharita Kinley 
Anthea Knight 
Sabrina Prieur 

Reginold Alexanaer 
Tannysha Evans 
Nikka McLeod 
Leon Smith 
Aquarius Statham 

Brittany Buchana 
Howard Duncan 
Terri King 
Herone Shaw 
Shenetta Suber 
Jonathan Swan 
Kimberly Wilson 


Monique Bellerand 


Stephen Adetumbi 
Michelle Conwell 
Tino Lightbourne 
Java Mattison 
Onyinyechi Okike 

Glenfield Browne 
Clarice Johnson 
Erin Robinson 
George Thomas 





Morgan Gilbert =jd 

Omar Williams Z! 

Lindzie Colin co 
Jason Patrickson ^1 

Rondal John cz 

Antweyne Williamson q 

Elizabeth Thomas co 


Sharon Staten % 



Elvert Williams ^ 


Brandon Bell ■< 
Jessica Brazier 




Robert Byrd 

Alvin Maragh 

James Barber 

Erica Eddings 

Stacey Pinder 

Akeisha James 

Danita Fowler 

Aaron Johnson 

Nathaniel Lyles 

Janae Mills 

Diann Stoutt 

William Tull 

Michaila Vance 

Michelle Urena 




Gabrielle Barnes 

Wanda Trotman 

Byron Barnes 

Darien Claxton 

Jamie Welch 

Gladstone Brown 

Karelle Franklin 

Danielle Williams 

William Burgess 


Jacquelyn Green 

Jerry Martin 

Shauna Sears 
Raymond Taylor 



Tinyse Bonner ^^ 
Dionne Childs O A 
Danielle Davis £_ *-+ 

Duane Hall 

Charles Gardner 

Jason Domino 

Sherry Kirby 

Darryl Walker 

Jamaal Gibbons 
Lee Holder 

Jerome Miles 

Summer Shelton 

Kristie Osi 

Toneil Smart-Grey 

Joseph Williams 

Demerious Smith 
Brandie Sutton 
Hector Torres 
Hilary Wright 




Patrick Carter 

Terrence Downer 

Don Davis 

Brennan Johnson 

Brandan Goff 

David Lee 

Deidra-ann Leiba 

Mark Irby 

Romona Sequea 

Kimberly Sampson 

Katrina Mason 

Gabriel Wade 

Sherwin Stone 

Alicia Shelly 

Roy Willis 

1 [ I Lenworth Sealey 2 | | Jamie McGriff John 
Pooler Lena Simmons Jonathan Willis 3 | | Uldrick 
Beckford 4 | | Falaq Bovell Stephanie Burton 

Shanna Harrison James McKinney 5 | | Tiffany 
Brown Lloyd James Sykanya McLaughlin Rich- 
ard Collie 6 | | Erika Hinds Nickesha Landell 

7 1 1 Sonnet Davis 8 | |loyosi Atolagbe Tonia 
Austin Anthony Chandler Amanda Davis Kali 
Wilder 9 | | NadejeAurubin Walter Hardy Steven 

Hutton Alicia Trusty Lourie Walker 1 | | Aleena 
Banton Brian Eakins Zonique James Erica Mor- 
row Keturah Williamson 1 1 | | Monique Choyce 
Marcus Hill Antwann Lewis Ravida Wright 
1 2 | | Annette Clarke Lorraine Frye Esther New- 
ton SaCoastia Williams 1 3 | | Alpha Sovyanhadi 

Michelle Thomas 1 4 | | Brent Antonio Tiashieka 
Engram Jayna Gardner James Glass Kimberle 
Hawk Evette Rainey Charles Sanders Monique 

Turner 1 5 | | Frank Babb Lawrence Britton Terry- 
ann Griffin Latesha Gunn Pascal Lescouflair 
Juliette Pibien Rhonda Stephens Jescia Walker 

1 6 | | Travis Bryant Michael Carroll Huggins 
Michell GeofferyNkata Victor Pile Bree Robinson 
Norton Webb | | 1 8 Joseph Bradley Vanessa 
Cantave Lastavius Darby Catrina Ely Laura Green 
Shamell Staples 1 9 | | Stafford Byers Kimra 
Dewindt Elise Fryson Ryan Gaines Tamiya King 
20 | | Marlon Hill 21 | | Edward Anderson 

Jonathan Johnson 22 | | Nadia Ince Solomon 
Matheka Brian Montgomery Dayna Mulraine 
23 | | Charles Alston Vincent Edwards Calvin 
Grant Andall James Jeannae Lawrence Will- 
iam Penick 24 | | Matthew Gray Trenton Lewin 
Mary Singletary 25 | [ Elton Alexander Jeremy 
Drummond Chantay Williams 26 | | Roy Willis 
27 | |Sonya Brown Maria Browne Jennipher 
Johnson Martin Lister Nia Mapp 28 | | Joseph 
Ryce 29 | | Josette Louis JermeralMack Bran- 
don Tramel Vershonda Waiters 30 | | Genee 
Miller Akua Opoku-boateng Deidra Patrickson 
Gerard Rolle Theodoric Weston 




















1 19 






I -JgC 

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Erline Anilus 

Hulrick Baptist. 
Ear! Canson 
Twila Drew 
Jarrod Foster 
Henry Oston 
Joanne Williams 

Gloria Barber 
John Boston 
Yuel Boyce 
Cale Brathwaite 
Sheldon Eakins 
Latoya Houghton 
David Moses 
Zynia Spencer 
Porfirio Valerio 



Kenneth Benson 
Jonathan Emenike 
Monica Gramling 

Bryant Smith 

Stephen Adams 
Cariela Belgrave 
Garfield Browne 
Charlisa Delancy 
Archie Gurley 
Regrick Howard 
Phillip Session 
Veneshia Slosh 



Kevin Barnease 
Troy Bright 
Tekira Brinkley 
Robert Hayes 
Takeisha Knight 


Herbon Fleming 
Dayna Mitchell 
Lauren Rugless 
Denry White 

Talitha Allsop 
Sieaundria Lockett 
Launice Melbourne 
Hadassah Moore 
Darla Partiow 
Damyon Ray 
Racquel Stephenson 
Sherice Tomlin 
Marline Victorin 




Erie Archer 
Deondria Jeffries 
Carletta Levy 
Jonathan Scott 
Staci White 




Jenelle Joseph 
Lorna Simmons 
Tiffany Small 
Marcia Woodson 


Michelle Bonnick 
Nicole Chambiiss 



Raeshawnda Black 
Sherwin Bobb 
Gina DeMuro 
Lelis Simmons 
Ezara Todd 

La-Tia Dukes 
Charles Harris 
Marcelia Jackson 
Jevon Lowe 
Darnelle Lubin 
Britany Moore 
Sonia Morris 
Indra Richardson 



Melissa Bertram 
Antonnine Cooper 
Jonathan Fowler 
Alynton Francois 
Shernell Lespier 
David Mayes 


Tonika Johnson 
Eunice Ruff 

Matthew Anderson 
Anthony Barnes 
Tabari Brannon 
Diona Daniels 
Desiree' Green 
Devon Jack 
Juelle James 
Desiree Mahoney 
Charmicielle Venters 
Annette Wiley 


Andrea Davis 
Raginee Edwards 
Rebecca Lee 
Erika Perry 


Duriei Antonio ^ 

Ryan King £> 

Shayla Montgomery O 

Laverne Reid ^ 
Nataki Spooner 

Carlene Allen 
Ebony Anderson 
Tiffani Claiborne 
Carla Hamilton 
Adrianne Jones 
Steven Pitts 
Paul Richards 
jasmine White 
Ayanna Whyte 
jon-Nita Williams 
Marecha Brovvn-jackson 



Judy Delva 
Veronika Pierce 
Sheena Salmon 

Jonathan Baker 
Malcolm Bernard 
Fredrick Blue 
Andrea Carter 
Joey Jenkins 
Shayla Moore 
Kenneisha Phi 




Inga Burrows 
Zaira Grant 
Roosevelt Lewis 
Brooke Wright-Clayton 

Carmen Ashford 
LaQueice Decarlis 
Karintha Ragland 
Ryan Reid 



Jamie Davis 
Abdelle Ferdinand 


Kelton Henry 
Jennifer Rugless 
Lamar Ryan 


Michael Murrel 
Porsha Smith 

Tanya Bowman 
Jason Davis 
Alicia Jumper 
Les-Shawn Lamore 

janel Sessom 

Sherene Campbe 
Shekeysa Ealey 
Dorenda Johnson 
Kaarina Lokko 
Temika Mallory 
ReyneSI Morris 

Andrew Christopher 
Crystal Grain 
Ashley Holland 
Kyle Mackey 
Susan Ogbonna 
Sara Osi 
Shalewa Pau 
Chivohn Sylvester 
Adrian Thome 

Myon Boyd 
La-Tonya Dukes 
Tiffany Forde 
Angela Morgan 
Shantelle Williamson 

iCciVG uGhirto. 

Jasmine Co rdy 

Rochelle Carter 

8 ^ tlhe Miss UNCF Pageant has been dor- 

5 mant at Oakwood, but the Pre-Alumni Coun- 
| cil has recommitted itself by hosting the first 
« Miss UNCF Pageant in ten years. 
The event was emceed by Alumni Kym 
Richardson, a news anchor at WHNT Chan- 
nel 1 9 and kicked off with a welcome from 
Council President David Franklin. President 
Delbert Baker also offered a second welcome 
in which he cited how important the UNCF 
is to Oakwood. Baker also stated that 
Oakwood College receives over 1 million 
dollars from the UNCF to go towards the op- 

eration of our colle 
Although the UNCF helps supp< >rt institutions 
they ask that the schools help themselves anc 
that is what Miss UNCF is ab< »ut. The pagean 
is focused around fundraising, the winner o 
^^pa^e^r^^emg3e^miined by the contes 
tant that raises the most funds. This alone 
separates Miss UNCF from Miss Oakwood 
where talent and articulation are the decid 
ing factors. 

Renee Ramon, a junior, was crownec 
Miss UNCF for her wonderful fundraising 

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a scholar, a 
deep-seated Christian, and a person who enjoys 
life to the fullest. I am Renee Patrice Ramon. 
The fiber of my foundation was molded and pol- 
ished in Atlanta, GA, by my parents Mr. and Mrs. 
G.C.Ramon. I am presently a junior Health Care 
Administration major, Computer Information Sys- 
tems minor, graduating in spring 2004. 
As Miss UNCF of Oakwood College my duties 
are to volunteer my time to young men and 
women who yearn for a Christian lifestyle and 
betterment fortheir lives by receiving an educa- 
tion because, "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To 
Waste". I will travel from state to state as a moti- 
vational speaker inspiring and encouraging others 
to lead successful lives. I am very honored and 
priviledged to be able to wear this crown and to 
have participated in this pageant because it has 
shown me that the Lord will lay out many positive 
outcomes if you keep Himfirst, do your very best, 
and work hard. I have been determined here at 
Oakwood to burn my flame through dedication 
and commitment so that I can reach my goals. In 
the process of burning my flame, my life, through 
God,will enthuse and motivate others along the 
way, thus, igniting other flames and beginning an 
everlasting legacy. 

ISS UNCF 2003 


Alicia Shelly 

The Miss UNCF pageant was a great 
experince for me. it taught me that pa- 
tience, perseverance, hard work, and faith 
really pay off. I hope next year more 
women will take advantage of this great 

■y, /, 

Charlisa Delancy 

Miss UNCF 2002-2003 pageant served for me as a 
period of reflection, refinement, and reformation. 
I enjoyed the new friendships formed and I appre- 
ciated the many insightful lessons imparted to me. 
This pageant has stirred up within me the desire to 
master the art and power of being a true lady. There 
may only be one winner, but they all walk away 
with more grace, more elegance and more refined 
than when they came. 






Shira Bruner 

An event that has lain dorment for a full 
decade. An opportunity to give 
back. ..while I am still here. More than 
rhinestone studded crowns and empty 
glamour; I found Miss UNCF a cause worth 
my time and effort. And I had fun doing it. 



Ihe privilege of being Ms. 
Oakwood 2003 is an expe- 
rience that I will treasure for 
years to come. I will cher- 
ish the camaraderie I shared 
with my fellow contestants. 
I pray that during my reign I 
can bring about campus- 
wide social awareness as 
well as encourage respect 
for ourselves and each 
other. I thank God, my fam- 
ily, and friends for their sup- 
port and look forward to a 
year unparalleled to none 


beat of a different drum 

excerpts of Spreading Oak 

rJ3mp-Bump-Bump. This year's Miss 
Oakwood pageant definitely set a new 
cadence to an old beat. The eleventh 
annual pageant entertained a more tact- 
ful and pleasant crowd in a timely man- 
ner, ending before 10:00 p.m. 

All of the contestants were beautiful 
and full of life. Their talents represented 
them completely. April set the mood in 
song with her soulful tunes; Candice 
played a soft musical piece on the pi- 

ano; Sylvia graced the crowd with a violin 
solo; Shalondra opened the minds of the 
crowd with an expressive poem; and 
Porsche lightened the mood with her op- 
eratic and humorous tune. 

After all was said and done, the ladies 
took their walks across the stage in their 
stunning gowns, and the judges made their 
decision. Porsche Vanderhorst claimed her 
crown with style and gracein front of a sup- 
porting audience. 

Shalondra McKinney 
First Runner Up 

Not only did the Miss Oakwood 
Pageant teach me presentation 
and poise, but it built my charac- 
ter as well. The pageant was a 
learning experince. I learned that 
using an extensive vocabulary can 
elevate you to prominent levels. 

Sylvia Lyew 
Second Runner Up 

It was by divine providence that I 
entered this pageant. My first re- 
action when asked to enter this 
pageant was, "Are you crazy?" But 
halfway through it I realized that 
Cod led me to make this decision, 
to enrich my walk with Him. 
Looking back at the whole pic- 
ture, I see what a beautiful work 
He has created. I'm glad I was 
"crazy" enough to make it one of 
the best experiences of my life. 

April Burks 

The idea of running for Miss 
Oakwood 2003 seemed farfetched 
for the longest time. After much 
thought and prayer, Cod gave me 
the motivation to become a contes- 
tant. From the very first workshop, 
to the first time I set foot on the 
stage, I developed a positive spirit 
and etiquette which remain with 
me. Now that it's all said and done 
I can look back and say, "This was 
for me." I thank Cod for guiding me 
and giving me strength. 


"walk confidently, 

shoulders back, chin up" 

requesting support tor the Pre-Alumni of OakwoocL" 


a e 

a r f 

I t i o t? 

The event was held on May ,2002. The class presented was 
rather small. It was one of the smallest classes to ever be presented by 
Oakwood College. Many looked upon this fact in a negative manner, 
on the contrary, because of the size of the graduating class, the class of 
2003 will be one the largest classes to Graduate Oakwood College. 
The class will consist of a large portion of students scheduled to gradu- 
ate in 2003, most of the students scheduled to graduate 2002, and a 
portion of students to scheduled graduate in 2000 and 2001 . It is very 
common to enter college unsure of a career decision. It is also com- 
mon to enter with one career choice and have a change of heart mid 
course. This is the reasoning for the size of the gradating class of 2002. 
Let this rare situation be a lesson to those remaining and those to come. 
The path will not always be smooth, bumps and hurdles will be thrown 
in periodically. Do not loose focus, it does not matter how long it takes 
to become success because in the 
end the rewards are all the same. 
We give congratulations to the 
class of 2002 as well as the lus- 
trous class of 2003. We wish you 
the best of luck and hope that your 
journey here at Oakwood was a 
memorable one. Keep God first 
in all that you do and he will di- 
rect your path. 



l— . ■ 

' ' ■■" ■■'" '■-■"'''■'■" ' 
u '■'■' "'■'"'■■'■■'- 







£ I^^^H 

{ •**' X 


J Z ' 

•V 1 


% * 





t f* . 





z £:„rz^zzrzzzzzz 

.■ • : .w 

"^l.,.""' i ' 1 '.! 



-— , OBU*^ 



U SS|, ^jgj 

1// T* llKl 

Br ' : 

■ .^f r ■ 

j^Hli i t _ ^■HHlH HIHilH^HMRBKI^^H^Hl 







Rachel le Cdrto 

: i^W : iMfi^iW^F : kt:!ii 

^j ^j^^^^^^ ie sen i'^^S^i 

motto, "The past is history, our future a 
K^^^^^^^^^^^PP is a gift from 
Goq^^ ^^^^^^^ resentation com- 
^^ ^^^g^ ^^^^^^^^^e class of 
2003 realized that their time at 
Oakwoocl is truly I > c ^ : oft^lrt¥tfe^^^^^ 
nior class president, Terry-Ann Griffin, 
slated that it. was "A very s S KV ||§§§§j 
vice, the beginning of lhe»^M|^S^^^ 
The senior class I iste ned ^^^^^ ^^ 
from Pastor Carlton Byrd, who encour- 

Tcji.iil thtsm in trtpif imirnf^v Th^ cpninr 
n liitriii ill it ii. ii I'.'UiiiL v. TJ^JwKngBCc 

class aim, "One God. One |||a§|§|§| 
Destiny" is their fo(^^m ^^ |^^ 
HMws nearer ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ 
^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 
it was the resoundin ^^^^^ MSS § ^ 
keep ( ^^^^^^ ^^| ^^^^^^^ 
by the^^^^ ^^^^^ g^nior Class 

Terry-Ann Griffin, president 

Anthony Albury, vice president 

Allison Dulan, secretary 

Megan Smith, asst. secretary 

Danita Fowler, tresurer 

Kimra Dewindt, asst. tresurer 

Lavona Cassimy, sgt-at-arms 

Dwayne Duncombe, chaplain 

Ryan Smith, parlimentarian 

Shenetta Suber, social coordinator 

Lorraine Frye, public relations 

Raque! Stephenson, asst. public relations 

Jorge Bartholomew, sponsor 

Keith Burton, sponsor 


Fill Vm' JiJ CJ I I V.-1 I— \~A \ 

Social Sci« 

iral bCIGDCGS 

Religion and 


J. E. Dykes 


Nelson A. Bliss 


Turner C. Battle 


Charles D. Brooks 

7 952 James H. Melancon 


Ted Jones 

1 954 Jomes L . McLean, Jr 


Herbert R. Shorter 


Joe L.Avery 

1 957 Robert D. Taylor, Jr. 


J.E. Dykes 


Nelson A. Bliss 


Turner C. Battle 


Charles D. Brooks 

1 952 James H. Melancon 


Ted Jones 

1 954 James L . Mclean, Jr 


Herbert R. Shorter 


Joe L.Avery 

1957 RoberfD. Taylor, Jr 

1 958 Combined W/ 1 959 


Dewitts S. Williams & 

Gail Cathcart 


Robert L. Patterson 


C.T. Richards, Jr 


Ralph C. Johnson, Jr 

1963 William Wright 

1964 Isaac Palmer 

1965 Emerson A. Cooper 

1 966 F. Willis 

1973 Charles Battle 

1976 Wilbur Young 
Mari-Edi Hayes 

1977 Brian R. Smith 
1980 Donna Green 

1 983 Stephen Williams 

1984 Carlton D. Robinson 
1986 Patricia Fletcher 

1 989 Dennis Owen Williamson 

1 99 1 LaJuana M. Brown 

1992 LaJuana Brown 

1 993 Belvia L. Matthews 

1994 Paul Williamson 

1995 Carlo A, Cargill 

1997 Nuima B . Carguili 

1998 Beiina Buisson 

1999 Beiina Buisson 

2000 Lavinia Baxter 

2001 Tiffany S. Taylor 

2002 Dianna Moseley 

2003 AdairaFord 

Keepers of our rich h 

nt . ■ ■■ : : 

the Acorn has stood as strong as the 
Oak tree from which it originates, While 
gaining nourishment from the roots of 
the Oak, it feeds knowledge to those 
who wish to collect it, 





Student Profiles: 
Profiles of Students who 
have left lasting 

Winfred Hawkins: 

A Portrait of My Life 

As an upperclassman in High School 
Winfred Hawkins was ready to give up his 
passion. A very artis- 
tically gifted indi- 
vidual, Winfred was 
annoyed with the art 
program offered at his 
school. His passion for 
art began to wane as 
time went by and he 
was ready to give it 
up for good. Then he 
arrived on Oakwood 
College campus and 
things came back into 

The earliest memory 
Hawkins mother has 
of him drawing was 
when he drew a cov- 
ered wagon of the 
television around the 
age of three. He also 
remembers when he 
drew and wrote things 
upside down. His fa- 
ther was his first art 
teacher, but as he per- 
fected his style he moved on. He was briefly 
taught by a fellow church member and then 
by an independent teacher his parents 

Although Winfred does not believe his art 
is "that great", we have all seen and appre- 
ciated his artwork throughout Oakwood 
campus. He has an artwork on the second 

floor of the Business 
and Technology Build- 
ing and another in the 
Eva B. Dykes Library. 
He also has sold 
pieces to help pay for 

A permanent resident 
o f 

Winfred is a nineteen 
year old freshman. 
Originally he in- 
tended to attend Sa- 
vannah College of Art 
Design to major in 
Graphic Design and to 
be a freelance artist, 
but things changed. 
During the time he has 
been here, he has 
learned many things. 
He also believes that 
God brought him 

When he looks at his 
works for sale he says, "I find the faults and 
think why would anyone buy it. Though at 
times I didn't see the value of my gifts, God 
brought me to a place where I could ap- 
preciate it." 







jmond in the Rough >^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ 

multi- talented artist, Steven "'Stevie" 
ackey touches many with his rich, me- 
iic tenor voice. With an early love for 

sic and a wonderful voice, Stevie was 
t heard in his younger years ironically. 

vie fondly recalls that he would not sing 

en \\"\ the choir, "I would just stand there 
ftening. I just loved hearing the various 
>ices and the music together." If he was 
'er kicked out for not participating we will 
ver know, but what, we do know is that 

den voice was finally released. 

^cognizing his talent as the Lord's, he be- 
jves his responsibility is his voice. Through 
>ng he fulfills his calling to reach others. 
. calling was not easily reached as vari- 
is opportunities for self-gratification fell 
ifore him. One of which was the 2002 
m Idol talent show. Informed of the 

ill in Nashville, Stevie pondered try- 
Not wanting to live with the haunt- 
wish that..." he chose to go and 
ter successfully completing sev- 

eral elimination rounds, Stevie was chosen 
to go to Hollywood. However, Stevie chose 

While totally enjoying the experience, Stevie 
§§j||^^fflP r; many contestants were count- 
^^^ ^^^^rcan Idol for their lives, offering 
to sacrifice anything. He also noticed that 
^^^^^^^^^mh a ve been about strictly 
^^^^^^ ^g^^^g^yash 't Knowing that 
^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ pn the Lord's hands 
^^^^ ^^§^^ ^^^^nool . He truly b 
^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^gud of himself he 

^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ on to the 
^^g§^^g|^§§|||y red I y answers "No, but I 
do wish I didn't miss daSsH^ragsgss 

lames Marlon Henry believes he was in 
spired by God t( ^^^^^' te tne ( |l§8f 

spiritually. i ames ^^^^^P ra Y^^^^ 
erful tool, one that everyone must rely on ii 

order to live in God'dw|l|R^»S|£| 

^l^^^ j^^^^^^^^^^^^^f the jB 

Tower ministries, James with the help of 
others band to § et ^^^^Sy er warriors 
the campus. Come rain or shine they fa 

er requests and then pray- 
VVhile many y^S^^^S^^^i 

James ^^^am pray for 

^PP^^^^^^^^njoy a 

^^^s^^Wship befo^S 

el ^Z&/i' '/ly'^/-'''-';/. ' y^'-C'Z ^. '■'/■ "■ ''C-y'.'-'/'^ 

Ms a burden on his heart to 
inc.! knows ^mss^SamS^ 

ames never wants to 'take; 
ng faithful to the Bell Tower 
fledging that it wouldn't be 
of the others, Andre Bruce, 
'?, Gibbs Hilaire, Freddie 

: ^^^^^^^^^®p^fe^S|mmont. 

^§%^^^^^^^^$^p^^|lves that he 

^^^^^^^^0M^^:^ an Y students 
^Sw^^TO^^^fi^^w^to thank the Be 

ffifflpu hear M|^^^^S^^^^^tside" as; 
they flip through the air during an Aerostars 
performaj^^^^lg^^^pt's the captain, 

^^^^^^^^^^^f^^rie P^eSfe 

Sabrina is a native of Sacramento, California 
and makes sure everyone knows it. Sabrina 
is a senior physk al education major with a 
love for gymnastics. She started tumbling 
while in elementary school, later receiving 
professional competition training while in 
high school. 


Seeing her undeniable passion for the sport, 
the Physical Education department offered 
[her a position in restarting the gymnastics 
team. Outdated and forgotten Oakwood 's 
gymnastics team had been nonexistant for 
years. Sabrina's positive attitude spirited the 
new Aerostars composed of males and fe- 
males with the love of flipping in the air. 
Leading long nites of practice, gruling exer- 
cise and prayer sessions Sabrina with the as- 
sistance of Holly Small molded the Aerostars 
into a tumbling team. 

Thanks to Sabrina and the rest of the 
Aerostars, half time at our basketball games 
are muhc more fun. 

A second passion in jazz, Sabrina plans to 
attend Florida Internation University after 
graduating from Oakwood. Questioned 
about her outlook for the team once she 
graduates she eagerly replies with crossed 
fingers, "hoping that L. Daniels will take my 
spot and help Holly hold it together." 

Holly Small: 

Tumblng into New Beginnings 

Gymnastics for her is, in one word, an ad- 
diction with great reason. As co-cap- 
tain of the Aerostars, Holly L. Small is well 
qualified. Holly is an 18- year old native of 
Benton Harbor, Michigan where she has 
been training and competing in gymnas- 
tics the age of six. 

Holly's most memorable gymnastic moment 
was actually a blunder. " I was tumbling in 
high school and my jersey flew over my head. 
I flashed the entire crowd," she laughs. Holly 
fell in love with the sport when she saw Do- 
minique Dawes perform in the 1992 Sum- 
mer Olympics. "She was soooo graceful and 
pretty," Holly recalls. That inspiration led 
Holly to fully dedicate herself for better or 
worse. Parentaly given the option of attend- 
ing any Adventist instiution (most with well- 
established gymnastic programs) for college, 
Holly chose Oakwood. Holly believes that 
she was following the guidance of Cod by 
choosing Oakwood, although she knew that 
Oakwood had no program. 

Ilo xJ iLJui Is « )/L/L#/ 

airbom and free" 

-Sabrina Prieur 


God's greater plan was revealed when she 
was approached to help reestablish the 
Aerostars, with Sabrina, after an open call for 
anyone with some type of gymnastic expe- 
rience. Together they have managed, 
coached and trained the Aerostars through 
various performances on-campus and off. 

When asked her long-term goal, she looks 
out the yearbook office window, turns back 
and says, "Anything I want, but ultimately I 
want to own my own training facility for all 









ificial OFF 


rddtc OFF 









If you don't learn anything else while here at Oalotyood, please take to heart the 
things discussed within the next 1 pages. There are some things that you can not 
learn in the classroom and these are just a few of the high pornts. There comes a 
time in everyones life when common sense oyer powers all academic reasoning, 
and in those circumstances one needs to be. able to^dapt. 

book sense OFF... common sense ON 

way too often we let others dictate and make deci- 
sions that do not directly concern them, though it may 
seem to be in our best interest, we are young adults. 
To live is to learn, no one will be able to mature with- 
out trial and error, pn a different note when you are 
wrong be a man about and say you are wrong, and if 
you know a person is wrong be the bigger person, step 
up to the plate and say so. -far too often we are dis- 
gusted and angry be hind ctosed doOrs. we do all this 
talking about action, when in fact talking is the only 
action taken, when it is time to act, the main people 
running their mouths are no where to be found, we 
need more leaders in this community, if there is no 
one to lead who are we following, we are so focused 
on diverting from the ways of the world we are running^ 
blindly into the lifestyle We so harshly look upon. by| 
lying , cheating, and scheming we are teaching fu- § 
ture generations that the only way to be successful is 
by corruption; every day we ask the auestion what is 
this world to? an answer I don't have but if we con- 
tinue to lead in the way we; have, in the passed our 
destiny is sure to be doomed 

clones OFF 

birds of a feather flock together, however 
each bird has its own distinct feathers that 
set them apart form the other birds, many 
times, people go through the growing pro- 
cess, and instead of becoming their own 
person^ they compilate feathers of their ac- 
quaintances. Resulting in falsified person- 
alities, confused, distorted and deceiving 
f becomes the persona presented, no mat- 
ter what path we decide to take in our jour- 
ney to individualize ourselves, our true col- 
ors will eventually shine in the end. make it 
simple, be true to ones self first, always and 


one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is fear, it 
is common the fear overpowers our thoughts, ac- 
tions, and in many Cases our decisions, on the con- 
trary, courage is one the most difficult attributes to 
obtain, though the two are bi-polar, the feed off one 
another, when one is strengthened the other is weak- 
ened, however due to the degree of their differences, 
the effects can be extreme, fear is like a disease 
that attacks, consumes, and eats always at the soul, 
it is something that infects everything is come in con- 
tact, in fact it is rapidly be evolving into and epi- 
demic, fear is deadly, but courage is the antidote, it 
comes in many forms, but the most common form is 
1 2 14 confidence, if one is secure with his or her abilities, 
I fear is not a factor, if we do hot love who we are, 
who we aim to be, and who we are to become, fear 
be the explanation for our extinction. 

.;.< ;ii' 

. . ! III. 


i : i 

artificial OFF 






■ ■■■■■. »«■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■*■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■* ■•■■■■ .■■■■■*«■'■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i 

attention all barbie dolls, thugs, wanksters, and group- 
ies, knowing we were all raised and educated to 
fulfill a higher calling, why are we demeaning ourselves 
and choosing to lower standards and morals - all for 
an image that is clearly artificial, and lest we play the 
holier than though game, for those who do not fit in 
the above category remember we are all sinners and 
there is only one Judge and you have not been ap- 
pointed that position, in your own way, day in and 
day out each of you devote your time degrading 
others by fulfilling the above lifestyles, the persona 
presented is hot one to be admired, give off your 
high horse, get rid of the attitude, and let God do his 




■ a. 


at any point time you may exit fantasy 
island, the world that many of us are 
living in is simply hilarious, because is 
plain fictional, The world does not re- 
volve around any of us, in fact if you 
are not beaming rays that are detrimen- 
tal to the epidermal layer, the world is 
not concerned with your well-being, 
many of you feel as though the grief's 
and pains you bear are the responsi- 
bilities of others, rather than the results 
of bad decisions you made, when 
things go wrong its never you fault, when 
trouble arrives you look to those same 
people you blamed for you misfortune 
for help, get off yourself , suck it up and 
move on . you are not the only gift form 
god and never will be, the sooner you 
realize it the sooner you can begin liv- 
ing a life worth living. 





'■ ;; W, 

if you are unsure of the degree of your kno 
means read, research, do whatever need? 
the issue in question, the worst way to exer 
way should one over talk and issue to hide 
better to listen. JUST SHUT-UP 

ledge, refinement should take place, this 
"o be done to increase ones awareness of 
plify ignorance is through speech, in no 
neir lack of knowledge, sometimes its just 

why is it that every time some- 
1 2 2 fhing happens, everyone thinks 
|they can relate. Whether it be 
*happy, sad, emotional, detri- 
mental, or humiliating you can 
not relate to how I feel, you don't 
know what I am going through, 
though you may have experi- 
enced something similar that 
does not mean that you can re- 
late and we can bond. 

i don't be in my face talking me 
:todef about something you 
J have no clue gbout. I say this 
J because though on the surface 
I things may appear to be one 
I way, keep in mind there is always 
"three sides to the story - your side, 
»their side and the truth, so no 
: matter what you heard, think you 
i say, or what you were told it is 
i likely to be false... 

i 1! ! . . ! « • 



relate OFF 

so, when you think you can 
relate, my dear you are 
and relation are two totally 
different things, The sooner 
we understand this con- 
cept the sooner people will 
master the art of minding 
their own business. 






Probably the most memorable thing that will hap- 
pen to most college students is the experience 
of people. And here at OC it's easy to experi- 
ence really top-notch people. The friends made 
in college are friends for life. There are so many 
people to get acquainted with and grow to 



¥■ -'■ '-' 

"^W> 'fjurpQ* 

'*W a 1 


H^^gJI M 


; tk ; *"u 

, ':: v Jv^p **■ 


""""" *A 



1 W. &M 


ft jS | 


1 Kr/iSal 

1,„. jfl* SSI: iivfj- 

■ ft ^*» 



■ ■-■■: fi 

Roommates are the best-- sharing jurts and excite- 
ments, jam sessions, and a box of cookies from 
home. There are casual dates and steady sweet- 
hearts, totally different, yet kindred still. There are 
teachers, who care and pray for students and stu- 
dents who do the same. Then there are the famil- 
iar faces, not close friends, but fellow- students. 
These relationships with each other give a small 
taste of the possible relationship with the Best of 

excerpted from '91 ACORN 127 

isPBKT „ 

■"'■"' ■;. 






it bee 

' 'ycraarre a part of it 

omeVa part of you 

Irs 4:47 pm central standard time, I awake ex- 
cited from my custumary Sabbath rest. I'm ex- 
cited. Tonight we play. "Who?" it doesn't mat- 
ter. I take a shower, to purify myself for my 
task, and focused my en- 

The attire is blue and gold, 
anyway, anyhow.... Those 
aren't just colors I wear; to- 
night those are the colors I 

Its 5:22 pm central stan- 
dard time, I'm late I gotta 
get to warm ups on time. I 
gotta support my girls, they 
always support me. 
Sometimes they win, some- 
times they don't but 
through it all they are MY girls. Tonight was a 
big win, Hillari dropped 23 and grapped 15 
boards, both Ericas' well, Lee had 1 3 and Mar- 

row had 9 with some blocks. Danita and 

Michelle did their thing too... 

It's 8:13 pm central standard time I'm ready. 

The starters have been introduced and the na- 
tional anthem has been 
sung. It's time. My heart 
skips beat as the tip off oc- 
curs. 129 
Tonight the opponent is ex- o 
tra tough... I gotta bring my " 
"A" game. I gotta do the 
little things. 

Just like the girls, sometimes 
we win, sometimes we 
lose... tonight was a tough 
win. We fought hard, we 
won on a missed free throw. 
The guys said it was me, I 

said that they just gave me a chance. 

It was just another day at the office, I'm worker 



and 1 

/.MM';y ■>'<'.. - y-'y/ : * '^ "y '<; .'- v ' • vf- -> A/:.-^. "» 





Not Pictured 
Jamal Gibbons 
Daniel Faulkner 
Abokam Bopke 
TYquan Harper 


Ajydrew Forde 

B.C. Canada 


mont Perry 


Shooting Guard 

llllp Austin 




1 /I 

\)5panEarle 2#brian Hargrove \$pdBlue 





Florida College 1 1 .09 home 

Univ. of Mobile 11.11 away 

SCh©dUl0 Freewill Baptist 11.14 away 
Belhaven Classic 11.15-16 
Walla Walla Classic 1 1 .21 -23Fisk 
Universityl2.03 away 

Bethel College 12.05 home 

Kentucky College 12.07 home 

Belhaven College 12.14 home 

Loyola University 01 .09 home 

Pensacola Chr, 01.11 home 

Stillman College 01.13 away 

Columbia Union 01.18 away 

Bryan College 01 .20 away 

Huntingdon Coll. 01.23 home 

Concordia Coll. 01 .25 home 

Univ. of the South 01 .28 away 

Rust College 01.30 away 

Columbia Union 02.01 home 

Concordia Coll. 02.04 away 

Rust College 02.08 home 

Crichton College 02. 1 3 away 

Fisk University 02.15 home 

Huntingdon Coll. 02,17 away 

Stillman College 02.22 home 

Alumni Weekend 02,19 home 

Ike Greir 




2>4 rma/ne Brown 3 %riold Bedney \ <4^* e Ford 







B.C. Canada 


(§pbe Wade 




Daniel Owusu ^ofrando Rogocci ^gron White 










'after the/TT I aspect is mastered, 

its all 1 Li I I and OVG 



ZVklena Baker JQ&nita Fowler | Qgsiree Green 

Talledega, Al 

Huntsville, Al 

New York 

2fQirnron Lumsey ^rica Morrow 2^&^urtney Mosley 3$fa ri Saunders 

Cleveland, OH 

Rochester, NY 

Lincoln, NE 

Leavenworth, KS 


Free Will Classic 




Bryan College 



Univ. of Mobile 




Huntingdon Coll, 



SChedUle Freewill Baptist 




Concordia Coil, 



Beville State 




Univ, of the South 01.28 


Blue Mt. College 




Rust College 



Fisk University 




Columbia Union 



Judson College 




Concordia Coll. 



Tenn. Temple 




Blue Mt. College 



Loyola University 




Rust College 



Knoxville College 




Fisk University 



Stiilman College 




Huntingdon Coll, 



Tenn. Temple 




Stiilman College 



Columbia Union 




Alumni Weekend 



2$3isha James 1 Jykeisha Knight 2$"ice Lasemburg 22 /fco Lee 

Seattle, WA 

Nashville, TN 



Takoma Park, MD 

Columbus, OH 

[ fcarrie Singleton _ 3telly Smith 3 iW To Yl° r \mphelle Wheller 



New Orleans, LA 

Huntsville, Al 

Sacramento, CA 

Huntsville, Al 


I lOVe volleyball, , 

dyou can get pUmpeCl 
take your agression out... 

-Monique Turner 





<?v€P if p- 


ly-- t i'.jLjo 


"you can be the best 

tumbler in 

the world, 

but it takes a Whole 


to do a 


Andrew Hudgson 





I I play football becauseit'srny nature, 

Shalondra McKinney 



Nepson Ambriose 


Most players work during the game, but I work in the moments between. The moments that 
average fans don't even realize exists. I work when our players come back to the bench. I work 
during time-outs. I work during halftime. I am an aqua-tehcnician; I make sure that our guys 
are never parched. I'm a modern day superhero; I save our Ambassadors from dehydration. My 
job is a tough one, I know that many are called, but only few are chosen. I have been set 
aside... I am the waterboy. 




mattffew , \ 


"Its clean, its cold, now that's what i call 

high quality H2O." 

d annual billard's tournament 


Ihis year's Billard's Tournament was one of excitment and unexpectancy. The participants 
came from various genders, classifications and I dare even say regions. Though this sport 
sometimes highly underrated and underappreciated, some would say, it proved to be a worth- 
while experience to all. the sheer exhileration given as a momento to all in attendance was 
one that could not be formulated into jargonfor fear of doing the piece in justice i leave it 
at... rack 'em. 



and sing 





-■' 1 


: '- 5Wr 


_ ^H__ 

'/// earth 
ring with 

of liberty 

let our 
rise high 
os the 

C- -flaw' <3H 


<";-.. , 

/ef it resound 
loud os the 
rolling see 

sing a 
song full 
of the 
that the 
past has 





facing the rising sun of 
a new day begun, 

let us 
march on 
x til victory 
is won. 

design adopted from the '76 ACORN 

r ■■■■■■ ■■■■ .. '. 



Martin Lister 
Haven Fair 
Kevin Bamease 
4on Q 
Jerry Martin 
Aecfelfa Fowl 
Katara Watkins 
Kevin Ju ' 
Dewayne Boone 
Teteka Patrick & 
Odette Lubin 
Jocelyn Francois 
Macintosh Thervif 
Justin Davis 
Shanna Scarlett 
Ricardo Daphnis 

Spreading Oak editor 
Public P' -, ~/<-> 

Executive secretaries 

Senate secretary 
Special Events Coordinator 
Music Coordinator 
Web/oraphics Coo 

AIA President 

of the 

r£^\/i\/<n I 



Hey Oakwood!!! 

From the back to school revival, to the many weeks of prayer, to 
the powerful AY programs, the concerts, plays, chapels, and 
the basketball games, this was truly a year of "Revival." God has 
richly blessed our campus. He blessed it with th best 
Admisistration, the best faculty, the best food (smile), the best 
dreams and last but not least the best students. Oakwood, you 
have truly made my year special, and for this I sat thanks you! 
Sure we have our share ofproblems, our issues, our slow lines, 
and our leaks, but that's what makes us special. There is no 
where on earth like Oakwood College, and I am blessedto have 
the opportunity to serve you all this year as your USM President! 

So as we end this great year, I want to encourage you all to 
keep Christ number one in your lives. Don't let this experince go 
to waste. Keep a song on your heart, and know that no matter 
what, God loves you very much, and so do I. Stay strong 
Oakwood College, and you better not forget me. Until we meet 
again on that glorious day, look for the six-foot five guy with four 
wings by the tree of life, next to the sea of glass. "The sea is 
glass!" (K.B.) Outta here! 






Fred R. Warfield, (Ph. D) 

USM President 2002-2003 

usm & senate 

it's been a long week already and it's only Sunday.... i can see how crazy its will be. i have to 
stop by senate meeting tommorow to meet with Martin, talk to Ankia about a check i need 
cut for this Thursday, i still have to talk to Dewanye and Shanna so they can get the info to the 
public. Jerry, Fred, Mac and I have to meet sometime today about this weekend. Adaira and 
Kevin want me to come by the yearbook office tonight, and Katara is still hounding me about 
writing a story that's past due. 
it's been a long week and its only Sunday but that's the life of a USM officer. 




art expression 

art & soul 


■ >y.-:::Xi:. 

0/*\l ll ■ ■ ■ ■ ■! 

OvJUI |y r jcal gifted 
young people 
whom use poetry 
and spoken word 
as their form of 



'■■*£ 5 . --./■ 


Strives to enhance 
literary skills through 
reading, writing and 
activities; and to 
strengthen spiritual 
commitment through 




Chanel Sales Quenesther Thompson Troy Brl 
Shantel King Demerious Smith Porsche VancB horst 


means LISTEN, is cur- 
rently a self-funded min- 
istry striving to spread the 
message of Christ. 
Through drama and 
communityservice, we 
hope to reach all who 
have strayed away from 
| the loving arms of Christ. 
Teaching our motto 
GRACE to everyone. 



Keisha Wallace, Nean 
Johnson, Richard 

Hardin, Meki Bracken, 
Donald Rolle, Meyassar 
Robinzine, Ronald 
Walbrook, John Hall 




Righteousness At Christ Expense 

u cry for all the innoce nt ones born into a world 
that has lost its heart f m 
cross iust to save 










W ~c> >i :;> 3 j. ^ -'- J. ~ 
Thai is unfair < How can ',: rem : I on deaf ears ? 

c . . . ; . co'C ! • /e cannot feel ? 

Thier daily lives are r ss and thier boogeymen are real ! 

Botswana's kids will never lie about the crayon's on the wall or ever 

have i>and~aids on their Boo -Boos when they Fall. Zambia's Children's 

Friends Are "sickness, death and Pain." Ethiopia's kids worries ? 

"If I eat today, when will I eat Again ?" 

Somalia's Faceless Children have no homes, 

Fathers or Mothers. 

They were not even ever named, nobody ever bothered ! ! 

Mali's Children are catching Aids like it's the Flu ! ! ! 

Many die Before they know that Jesus loves them too 

Africa's Children don't know life nor how to live it. they'd take 

anybody's hand if we'd take the time to give it ! ! 

& officers 


Crystal Forde,Antonia Simons, 
Nedra Furgeson, Courtney Mosely, 
Nate Anderson 







Maisha Baker, John T. Boston, 
Alicia Shelly, Cabrielle 
Francois, Kim Wilson, Nick Ar- 
cher, Mark Stephens, Raginee 
Edwards, Renee Ramon, Jill 

Sponor: Dr. James Dogette 
and Dr. Andy Lampkin 



Terry Ann Griffin, Antony 
Auburyjr., Alison Dulan, 
Megan Smith, Dwayne 
Duncombe, Danita 
Fowler, Kimra Dewindt, 
Lavona Cassimy Racquel 
Stephenson, Shenetta 
Suber, Ryan Smith 



*~yx M 


SaCoastia Williams, Lauren 
Simmons, Alexis Lawrence, 
Jessica Brazier, Toccara 





honor societies 


Kianna Simmons, 

Stephanie Lester, Launice 
Melbourne, Sara Osi, 
Racquel Stephenson, 
Ricardo Daphnus, Carlos 
Allers, Tamisha Valcin, 
Tessa Carrera 


Skyra Dummet, 
Charmaine Kerr, 
* Tamika Duncombe, 
Monique Hall Lorna 
Roberts, Lorraine Frye, 
Karine Champagne 

Sponsor- Mr. George Ashley, 

alpha chi 

phi alpha 

National Honor 
promote stud* 

societies acknow 
nt's academic su 

professional clubs 

Instituted to help stu- 
dents of all majors reach 
their career goals, pro- 
fessional clubs compli- 
ment student life. 


Tamisha Valcin, Kianna Simmons, Do- 
minique Francois,Sumith Perakathu, 
Gerard Rolle, Jamelia Butler, Irmide 
Sponsor Dr. Susan Baker 

The Pre-Dental 
Club is full of 
and friendly 
members who 
understand the 
power of a 
genuine smile. 









Raamah Thomas, Shenetta 
Suber, Fiona James, Sekia 
Nurse, Florewce Sutton, 
Tonia Austin, Tahia Ruff, 
Kean Baxter 
Sponser: Mavis Mitchell 





social work 

ilon Phi Delta 

Scientific Society has 
had a sucessful year, our 
community service 
projects and soical events 
have been blessings. God 
has blessed our club, and 
we pray that they will 
continue for years to | 

David Ruff II, Cara Monroe, 
Maisha Baker, Tiffany Will- 
iams, Mark Stephans, Sara 
Osi, Sharleen Walker, Jaques 
Josline,Shari Flowers, Letesia 



Josie M. Valentin, Byron Barnes, Eva 
Michelle Wheeler, Tiant Leon, Jas- 
mine Murrell, Erika Hinds, Carmen 
Wright, Sonia Mims, Gabrille Barnes, 
Taoshin Yawn, Jerrick Warren, Julius 
Everett, Sekenah Daye 
Sponsor: Mr. Jorge Bartholomew and 
Mrs. Loty Samson 



Gessie Luc, Johnson Ceasr, Wesleyg-. 
Valmir, Brian Ladiny, Prad Georges,^ 
Jokebed Decanal, Flore Hamilton, Linda 
Thelusma, Compere Robins, Shemell 
Staples, Fina James, Dexter Smith, 
Francki Elve, Judy Delva, Johanna 
Brown, Martelli Brown, Melanie Jones, 
Moosgar Borieux, Pascal Romulus, 
Vanessa Cantave, Nathan MC Ginnis, 
Brian Mazengero, Gregory Louissaint, 
Ebony Anderson, Howard Hawkins, 
Robert White, Lloyd E. Sealey, Joseph 
Williams, St. Louis Walace, Sylvie Delva, 
Sharlee Walker, Gerald Vertilus 
Sponsor: Mrs. Lotty Samson, Mrs. Lela 






'< ■ 




W ! /9/M^6-yyk/7^Wi 




>-rr/r /';,-, 


■ mm mm mm mm mm 
WBm mm wmn mm ml 

Dear Oakwood College, 

This year students have experienced many trials and triumphs as an 
institution and as countrymen and women. Freedom, specifically freedom 
of speech is a main issue that has been discussed. The question of, "what 
opinions we have the right to hold?" and "how and when can we expres- 
sion them?" have been asked. In the context of our country, church and 
other venues the debate continues, but at Oakwood College, the answer is 

The students of OC each have the right to hold a variety of opinions, 
which may be expressed in a variety of ways. Although the opportunity of 
freedom of expression is there, one should think carefully about the reper- 
cussions of their chosen method. One should want to perform thought 
provoking actions — leaving individuals feeling proud versus ashamed, in- 
formed versus angry, accountable versus negligent and inattentive. 

This is exactly what the Spreading Oak staff and Oakwood College 
student body achieved this year. Students expressed how they felt, what 
they liked, what they did not like, what they did not understand and some- 
times accept. Students used their voices to motivate each other, communi- 
cate with administration and convey what was on their minds and hearts. 

As Editor-in-Chief I would just like to say, thanks. Thank you stu- 
dents for believing in the power of your voice. Thank you for being proac- 
tive and in-tune with the day- to- day issues around our campus, church 
and world. And thank you students for making the Spreading Oak, truly, a 
student publication. 

May God continue to bless each one of you. Remember one voice 
can make a difference. 


Katara Watkins 
Editor-in-Chief 2002-2003 











-» **■ 


orshe Vandhorst 

3:00am, the alarm sounds. Such an odd time to awaken on 
a Thursday morning... well not if you are a member of the 
Oakwood College Aeolians, for whom, waking up at 3am in 
order to catch a 4:30am bus to Anywhere USA is an all too 
common occurrence. Traveling is as much of a signature of 
the world renowned Aeolians as is their aesthetically pleas- 
ing, soul lifting sound. Though the bus is sometimes cold, 
the packing tedious, and the company monotonous (but 
never boring), traveling is the rewarding culmination of daily 
two hour practices, heavy folders full of music, and the op- 
portunity to sport new formal wear. For the Aeolians, noth- 
ing beats the pride they feel after sharing their ministry 
abroad. ■■■■4-/^wsS^^SBBSk ^^^^^^^^^^ 




We are Voices of Triump, a non-profit organization made up 
of college students who are dedicated to community service. 
We are the voice in the darkness that speaks a message of 
truth and hope. We are planning to take this message to the 
streets. God has called us to present His word through song 
and scripture to people of all races and every age. We are a 
group of energetic young people. We are Christ-centered 
ministry whose mission is to win souls for Christ through our 
musical abilities that include Children Ministry, Prison Minis- 
try, Street Minis- 
try and American 
Sign Language 
Ministry etc. We 
are a spiritual 
army who are un- 
tied and powered 
by the Holy Spirit. 
When we visit 
various cities, it is 
our custom to go 
out into the sur- 
rounding commu- 
nity and invited 
everyone to join us 
in worship to Cod 
in concert at their 

near by church. At the end of service we like to give and 
receive contact information so that we may build relation- 
ships for the purpose of bringing souls closer to Christ. 

i JWV 






ME OrpAmle 

Sarah Adams 


Anthony Albury Jr. 


Otero C. Alters 


Keisha Alleyne 


Marx Alleyne 


Talitha Allsop 

Healthcare Administration 






► 1 












David Andre 


Ugonna Anosike 


Oluwatoyosi Atolagbe 

Social Work 

Tonia Austin 

Social Work 

Chantell Bailey 

Elementary Education 

Annette Barker 

Fitness & Wellness 

Trevor Barnes 


remember way back 
when Dean D. CriCol 

(in worship) 


cj uit the next day. 

Marlon Hill 

Samuel Beale II 





Cariela Be/grave 

Social Work 

James Bell 

Elementary Education 

Monique Bellerand 

Health Science/Physical Therapy 

Roberta Bishop 


remember way back when 

if 6 'xj<£s srm& 


fsfSte? 7a 7J I 

7~7O0 271 

Raeshawnda Black 


'Jt7lg. filif 7 WTO ( 7'77l 271 




Sherwin Bob 

Computer Science 

of si 

computer mtssma 


Karin Champagne 

Lakeisha Bonner 

Elementary Education 

Yvonne Bouden 


Yuel Boyce 


Myon Boyd 

Fitness &Wellness 

Valencia Bradley 


Niyrai-Daun Bradshaw 


Valerie Branham 

Social Work 

Tekira Brinkley 


Sonya Brown 


remember way back when 

MXJjr. represented in 

the RUMBLE.. .and proved it kg 
wearing our gold shirts the next 

Anthony Albury (A.J.) 

Cur/is Burns 

Human Development 





Terrance Burrs 

Elementary Education 

Tiffany Burton 

Piano Performance 




Onzka Bynoz 


Morris Carlyle 


Nicole Carryl 


Earl Canson 


Haniffe Carrington 


Ian Callendar 

Computer Information Systems 

Kevin Carrington 

Marketing/Computer Information Systems 

remember way back 
when til© ©At © 


with icing- 
it was good too! 

Wesley Sterling 

Christopher Carter 


Patrick Carter 


Tara Carter 


Lavonna Cassimy 

Social Work 

remember way back when 





this campus, funny thing- we 
knew it. 

Lloyd Sealey, Jr 

Jennifer Caudle 

Elementary Education 

Karine Champagne 

Social Work 





Kito Chapman 

Human Development/Family Studies 

Krista Charles 


Qurentia Chester 


Brunelle Cinous 


Yannique Clarke 

Social Work 

Paul Cleveland II 





Tyrice Clisby 


Johanne Colin- Guerrier 

Psychology/Allied Health 

remember way back 
when my Iriemils 
threw a surprise 


Kimberly Cumberbatch 


and we got in a 

cake £-\g\it,. 

Nyrai-Daun Bradshaw 

Jordan Collier 


Sophya Cyrus 

Elementary Education 

Ricardo Daphnis 


Reginald Darby 


Amanda Davis 


Angelita Davis 


Jamie Davis 


remember way back when 

Hao Like 


majoRS in it. 

Kyrinda Richardson 

Justin Davis 


Gail Dawkins 

Elementary Education 

Sekenah Daye 







Lynn Delva 

Elementary Education 

Kimra Dewindt 

Social Work 

Qian Dickenson 

Computer Information Systems 

remember way back when 


Courtney Wright 

Rhodeanith Dormer 






Caleb Dossman 


Kharis Dotson 

Commercial Art 

Caroline Douglas 


Twila Drew 


La-tonya Dukes 


Alison Dulan 


Skyra Dummett 

Social Work 

Keitron Duncan 


Tamika Duncombe 

Social Work 




Amber Dunson 


Jordan Earle 


Charlene Eason 

Organizational Management 

remember way back when 

tries were served in 

bA6£ETs i 

Jeanie Johnson 

Sam Edwards 


Lorraine Erye 


Schadique Escoffery 

Computer Information Systems 

Ryan Evans 


Alva Ferdinand 

International Studies 



Adaira Ford 


Danita Fowler 

Math/Computer Science 

Schpi'' r hwers 

Biok y 

Angel Fluellen 


David Franklin 


Nicole Franklin 

International Studies 

Katrina Frazier 

Interdisciplinary Studies 


§fc' ■ 





Rl f 

» i\ 


. '■■ 


Lorraine Frye 

Social Work 

remember way 
back when the initials 


. stood for 

Ryan Haines 

Element r i_ducation 

something totally 

Danita Fowler 

Elise Fryson 

Computer Information Systems 




Jennille Gardener 

Occupational Therapy 

Steven Gates 


Prad Georges 


Maurice Gordon 


Woody Gracia 

Health Care Administration 

Donna Green 


Natalie Griffin 

Elementary Education 




Terri-Ann Griffin 

Social Science Education 

Roma Habtemariam 

Elementary Education 

John Hall 


Monique Hall 

Social Work 

remember way back when 
there was a 

Seth Yelorda 




Octavia Hall 

Family & Consumer Science 

J Ml ^ 

Ceenevieve Hamer 


Talitha Hampton 


Christopher Harriet 






Shanna Harrison 

Human Development 

Kia Henley 

Elementary Education 

Charles Hewitt II 





Mar/on Hill 

Computer Science 

Marqaret Howard 

Elementary Education 

Sharelle Hubbard 

Public Relations 

Erika Hinds 


Loderika Holder 


remember way back when the 



m#vie was crunk. 

Jamie McCriff 

Regrick Howard 

Elementary Education 

Christina Huffman 

Family & Consumer Science 

Eleanor Innocent 

Fitness & Wellness 

Glen da Jackson 

Organizational Management 

Jermaine Jackson 


Tia Jeffery 


Cory Johnson 

Elementary Education 

Eugene Johnson 

Healthcare Administration 

remember way back 
when I first got here 

I remeber it like yesterday. 

Nathan Shuler II 





Joseph Johnson 

Computer Science 

Tia Jones 


Ernie Jordan 


Lucson Joseph 

Allied Health 

Gary Jouett II 


Charmaine Kerr 

Social Work 

Terri King 

Elementary Education 

remember way back when 



got in a I I M * \ L against 


defending home cotfit. 

Mark Felton 

Aginah King-Sharie 

Organizational Management 




Clifford Laguerre 

Engineering/Applied Math 

Natasha Lambert 


Prince Lewis 


Martin Lister 


Josette Louis 

Math Education 

Gregory Louissaint 

Occupational Therapy 

Derek Lowe 


Prince Mabandla 

Computer Science 

Stephen Mackey 

Commercial Art 



Rory Major 

Elementary Education 

Dammeon Malone 


Jason Mann 


Ryan Manning 


Jerry Martin 


Mthulisi Matiwaza 

Computer Science 

Adam Maycock 


Nathan McGinnis 


Candace McGoodwin 




Jamie McGriff 


Zahair McKenzie 


Amy McNeil 

Healthcare Administration 

I remember way back when MY C^IR.L6 ANP !! made 

6TUPIP mnistdkcS that produced 

miP6, Ruby Line, ,<; &r.eaic 

E> I RT-U PAY parties. 4i E>owling 
W/ednesdays and relationships). 

Angella White 

Launice Melbourne 


Kim Minors 

Management/Health Care Administration 

Candyce Monroe 


Cara Monroe 





Althea Morris 


Rodney Morris 


Frederick Murphy II 


April Oakes 

Social Work 

Kiyomi Oatez 


Mahalia Olatunji 

Vocal Performance 

Irmide Olibris 


Giselle Oliver 

Physical Therapy 

Susanne Osborne 



Sara Osi 


Katrina Otey 


Priscilla Owusu-Frimpong 


Sonya Parker 


Jason Patrickson 


Jason Patton 


Lanee Parker 


remember way back 

when Oakwood freshmen 
were mature and prayer 
circles were held in the field 
between Wade and Cooper... 
What happened to 
the real Oakwood? 

Diane C. Brewer 

Raymond Peoples 





Malcom Phillips 


Gina-Marie Pierre 

Elementary Education 

Victors. Pile Jr. 


Anika Powell 


Judy-Ann S. Powell 

History/Political Science 

Marlon Reid 


Kyrinda Richardson 


Lorna Roberts 

Social Work 

remember way back 

when Iv^asa heshmn 
and Knerino one, novs/ 
Zhatje been blessed 
)hjfth fHendshfps 
lo/e. Thattifll last 
beyond Oafa/ood. 

Anika Powell 


William Roberts 


Bree Robinson 


David Ruff II 


Jonathan Scott 

Elementary Education 

Gabrielle Ruff 


Luwanda Scott 

Elementary Education 

Stephen Ruff II 


Gwendolyn Scretching 

Organizational Management 

Lloyd Sealey 


Genet Selassie 

Organizational Management 


Kianna Simmons 






Lena Simmons 


Uschett Slosh 


Bryant Smith 


Megan Smith 

Computer Information Systems 

Ryan Smith 

Social Work 

Josette Sonceau 

Organizational Management 




Nataki Spooner 


Lonnie Stanford 

Organizational Management 

John Stephens 

Elementary Education 

Racquel Stephenson 


Nona Sturgies 


Wesley Sterling 

Fitness & Wellness 

remember way back when 

agolf cart was 

everyday and guys 
would ambush 

security for 


Joshua P. Williams 

Toccara Strong 

Human Development 

Shenetta Suber 

Social Work 






Florence Sutton 

Social Work 

Chivohn Sylvester 


Dion Taylor 

Elementary Education 

Estus Taylor 


remember way back 

when feZcach was 

poured in the dean's fish 
tank, we had to replace 
the dead fish ...we did 

with goldfish 

Christopher Carter 

Sarah Taylor 

Organizational Management 


Mcintosh Thervil 


Donnamaria Thomas 

Organizational Management 

George Thomas 




Jason Thomas 

Applied Math 

Michelle Thomas 


Rajeeni Thomas 


Ricardo Tillery 

Social Work 

Denise Tolbert 

Social Work 

Devonnett Troupe 

Elementary Education 

Alicia Trusty 


Ka wars ha Waldon 


Daniel Walker 




Noah Washington 


Perry Washington 


Katara Watkins 



Angella White 


Denry White 


David Wilcher 

Applied Math 




Candice Williams 


Monique Williams 


Stephen Williams 

International Relations 

Tiffany Windham 


Lakisha Winters 


Ysaak Wisdom 


Keith Woodard 


Annamaria Works 

Elementary Education 

Courtney Wright 


Ravida Wright 

Social Work 

Cassandre Verneus 

Elementary Education 

remember way back when you stood 

outside at 

Seth Yelorda 


O :00AJVL for registration only to 

finish Q 6:00PM the neXL day 

- one lint UUffcd X ihULihim* of <r Vux/rx. 

Denry O. White and J.P.W. 










Lorraine Anderson 

Cladson Andrews 

Duriel Antonio 

Kenrick Banfield 

Byron Barnes 

Christopher Belgrave 

Marvin Boatright 

Abokau Bokpe 

Meki Bracken 

April Burks 

Danica Chandler 

Haven Fair 

Kevann Gardner 

Jessica Graham 

Jennifer Grammont 

Lakeila Greaves 

Henderson Henry 

Leslie Henry 

Runako Howell 

Marquis Jackson 

Candice Johns 

Gerald Johnson 

Jenean Johnson 

Rommel Johnson 

Tiffany Johnson 

Janique Joseph 

James Lamar 

Kenvatta Latham 

Deidra-Ann Leiba 

Dionne Lewis 


I remember way back when L/jZ-QD T. 

woke everyone in V^VJil Ijfc^l up at tj 

to complain about package 


Tiffany Windham 

Martin Lister 
Java Madison 
Annell Matthews 
Justin McFarland 
Damion Miller 
Edna Nore v 

Leslie Norwood 
Rokeem Pough 
Robert Roland 
Lamar Ryan 
A. Marie Saunders 
Lelis Simmons 

Scarlet Shorter 
Raymond Taylor 

Norman Usher 
Fred Warfield 

Lanair Walker 
Keisha Wallace 

Joshua Williams 
Tenicha Williams 
Keturah Williamson 
George Young II 





i just wanna play basketball 

Kendall Smith 


I Just wanna 

go to 


Ebony Anderson; 

"I just wanna 

"I just wanna 

be a lit' 

beto COOl 

P n Andrea Caitor 

L. i_ i %j 

& ct13" 

Kevin M Bamease 

"I just wanna 



just wanna 

be happy. 

Jamaal Hubbard 

Jolon Delancy 

"I just wanna 

start* kj(u) 


Tarika Sullivan 

u l just wanna 


C.J. Henry 

just wanna 


Michael Bailey 

i \utfYK«nmmake mil math 
in ike moua 

dd ad f^yO^d 

intends fen me la do. 

Lamont Love 

"I just wanna get 
paid, Stan Williams 

"I just wanna 

"I just wanna 

3 CT , y^K 


Sherene Campbell 


Kircio Mota M 

just wanna 

finish college 


Joel Springer 

i iust wanna leave Oak wood. 

Aisha Campbell 





Melissa Alexander 

Blaine Allen 

Cameron Anderson 

Kimberly Anderson 

Yaffa Andre 

Nadeje Aurubin 

Nick Archer 

Maisha Baker 

Danielle Banks 

Aleena Banton 

Leticia Barksdale 

Kevin Barnease 

Anthony Barnes 

Kean Baxter 

Davina Bennett 

Marcus Blake 

Armand Blankenship 

Martelli Borieux 

Joseph Bradley 

Linbert Browne 

Shira Bruner 

Edrita Bryant 

Raquel Buckley 

William Burgess 

Tunisha Butler 

Aisha Campbell 

Jonathan Cantrell 

Gregory Carey 

Tessa Carrera 

Andrea Carter 

Anthony Chandler 

Gwendolyn Clarke 

Lindzie Colin 

Therron Coopwood 

Jerome Cornwall 

Sunquine Cousins 

f, i just wanna see the Eagles 
& Sixers win a 
championship before I 

Roy Willis Jr. 

Agena Davenport 
Chelauna Davidson 
Andrea Davis 
Felicia Davis 
Lasean Davis 
Jolon Delancy 

Sarah Doepke 
Jeremy Drummod 
Ragine'e Edwards 
Rawlston Edwards 
Donny Elliott 
Francki Elve 

James English 
Nicole Fils 
Nicole Fleary 
Cabrielle Francois 
Joslynn Francois 
Akeem Frett 

Erin Fryson 
Farron Gibson 

Andrea Gillespie 

Avalla Goodin 

Tiffany Gore 

Sebrena Grant 

Zaira Grant 

Samantha Gregory- Hereford 

Rodney Grissom 
Joelle Hall 
Mario Harriel 
Moses Haynes 
Casalnnie Henry 
Jason Hutchinson 





Nadia Ince 

Mark Irby 

Patrick Jacques 

Fiona James 

Juelle James 

Janelle Jessup 

Jennipher Johnson 

Earl Jones 

Melanie Jones 

Perrar Joseph 

Kevin Jules 

Kayoba Kabinga 

Justin Kelly 

Aclrienne King 

Andrew King 

Hersha King 

Anthea Knight 

Shane Lindsey 

Micha Logan 

Kaarina Lokko 


Jevon Lowe 


Mwaka Mahanga 



Temika Mallory 



Sheana Mason 

Chawah McCoy 

Meredith McFarland 

James McKinney II 

Shalondra McKinney 

Fredricka McKnight 

Marissa Melton 

Kadeisha Miles 

Jamecia Mills 
Sonia Mims 
Kenneth Minors 
Marsha Mitchell 
Tenille Mitchell 
Rose Monroe 

Emily Moore 
Shayla Moore 
Brenda Morelus 
Eslie Murraine Jr. 
Michael Murrell 
William Nervis 

Karla Nesmith 
Theodore Nicholson III 
DeWhyte Nisbeth 
Sekia Nurse 
Janice Nwokike 
Oluchuku Okike 

Michael Olaye 
Akua Opuku-Boateng 
Henry Oston 
Darla Partlow 
Samuel Paschal III 
Teleka Patrick 

Andrew Patterson 
Kerth Payne 
Kimberly Pearson 
Ericka Perry 



Kenneisha Phillips 
Marie Pierre 
Andrew Pileggi 
Rebecca Porter 
Karis Pruitt 
Laverne Reid 




Reginald Roinson 

Lawrence Rolle 

Stacyann Rolle 

Edwina Romulus 

Jeff Roulston 

Keith Russell II 

Chanel Sales 

Kimbrly Satterfield 

Charlene Saunders 

Nadene Saunders 

Sheri Scott 

Alicia Shelly 

Jillya Shelton 
Frederick Sloan II 
Marissa Smith 
Michael Smith 
Sherese Smith 
Zynia Spencer 

Jody Spraggins-Scott 

Emmanuel St. Cloud 

Rhorda Stephens 

Alleta Stiggers 

Maurice St. Louis 

Edith Suber 

Tarika Sullivan 

Treva Sweeney 

Lisa Taylor 

Shenika Taylor 

Alexcia Thomas 

Raamah Thomas 

Christopher Thompson 

Sherice Tomcin 

Dejaun Tull 

Tamisha Valcin 
Porsche Vanderhorst 
Charmicielle Ventors 
Gregory Walcott 
Davion Walker 
Sharlee Walker 

Dorian Ward 
Calvin Watkins 
Chalonda Webb 
Robert White 

Alex Williams 
Joseph Williams 
Nevin Williams 
Omar Williams 
Tiffany Williams 
Roy Willis 

Cheryll Wilson 
Felicia Wilson 
Kimberly Wilson 
Meretle Wilson 
lesha Woods 
Tammi Wright 

Krystal Yearwood 
Eryn Young 



1 gotta love jones for 






Fred Blue 

"I gotta love jones for 


Kenneth Williams 


A c c oun ting . 

gotta love jones for 

Frantz Charles 



"J gotta love jones for s-Hty-ppim-^J 
RocheHe Lindsay 

toy a Burr 

"I gotta love jones for 
Eiiah Holness 

home-eooked food 

v 'l gotta love jones for 

Oakuiood and a)) 
that )t is" 

Aquarius Stathum 





■'■ •-'vi- .■ '■'■ 






;% I*. 


gotta lovejones... 

I gotta love jones for 

4. ' r 

Lamar Cochran | gotta love jones for 

"I gotta love jones for 
Nicole Stokes 

"I gotta love Jones for 



Derod Moody 

"I gotta love jones for 

Husbert Nicholsan 

i gotta love jones 

for \sv is v rrw * 

Ketra Mitchell 

"I gotta love tones for 

Damyon Ray 
"I gotta love jones for 

Morgan Gilbert „, gottQ |ove jones for 

jCauhtn CBalxeu. 

Fabrice St Elie 

i gotta love jones for 



Josie Valentin 

Fanny Agbanyim 

Kylah Allers 

Aisha Allsop 

Samantha Amede 

Edward Anderson Jr. 

Nathan Anderson 

Carmen Ashford 

Sutania Bailey 

Valena Baker 

Gloria Barber 

Gabrielle Barnes 

Johanne Bastien 

Donnie Bedney 

Jenelle Bellinger-Fenison 

Melissa Bertram 





Sheldon Bertram 

Chalandria Bevel 

Devon Bishop 

Shennoa Blake 

Sentrae Blanchard 

Fredrick Blue 

Michael Bookhardt 

Moosgar Borieux 

Marcus Brent 

Catherine Brown 

Eileen Brown 

Frederick Bryant 

Travis Bryant 

Paul Bulgin 

Joseph Burns 

Toya Burr 

Thomas Burton 

Robert Byrd Jr. 

"I gotta love jones for 

Shalleen Denham 


Monique Cadet 
Sheri Campbell 
Pierre Cantave 
Juanna Carmichael 
Rochelle Carter 
Anthony Cavins 

Nicole Chambliss 
Alyson Charles 
Andrew Christopher 
Adrienne Clansy 
Lamar Cochran 
Daria Cockfield 

Everett Conwel I 
Antoinnine Cooper 
Alicia Cummings 
Darien Curry 
Saara Daniel 
Antoinette Davis 

Jason Davis 
Aiyana Davison 

Melissa Dawson 
Michelle Durant 
Brian Eakins 
Sheldon Eakins 
Keysa Ealey 
Erica Eddings 

Moses Edwards Jr. 
Vincent Edwards 
Nathalie Eloi 
Yolanda English 
Abdelle Ferdinand 
Viviane Filias 







Sheena Forde 

Dionne Forrester 

Jonathan Fowler 

Sachoy Fowler 

Gelcler Camboa 

Cwenne Gibbons 

Morgan Gilbert 

Mark Golson II 

Chyla Graham 

Jacquelyn Green 

Naeemah Hall 

Oneka Harmon 

Jennifer Harrison 

Mechelle Haynes 

Howard Hawkins 

James Henry 

Marcus Higgs 

Jessica Hildebrand 

Myron Hill 

Nina Hill 

Matthew Hiller 

Eijah Holness 

Kristina Howard 

Marjean Howard 

Teaneishia Hunter 

Shanae James 

Miriam Jean-Leon 

Jacques Jocelyn 

Davonna Jones 

Lori-Ann Jones 

Gina Julceus 

Andresa Julien 

s/ter $r©d. 

Sheldon Bertram 

Charles Julius 
Nicole Kensie 
Aiden Kiwi 
Kristy Lamar 
Nickesha Landell 
Alexis Lawrence 

Shernell Lespier 
Roshelle Lindsay 
Ronie Lubin 
Nicole K. Lundy 
Michael Macchiarulo 
William Mack 

Chanika Martin 
Jaselle Martin 
Malissa Martin 
Gerna Massillon 
Katrina Mason 
Tiffany McCinnis 

Devin Mercer 
Joel Milliner 
Janae Mills 
Dillon Mitchell 
Keira Mitchell 
Danacia Mobley 

Taurus Montgomery 
Derod Moody 

Britany Moore 
David Moore 
Sonia Morris 
Jonathan Mullins 
Lynda Murphy 
Kourtney Musson 







Leana Nelson 

Rashon Nicholson 

Toy in Ogunrinu 

Onyinyechi Okike 

Andre Osborne 

Damion Parham 

Brandon Parraway 

Naomie Paul 

Melissa Pearson 

William Penick 

Sonya Perrin 

Belinda Perry 

Natacha Pierre 

Ollie Ponce~ 

John Porter 

Andrea Powell 

Allycin Powell Hicks 

Juliette Pibien 

Damyon Ray 
Ron Reddick 
Tyrone Reed 

Sharrel Reeves 

Indra Richardson 

Casey Ricks 

Christopher Roberts 

Erica Roberts 

Reuben Roundtree 

Erinn Ruff 

Tahia Ruff 

Lauren Rugless 

Hopal Russell 
Khrystal Russell 
Joseph Ryce 
Kurtleigh Samuel 
Charles Saunders 
Hilari Saunders 

Julie-Anne Satterfield 
Lenworth Sealey 
Ramona Seawright 
Lauren Simmons 
Stefanie Small 
Dawn Smith 

Kellie Smith 
Latesha Smith 
Shamell Staples 
Andrea Starks 
Brandie Sutton 
Shanelle Sylvester 

Shakema Taylor 
Chinara Thomas 
Krystal Thompson 
Sean Tillery 
Jewel Timmons 
Jason Vanderpool 

Adrienne Vaughan 
Dana Vincent 
Gabriel Wade 
Andre Walker 
Charlene Walker 
Lourie Walker 

Augustine Washington 
Kandace Waters 
Theodore Watkins 
Lequicha Weems 
Erica Wells 
Theodoric Weston 







Eva-Michelle Wheeler 

Eunice Wheeler 

Jeremiah White 

Annette Wiley 

Ashley Wilkins 

Tamika William 

Bianca Williams 
Carlin Williams 

Danielle Williams 
Elvert Williams Jr. 

Joel Williams 

Kareem Williams 

Ranece Williams 

Rebekah Williams 

SaCoastia Williams 

Sean Williams 

Marquita Williams-Bennett 

Tiffany Wilson 

Kyle Wimbish 

Christopher White 

Tiana Woolard 

Hilary Wright 

Taoshin Yawn 

gotta love jones 

for tY)af bodu) 
and 5 Kin 1~or)©. f 


Theodore Watkins 



If s not right, but 

I do ft 

not right but... 

If s not right, but 

Harry Watkins 



t's not right but 


Matthew Gray 

Sonja Artis 

It's not right, but 

" has to do 


Winfred Hawkins 

Its not right but 


Herbon Fleming 

Its not right, but 

Ennis Johnson 

irsnot righ t, but it smeLUcpod." 

Othniel Baxter 

1 £± 


If s not right but 

God will 
sf ill love 

Ashley Artis 

If s not right b 


lishka Francis 

If s not right, but 

"If s not right but 

Karelle Franklin 

111 consider it, <!* 

QD&l it. 


Kahari Smith 


If s not right but 

We SHaLL suReL y (}ie.» 

Nevasca Powell 






Anquida Adams 

Stephen Adetombi 

Victor Alcindor 

Kyle Alexander 

Crystal Allen 

Charles Alston 

Francis Anaman 1 

James Anderson 1 

Brent Antonio I 

Shaun Arthur jj 

Ashley Artis jj 

Sonja Artis r 

Nartey Assimen 

Joshua Baker 

James Barber 

Alicia Bashkiharatee 

Daphanie Beckford 

Brandon Bell 

Shelonte Benard 

Marvin Bernard 

Michael Bethune 

Tinyse Bonner 

Tiffany Boswell 

Dalton Bowes 

Cortney Boyd 

Samantha Bromfield 

Gladstone Brown 

Andre Bruce 

Kristin Bruce 

Lavender Bryan 

Courtney Brown 

Stephanie Burton 

Stafford Byers II I 

Leeandra Cain 
Collin Caleb 
Andrene Campbell 
Eric Canson 
Naneska Cantave 
Kim Carrington 

Michael Carroll 
Taunya Carter 
Marie Champagne 
Joy Chapman 
Ramona Charles 
Michael Coleman 

Ashley Collins 
Michelle Conwell 
Jasmin Cordy 
Sheila Cooper 
Tara Crawl 
Daryl Curry 

Amber Daniels 
Tiffany Daniels 
Danielle Davis 
Heather Davis 

Judy Delva 
Melissa Desamours 
Cherie Dickerson 
Terrence Downer 
Junior Faustin Ducheine 
Nina Dykes 

Julius Everett 
Danielle Farrell 
Nedra Ferguson 
Lois Fidelis 
Herbon Fleming 
Andrew Ford 







Durandel Ford Jr. 

Crystal Forde 

Tiffany Forde 

Angelique Fortson 

Ashton Francois 

Karelle Franklin 

Jayna Gardner 

Jacquelyn Gates 

Adam Germany 

Brandon Goff 

Reginald Gracia 

Monica Gramling 

David Grant 

Matthew Gray 

Latesha Gunn 

Eric Hall 

Ebony Hammond 

Walter Hardy 

Charles Harris 

Tashianna Harris 

Tonecia Harvey 
George Hassell 

Lauren Hastings 
Laurie Hastings 

Esther Haugabrooks 

Kimberle Hawk 

Andre Hawk 

Claudia Hawkins 

Winfred Hawkins 

Amanda Hawley 






Timothy Minerve 

Derrick Hendrickson 
Christopher Henry 
Kelton Henry 
Ashley Holland 
Brittany Holland 
Morris Hollie 

Alex Horton 
Derrick Hough 
Latoya Houghton-Burns 
Brandall Hoyte 

Andrew Hudgson 
Jodi-Ann Hudgson 
Ashley Hudson 
Ashley Humphrey 
Locresia Huxtable 
Akeisha James 

Devon Jack 
Jonathon Jackson 
Kori Jackson 
Marcelia Jackson 
Andall James 
Precious Jenkins 

Warren Jerrick 
Clifton Jessup 
Aaron Johnson 
Brennan Johnson 
Clarice Johnson 
Dorenda Johnson 

Grace-Ann Johnson 
Jonathan Johnson 
Keeva Johnson 
Tonika Johnson 
Jessica Jones 
Leigherica Jones 






Nadine Jones 

Stephanie Jones 

Todd Jones 

Jenelle Joseph 

Antonaya Kelly 

Ryan King 

Shantell King 

Takeisha Knight 

Kesia Knowles 

Danita Burgess- Lam be 

Steven Laihing 

Tiffany Lamar 

Drechelle Larry ■ 

April Lee 
Trenton Lewin 
Allaceea Lewis 

Michael Lewis 

Sieaundria Lockett 

Kri'shon Long 

Kenneth Lovett 

Christianne Lubin 

Darnelle Lubin 

David Lynes 

Grace Mbyirukira 

Clint Mack 

Sheena Mann 

Nia Mapp 

Veniece Massenburg 

Solomon Matheka 

Sabrina Matheus 

Rothschild Mathieu 

Crystal McCarthy 

Kimberly McFarland 
Mark-Anthony McKay 
Tyrone McKinney 
Sykanya McLaughlin 
Nicceta Medley 
Nikka Meleod 

Reuben Meriweather 
Cenee Miller 
Timothy Minerve 
Dayna Mitchell 

Megan Mitchell 
Powell Montgomery 
Angela Morgan 
John Morris 

Reynell Morris 
Erica Morrow 
Courtney Mosley 
Marvin Moten II 
David Mugerwa 
Kadianne Muir 

Jasmine Murrell 
Chanel Nealey 
Lowis Nelson Jr. 
Matthew Nicholson 
Keamesha Nisbeth 
Amos Nkata 

Jenny Noel 
Michael Nugent 
Kristie Osi 
Nadra Outerbridge 
Schinel Outerbridge 
Yelena Packwood 









Shelton Palmer 

LaToya Parker 

Matthias Patrick 

Philip Payne 

O'ge Percy 

Rachelle Peters 

Princess Pettigrew 

Kevin Phillips 

Veronika Pierce 

Lark Pile 

Robert Poitier 

Melissa Pondexter 

Deanna Powell 

Nevasla Powell 

Traci Preston 

Tameika Profitt 

Kristen Pruitt 

Karintha Ragland 

Jolita Reevers 

Jessica Reid 

Eddy Remy 

Joy Richardson 

Krystle Richardson 

Fernando Rigacci 

Fallon Rivers 

Joseph Roberts 

Kimberly Robinson 

Myesha Robinson 

Pascal Romulus 

Charisse Rox 

Jennifer Rugless 

Tyrone St. Hill Jr. 

Sheena Salmon 

Melody Sam 

Kimberly Sampson 

Phillip Session 
Janel Sessom 
Sellie Shines 
Sean Sigh 
Carrie Singleton 
Jessica Simeon 

Lorna Simmons 
Antonia Simons 
Holly Small 
Tiffany Small 
Amy Smith 
Porsha Smith 

Leah Spellen 
Lydia Suddler 
Linda Thelusma 

Shari Thomas 
Jared Thurman 
Brandon Tramel 
Monique Turner 
Michaila Vance 
Shalisha Vandrhorst 

Brittany VanPutten 
Keri Jo Wakefield 
Jescia Walker 
Lakesy Walker 
Timesha Warno 
Kerri-Ann Warren 

Nicole Webster 
Harry Watkins 
Jeremiah Weekes 
Kristina West 
Aaron White 
William White 




Ayanna Whyte 

Nichole Williams-Alexander 

Dantae Williams 

Dara Williams 

Helen Williams 

Jennifer Williams 

Jon-nita Williams 

Thia Williams 

Wendi Williams 

Jessica Williamson 

Shantelle Williamson 

Roy Willis II 




Curtis Wilson 

Sharlene Wilson 

Kelly Wimberley 

Haroon Wisdom 

Summer Wood 

Marcia Woodson 

Adrian Wright 

Andre Wright 

Carmen Wright 

Alyxis Wynder 

Jennefer Yates 

Elisa Young 

Teresa Young 

Tishona Young 

Jonathan Willis 












John Anderson 

Karen Anderson 

Kena Andrews 

Bennye Armsstrong 

George Ashley 

Flore Aurby-Hamilton 

Ornam Bailey 

Delbert Baker 

Enoch Baker 

Gwendolyn Baker 

LaTanya Banks 

Nigel Barham 

Jorge Bartholomew 

Linda Belgrave 

Finbar Benjamin 

Benard Benn 

Frances Bliss 

Derick Blue 

Derek Bowe 

Faye Brathwaite 

Gloria Brooks 

Jeffrey Brown 

Wayne Bucknor 

James Bulter 

Marcia Burnette 

Hyacinth Burton 

Keith Burton 

Gail Caldwell 

Leah Caldwell 

Al Calhoun 

Roengsak Cartwright 

Audley Chambers 

Hannah Chambers 

Emanuel Chester, Jr. 

Micheal Chester 

Angelique Clay 

William Cleveland 
Frank Contreas 
Alton Conwell 
Sabrina Cotton 
Sherman Cox 
Veta Cowan 

Edna Dailey 
Joseph Dailey 
Cecily Daly 
Cino D'Andrade 
Oliver Davis 
Ruth Faye Davis 

Isadore Desouza 
Minneloa Dixion 
Kathleen Dobbins 
James Doggette 
Caryll Dormer 
Cynthia Douglas 

Lamount Dupree 
Juliet Durant 
Charlene Eason 
Rennae Elliott 
Robert Engram 
Belita Fleming 

Flora Flood 
Denise Finley 
April Fortune 
Trevor Fraser 
Jannae Gaiter 
Sylvia Germany 

Lela Gooding 
Alfonzo Greene, Jr. 
Alphonso Greene, Sr. 
Ethel Griffin 
Ruben Griffin 
Sandra Griffin 


Theodore Cunn 

Kera Cwebu 

James Hamer 

Soloma Hamilton 

Terry Hamilton 

Benton Hampton 

Bobby Harrison 

Lorna Harrison 

Keitha Hatcher 

Earl Henry 

Kaven Ible 

Morris Iheanacho 

Shirley Iheanacho 

Elaine Issac 

A. Jackson-McCrary 

Joseph Jeries 

Arlene Johnson 

Deora Johnson 

Keith Johnson 

Ann Jones 

Celestine Jones 

R. Greg Jones 

Odessa Jordan 

Kerry Joesh 

Matthew Kirby 

Allou Koko 

244 Ifeoma Kwesi- Hutton 

- Lucile Lacy 

Jean LaiHing 
Kenneth LaiHing 

Andy Lampkin 

Pattie Landy 

Henrietta Lathon 

Yue-Cuey Laura Lee 

Jannith Lewis 

Tarsee Li 

Marulynn Lockett 
Delmar Lovejoy 
Rise Lowery 
Joanna Mack 
Kyle Mackey 
Doris Manning-Collie 

Adrienne Matthews 
Charles May 
Debra Mayes 
James Mbyirukira 
Tim McClure 
Doris McCrary 

Beverly McDonald 
Tim McDonald 
Deborah Mebane 
Artie Melancon 
Wilson Miles 
Victoria Miller 

Debbe Millet 
Hattie Mims 
Mavis Mitchell 
Annette Mohan 
T.N. Mohan 
Lisa Moncur 

Cracie Monroe 
Mary Monroe 
Carolyn Morris 
Elizabeth Mosby 
Verda Montgomery 
Britney Moore 

Craig Newborn 
Jan Newborn 
Januwoina Nixon 
Margaret Nixion 
Philp Nixion 
Brenell Newman 



Eurydice Osterman 

Onesimus Otieno 

James Parker 

James Payne 

Sonia Paul 

Bruce Peifer 

Juliaette Philips 

Janet Poles 

Beverly Preston 

Diane Ramey-Rugless 

Rufus Ranatunga 

Erin Reicl 

Winifred Rivers 

Sylvia Rochester 

James Roddy 

Jan Ross 

Lynn Ross 

Titus Ruff 

Agniel Samson 

Loty Samson 

Marilyn Schenck 

Londa Schmidt 

Shirley Scott 

Jimmie Seawright 

Ciro Sepulveda 

Gloria Sepulveda 

Lance Shand 

Lura Shand 

Dianne Sharp 

Howard Shaw 

Ruby Shepard 

Titiana Shvetsova 

Donna Smith 

Joyce Smith 

Lionel Smith, Jr. 

Reginald Smith 

Shushannah Smith 
William Smith 
Marta Sovyanhadi 
Yoedono Sovyanhadi 
Deon Spencer 
Ivy Starks 

Melissa Statham 
Fred Stennis 
Jody Stennis 
Barbara Stovall 
V.T. Strogia 
Freddie Taylor 

Millie Thornton 
Jovon Times 
Easton Tomlin 
Karen Tucker 
Janette Vines 
Alexander Volkova 

Maia Volkova 
Anthony Walker 
Mervyn Warren 
Jeannie Watkins 
Joan Weekes 
Howard Weems 
Jillian Willis 

Arlene Wimbley 
Brennan Winbush 
Betram Wright 
Elizabeth Wright 
Tara Young 








ultimate OC experience 

$5,250 to clear 
$350 for books 

1 messy roommate 

2 crazy suitemates 
Wal-Mart shopping 3 hrs 

Window shopping (Madison Square Mall) 4 hrs 

Bake) for atleast 4 years.... 

feeds you for the rest of your life 

3 weekly worships 

1 weekend leave 
10 meal plan 
16 credit hours 
3 special friends 

2 road trips 
a few USM activities 
a pinch of unnecessary drama 
a dash of spring fever 

a scoop of soul stirring singing 
1000's of tears 
10000's of laughs 

" *Y'\>.' m [ ,;';~ 

Fatihah Abdur-Rahman 240 Martin Road, SW, Apt. 407 Huntsville AL 35825 | Ashley Abrams 
21 65 Rolling Brook Lane East Lansing Ml 48823 1 Alana Ackerman 2193 Newmark Drive Deltona 
FL 32738 jAnquida Adams 1036 Hansen Rcl Hazlehurst MS 39083] Joseph Adams 1406 B 
Arctic Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Nathan Adams 402 A Gayle Avenue NVV Huntsville AL 35801 | 
Sarah Adams 181 Marshall Terrace Danville VA 24541 j Stephen Adams 60 Montjoy Cresent 
Brampton Ontario L6S3E7 Canada | Stephen Adetumbi 6824 Pomeroy Circle Orlando FL 3281 
| Fanny Agbanyim 1612 Spottsworth Way Silver Spring MD 20905 | Anthony Albury 4426 
Torrance Drive NW Apt 3 Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Keith Albury 70 Hampshire Street P.O. Box 
356 Nassau Bahamas | Victor Aicindor 2250 Northwest 86th Terrace Miami FL 33147 1 Saron 
Alemayehu P.o. Box 3329 Addis Ababa Ethiopia, North Africa | Alton Alexander 202 Water's 
Edge Lane Madison AL 35758 | Kelly Alexander 14609 Antiqua Court Biloxi MS 39532 | Kyle 
Alexander 25791 Emmerson St. Loma Linda CA 92354 | Melissa Alexander P.O. Box 166 
Stake Bay Cayman Brae Cayman Islands j Reginold Alexander P.O. Box 217 Carbon Hill AL 
35449 | Gian Alexis 256 Old Kensico Road White Plains NY 1 0607 1 Blaine Allen 1 347 Edenrose 
Street Mississauga Ontario L5V-1K2 Canada | Carlene Allen 3784 University Drive Apt. 522 
Huntsville AL 35816] Crystal Allen P.O. Box 470 Coushatta LA 71 01 9 1 Lloyd Allen 4917 
Cotton Row Apt. D Huntsville AL 35816] Yanis Allen 5 Crown Heights Cres. Thomhill Ontario 
L4J5T8 Canada | Kyiah Allers 12 Spicery Road Warwick WK02 Bermuda | Otero Allers 12 
Spicery Road Warwick WK02 Bermuda | Keisha Alleyne 4015 Cedar Gate Rd Huntsville AL 
35810) Marx Alleyne 2528 Wekiva Walkway Apopka FL 32703] Aisha Allsop 3632 N. 
Crestview Drive Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Talitha Allsop 609 Maple Street Reading PA 19602 | 
Charles Alston P.O. Box 238 Pine Forge PA 1 9548 ] Amanda Ambrose 1 969 Addison Road, 
S. District Heights MD 20747] Samantha Amede 117-10 Livonia Place Scarborough Ontario 
M1 E4W6 Canada ] Theophilus Ampadu 4579 Station #4 Pierrefonds Quebec H8Y 1 S4 Canada 
| Francis Anaman 1600 Sedgwick Avenue Apt 18G Bronx NY 10453 | Cameron Anderson 
5081 Rosecrest Drive Pittsburgh PA 15201 | Ebony Anderson 212 juniper Street Mansfield TX 
76063 | Edward Anderson 8858 Meadow Lane Berrien Springs MI 49103 | James Anderson 
5610 Northgreen Road Gwynn Oak MD 21244 j Jeremy Anderson 4002 Summerhill Drive 
Huntsville AL 3581 1 Kimberly Anderson 25 Woodsedge Drive Ashvilie NC 28803 1 LaTonya 
Anderson 5462 Bayview Heights Place Apt- 7 San Diego CA 92105 ] Lorraine Anderson 4432 
Bonnell Drive Apt C Huntsville AL 35816 | Matthew Anderson 91 7 Carter's Gin Road Toney 
AL 35773 | Nathan Anderson 4403 Knott Street. Beltsville MD 20705 | Sheneeka Anderson 
2601 Rosehill Drive Huntsville AL 35810] David Andre 1175 Walton Avenue Bronx NY 10452 

| Vaughn Andrew 6620 Old Madison Pike Apt 91 5 I lunstville AL 35806 ] Gladson Andrews 

421 4 Fortson Lane Nw Huntsville AL 3581 j Lena Andrews 641 2 Creighton Avenue Huntsville 
AL 35810 | Michael Andrews P.O. Box 2522 Fredricksted St. Croix 00841 US Virgin 
Islands | Erline Anilus 2929 NW 56th Avenue Inverry Village FL | Ugonna Anosike 1 358 Blue 
Diamond Drive Missouri TX 77489 | Brent Antonio 41 MT Royal Avenue Nassau Bahamas | 
Duriel Antonio P. O. Box CT 2045 Nassau Bahamas j Nick Erie Archer 1219 Maybrook 
Street Apopka FL 32703 |Carldin Arthur 103 Oak Hill Drive Palestine TX 75801 | Diefront 
Artie 1 920 Rutland Street Opa-locka FL 33054 | Ashley Artis 1 1 48 LaForestiere Court. Dyer IN 
46311 | Sonja Artis 45 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn NY 11213 | Carmen Ashford 984 Laurel 
Springs Lane Marietta GA 30064 | Nartey Assimeh 1 4E-1 500 Sparkman Dr. Mississauga Hunts- 
ville AL 3581 6 | Toyosi Atolagbe 3043 Canyon Vista Drive ColtonCA 92324 | Nadeje Aurubin 
1 1 950 Ne 2nd Ave., Apt-21 1 Miami FL 331 61 | Joel Austin 21 1 7 Windover Drive Huntsville AL 
35811 | Phillip Austin 4834 South Lakewoocl Drive Panama City FL 32404 | Tonia Austin 
1 31 43 Music Master Drive Silver Spring MD 20904 ] Michael Awoniyi 51 2 Gooch Lane Madi- 
son AL 35758 

Frank Babb 27 Brian Terrace Chestnut Ridge NY 10977 | Chantel Bailey 25 Freeport NY 
1 1 520 | Lauren Bailey 1117 Danbury Dr. Bowie MD 20721 ] Michael Bailey 1 862 Matterhom 
Drive Orlando FL 3281 8 | Sutania Bailey 1 26 Patchogue Ave Mastic NY 1 1 950 ] Enoch Baker 
5025 Blue Springs Road Huntsville AL 35810 | Jonathan Baker 140 Taurus Drive Harvest AL 
35749 | Joshua Baker 1250 Draper Road Talladega AL 35160 | Maisha Baker 300 Long 
Shoals Rd. #8-s Arclen NC 28704 | Markees Baker Box #30047 5587 OakwoodRd. Huntsville 
AL 35896 | Nea Baker 4462 Murietta Avenue Apt-19 Sherman Oaks CA 91473 | Nechelle 
Baker 4462 Murietta Ave., #19 Sherman Oaks CA 91423 | Valena Baker 1250 Draper Road 

Talladega AL 35160 | Kenrick Banfield 40 Sweet Oak Court Brampton Ontario L6Y3S4 Canada | 
Kevin Banfield 40 Sweet Oak Court Brampton Ontario L6Y354 Canada | Danielle Banks 751 St. 
Marks Ave. #e21 Brooklyn NY 1 1216 | Imrhan Bannis 200 Towne View Place Athens GA 30605 | 
Aleena Banton 2 Neville Crescent: Brampton Ontario L6S4Z6 Canada | Hulrick Baptist 737 Pidgeon 
Street San Diego CA 921 1 4 | Gloria Barber 21 1 1 Treeridge Ln. Palm Bay FL 32905 | James Barber 
3423 April Showers Drive Riverside CA 92503 | Annette Barker 210-g Royal Pines Drive Huntsvilie AL 
35806 | Leticia Barksdale 4632 W. 18th Street Los AngelosCA 9001 9 | Kevin M. Barnease 2144 
Rue Racine New Orleans LA 70072 | Anthony Barnes 5603 Hamilton Street Hyattsville MD 20781 | 
Byron Barnes 137-88 Southgate St. Springfield Garden NY 11413 | Gabrielle Barnes 137-88 
Southgate Street, Apt-2 Springfield Garden NY 11413 | Morris Barnes P.O. Box 46311 Los Angeles 
CA 90043 | Patricia Barnes P.O. Box 5881 Huntsvilie AL 35814 | Trevor Barnes 24091 Madeiras 
Avenue Hayward CA 94541 j Rene Barrow 4900 Alburta Rd Huntsvilie AL 3581 6 Alicia Bashkiharatee 
410 Southdown West Blvd Houma LA 70360 [ Johanne Bastien 626 East Burlwood Lane Lemoore 
CA 93245 | Lilian Batista 614 W. 157 Street, 4E New York NY 10032 | Dynasty Battles 6509 
Ogontz Avenue Philadelphia PA 19126 | Marwan Battles 3370 Castleman Memphis TN 38118 I 
Kenyata Bauerle 102 Overbrook Drive Madison AL 35758 I Jilian Baxter 3605 Portsmouth Circle 

Lithonia GA 30038 | Kean Baxter 226 Vine St. I larrisburg PA 17104 | Othniel Baxter 226 Vine 

Street Harrisburg PA 1 7104 | Samuel Beale 8419 Laurel Trails Drive Houston TX 77095 j Daphanie 
Beckford 6044 Stevens Forest Road Columbia MD 21045 | Uldrick Beckford 6044 Stevens Forest 
Road Columbia MD 21045 | Donald Bedney 8536 South Hillcrest Dr. Berrien Springs Ml 49103 | 
Elsa Beffour 600 East 21st Streeet, Apt-A7 Brooklyn NY 11226 | Cariela Belgrave P.O. Box 22357 

I luntsville AL 35814 | Christopher Belgrave 3208 Rita Lane Huntsvilie AL 35810 | Brandon Bell 

6908 Digby Road Baltimore MD 21207 | James Bell 100 Metropolitan Drive Rochester NY 14620 1 
John Bell 2212 Fitchard Avenue Huntsvilie AL 35816 I William Bell 310 Roberts Drive Nassau N.P. 
Bahamas | Monique Bellerand 4304 Shaw Farm Circle Greensboro NC 27406 | Shelonte Benard 
16892 Iris Avenue Riverside CA 92504 | Davina Bennett P.O. Box 1628 Georgetown Grand Cayman 
Cayman Islands | Geoffrey Bennett 5739 Riverclale Crescent Mississauga Ontario I...5M4R5 Canada | 
Kenneth Benson 1500 Sparkman Drive, 27-B Huntsvilie AL 35816 | Latoya Bent 16510 Teak 
Dr.Missouri City TX 77489 | Malcolm Bernard 9587 Kinloch Street Redford Ml 48239 | Marvin 
Bernard 4709 Joy Circle Huntsvilie AL 3581 | Bettina Bertram 680 Veneer Drive Altamonte Springs 
FL 32714 | Melissa-ann Bertram 680 Veneer Drive Altamonte Springs FL 3271 4 j Sheldon Bertram 
23860 Hunters Lane Southfield Ml 48034 | Michael Bethune 477 Elkwood Terrace Englewood Nj 
07631 | Anneisha Betty 2211 Southwest 1st Court Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 | Chalandria Bevel 
129 Grenada Avenue Roosevelt NY 11575 | Justin Bevel 4401 Spartacus Drive, 168 Huntsvilie AL 
35805 | Devon Bishop 1215 Woodycrest Ave. Apt#2 Bronx NY 10452 | Roberta Bishop 8932C 
Avebury Drive Charlotte NC 28213 [ Raeshawnda Black 2195 Morris Avenue Clovis CA 93611 | 
Samuel Blair 6228 Rime Village Dr., #203 Huntsvilie AL 35806 j Marcus Blake 8584 Whitehorn 
Romulus Ml 481 74 | Shennoa Blake 8584 Whitehorn P.o. Box 74363 Romulus Ml 481 74 | La'Shanice 
Blanchard 1155 Old Monrovia Road, #8 Huntsvilie AL 35806 | Sentrae Blanchard 61 Queens 
Court Florissant MO 63034 | Armand Blankenship 1321 Julia Street Huntsvilie 35816 | Edwin 
Blount 653 Monument Road Apt-1705 Jacksonville FL 32225 ] Fredrick Blue 110 Mar Jo Lane Har- 
vest AL 35749 j Marvin Boatright 1505 Sparkman Drive #193 Huntsvilie AL 35816 | Sherwin 
Bobb 4401 Spartacus Drive Apt 168 Huntsvilie AL 35805 | Ake Ahonmahn Bokpe 320 Clarence 
Biesenthal Drive Oshaw Ontario L7K2H5 Canada | Lakeisha Bonner 4400 Tuskeegee Place Clinton 
MD 20735 | Tinyse Bonner 4400 Tuskeegee Place Clinton MD 20735 | Michelle Bonnick 670 
Julia Street, #916 Huntsvilie AL 3581 6 | Michael Bookhardt 1 891 Windmill Drive Orlando FL 3281 8 
| Bryan Boone P.o. Box 1173Summerfielcl FL 34492 | Dewayne Boone 14409 Danube Lane 
Mitcheilville MD 20721 j Gemar Boothe 16111 Sw 102nd Avenue Miami FL 38157 | Martelli 
Borieux 3518 Brookfield Lane Decatur GA 30032 | Moosgar Borieux 2885 Flat Shoals Rd Decatur 
GA 30034 | Fredrick Boseman 1068 Oxford Road Cleveland Heights OH 441 21 | John Boston 445 
Sw 28th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale FL 3331 2 | Tiffany Boswell 12403 

Sylvan Oak Way Charlotte NC 28273 | Falaq Bovell 6518 Livingston St.RowlettTX 75089 | Angel Bowders 
7820 N. Euclid Avenue Kansas City MO 64118 j Tanya Bowman 117 Harpers Hop Drive Madison AL 
35758|Camiile Boyce 325 Waters Edge Lane Madison AL 35758 | Yuel Boyce 880 Ocean Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11226 | Cortney Boyd 1507 Pine Drive Apt-B15 College Park GA 30349 | Myon Boyd 
501 Blairstone Road #3803 Tallahassee FL 32301 | Toccara Boyd 3404 Milstead Court Waldorf MD 
20602 | Elayna Boynton 16143 Regency Ranch Road Riverside CA 92504 | Joseph Bradley 5587 
Oakwood Road Huntsville AL 35806 j Tiffani Bradley 13633 Colgate Way #931 Silver Spring MD 
20904 j Valencia Bradley 2403 Central Ave. N.e. #1 2 Minneapolis MN 554! 8 | Niyrai-daun Bradshaw 
97 Connecticut Ave. Stamford CT 06902 | Joseph Branch 5014 Oakwood Road, #20 Huntsville AL 
35896 I Ashley Brandon 77 Fowler Street New Haven CT 0651 5 j Devon Brandon 6204 Cedar Point 
Drive Huntsville AL 35810 | Valerie Branham Route 1 Box 149-c Adrian GA 31002 | Tahari Brannon 
1 19 E. Eden Fresno CA 93706 | Cale Brathwaite 21 5 Pebblestone Drive Huntsville AL 35806 | Jessica 
Brazier 3417 Hunters Hill Drive Lithonia GA 30038 | Jason Breese 140 Billy Smith Road, Apt. A1 New- 
Market AL 35761 j Marcus Brent P.O. Box 35234 Ft. Wainwrigh AK 99703 | Carl Brewer 130 New 
Street Bridgeton NJ 08302 | Diane Brewer 1131 Carding Mill PI Ontario L541C4 Canada ] David 
Brezzell 5014 Oakwood Rd. Huntsville AL 35806 j Claudine Brice 5885 Haverhill Road, Apt-2204 
West Palm Beach FL 33407 | Daniel Brice 5869 Haverhill Road, Apt-2204 West Palm Beach FL 33407 | 
Troy Bright 2201 Nome Street Aurora CO 80010 j Teksra Brinkley 446 Spratley Circle Newport News 
VA 23602 | Kaysha Britton 21 York Court Kissimee FL 34758 j Lawrence Britton 35 Skyview Point 
Dallas GA 30157 | Samantha Bromfield 19231 Golden Meadow Drive Germantown MD 20876 | 
Phillip Brookins 171 Parkway Drive Fort Worth TX 76134 | Kamica Brooks 49B Cotton Row, Apt. A 
Huntsville AL 3581 8 | Aquila Brown 1 45 1 5 Shepard Drive Little Rock AR 72223 | Carlton Brown 451 5 
Shepard Drive Little Rock AR 72223 | Catherine Brown 14515 Shepard Drive Little Rock AR 7222.3 \ 
Courtney Brown 3615 Marymont Drive Huntsville AL 35810 I Crystal Brown 1505 Mcgrail St. Las 
Vegas NV 891 1 | Eric Brown 1 0900 Ashford Ct. Upper Marlboro MD 20772 j Gladstone Brown Two 
Jefferson Plaza #35 Rockville MD 20852 | Jayson Brown 1 2 Catiin Avenue Roosevelt NY 11575 | Johanna 
Brown 607 Youngs Lane Nashville TN 37207 j Maxine Brown P.O. Box N-571 Nassau Bahamas | 
Melissa Brown 2036 Blue Ridge Cres. Pickering Ontario L1X 2M5 Canada | Robert Brown 302-A 
Oakhill Drive KeeneTX 76059 I Shonet Brown P.O. Box N-7873 Nassau Bahamas | Sonya Brown 189 
Scott Orchard Road Taft TN 38488 ] Tiffany Brown 6239 Rime Village Dr Apt #204 Huntsville AL 35806 
| Ulanda Brown 1 545 Armistead Drive Clarksville TN 37042 | Marecha Brown-Jackson 1 1 3 Fitzpatrick 
Court Nashville TN 37214 | Daleon Browne 5618 S.W. 26th Street, Apt. 1 Hollywood FL 33023 | 
Garfield Browne 5014 Oakwood Road Huntsville AL 35896 | Glenfield Browne 123 Aurora Lane 
Kissimmee FL 34758 | Linbert Browne 123 Aurora Lane Kissimmee FL 34587 | Maria Browne P.o. 
Box 5346 Kingshill St. Croix 00851 US Virgin Islands | Andre Bruce 307 East 101 Street, Apt-5B New 
York NY 10029 | Kristin Bruce 6811 Huntington Drive Baltimore MD 21207 | Shira Bruner 4709 
Candell Court Sacramento CA 95823 j Lavender Bryan P.O. Box 68 SPO Cayman Brae Cayman Islands 

Edrita Bryant 6100 Rickwood Drive Huntsville AL 

Frederick Bryant 1701 Clover Lane 

Champaign IL 61 821 | Travis Bryant 7714 N. Pomona Place Kansas City MO 641 52 | Brittany Buchana 
61 20 Curran Road New Orleans LA 70126 | Gladys Buchana 6120 Curran Rd. New Orleans LA 70126 
| April Buckins 432 Ethel Ave. Dayton OH 45408 | Raquel Buckley 3132 Touchwood Drive Harvey 

LA 70058 | Paul Bulgin Edina 26 Cavendish Rd Pembroke I IM19 Bermuda | Kario Bullen 29 Duffy 

Court Central Islip NY 11 722 | William Burgess 1 19 6th Avenue North Birmingham AL 35204 j Danita 
Burgess-Lambe 3 Redcoat. Lane St. Georges 9E03 Bermuda \ April Burks 703 Yorkhaven Rd. Cincin- 
nati OH 45246 | Curlis Burns 1405 Glacier Street, Huntsville AL 35816 | Joseph Burns 215 Cairo 
Road Oakland CA 94603 j Toya Burr 18941 Bretton Dr. Detroit Ml 48223 | Juanita Burris 9005 Fir 
Avenue Los Angeles CA 90002 | Amber Burrows 1419 Kings Manor Court Mitchellville MD 20721 \ 
Inga Burrows P.O. Box N 3714 Nassau Bahamas j Terrance Burrs 526 Crescent Drive Lake Park FL 
33403 | Amos Burton 26675 Locust Drive Madison AL 35756 | Stephanie Burton 172.0 Crystal Can- 
yon Drive Azusa CA 91702 | Thomas Burton 804 Kay Court#215 Laurel MD 20707 j Tiffany Burton 

5819 Knox Street. Philadelphia PA 19144 j Jamelia Butler 104 Sunstone Terrace Huntsville AL 33806 | 
Tunicha Buttler 2193 Capitol Avenue East Palo Alto CA 94303 j Stafford Byers 41 East Woodbine 
Drive Freepofl NY 11520 j Oneka Bynoe 17 Robichau Circle Stoughton MA 02072 | Robert Byrd 

Monique Cadet 14530 Leslie Road Oak Park Ml 48237 |Candice Caesar 8107 15th Avenue, Apt. 203 Hyattsville MD 
20783 | Leeandra Cain 2320 Grand Concourse #3K Bronx NY 1 0458 [James Caldwell 41 22 S. Memorial Pkwy., Apt. H Hunts- 
ville At. 35802 1 Colin Caleb 740 Hancock Street: Brooklyn NY 11233 |Shereen Caleb P.O. Box 5486 Christiahsted 00823 US 
Virgin Islands j Richard Calhoun 1 1 York Drive Wheatley Heights NY 11 798 1 Ian Callender 204-23 Utica Place Huntsville AL 
35806 j Valerie Calloway AAMU| Kerry-Ann Cameron 8033 Dressage Drive Orlando FL 32818|Aisha Campbell P.O. Box 
5854 Huntsville AL 35814 1 Andrene Campbell 241 North High Street Mount Vernon NY 10550 | Andrew Campbell 1 341 
Midgreen Lane Mississauga Ontario L5V2E5 Canada |Sherene Campbell 1903 Pitman Ave. Bronx NY 10466|Sheri Campbell 
8817 Blue Smoke Drive Gaithersburg MD 20879 |Tobi-Ann Campbell 2269 Leslie Brooks Drive Decatur GA 30035 | Esaias 
Campbell-Jackson 333- 22nd St. Sw Birmingham AL 3521 1 | Earl Canson 41 04 Mayfieid Dr. Modesto CA 95356 1 Eric Canson 
41 04 Mayfieid Drive Modesto CA 95356 1 Pierre Cantave 3060 Ocean Parkway\par Boynton Beach FL 33435 1 Vanessa Cantave 
3060 Ocean Parkway Boynton Beach FL 33435 [Jonathan Cantreli 45225 Dunn Belleville Ml 481 1 1 (Gregory Carey 29168 
Copperhead Lane Elkmont AL 35620 1 Morris Carlyle 6470 Oakthorpe Road Ne Thomville OH 43076 IJuanna Carmichael 
98b East 38 Street Brooklyn NY 11 2 1 1 Tessa Carrera 3507 Mona Lee Lane Houston TX 77080 |Alinka Carrington 5982 
Fairfield Est. Drive Lithonia CA 30058 1 Haniffe Carrington 220 Cardinal Road Ringgold CA 307361 Kevin Carrington 5982 
Fairfield Estates Dr. Lithonia GA 30058 1 Kim Carrington 1306 A Boxwood Drive Huntsville AL 35816|Se!wyn Carrington 
20230 Northwest 4th Avenue Miami FL 33169] Michael Carroll 43 Lynam Lookout Drive Newark DE 1 9702 | Nicole Carryl 
6801 Lakewood Drive Mason OH 45040 [Andrea Carter 2005 Lown Farm Lane Lithonia GA 30058 1 Christopher Carter 900 
Frost Hollow Drive Desoto TX 751 1 5 1 Patrick Carter 610 Gift Drive Madison AL 35758 1 Rochelle Carter 2005 Lown Farm Ln 
Lithonia GA 30058 | Tara Carter 610 Cliff Drive Madison AL 35758 |Taunya Carter 2850 Niagara Street Denver CO 
80207|Wyvonne Cartwright 279 Monroe Road Meridianville AL 35759 1 Anthony Cavins 2713 Garvin Road Huntsville AL 
35810 | Tyisha Cephas 710 lulia Street NW ; Apt 14 Huntsville AL 35816 | Johnson Cesar 368 Midwood Street, Apt 2R 
Brooklyn NY 11225 | Nicole Chambliss 6663 Celestine Street Huber Heights OH 45424 j Karine Champagne 3260 E. 
Atlantic Drive Boynton Beach FL 33435] Marie Champagne 3260 E. Atlantic Drive Boynton Beach FL 33435 | Anthony 
Chandler 3008 Fox Hill Circle, Apt. 204 Apopka FL 32703 ] Danica Chandler 161 Cartmel Drive Ontario M2J3J.2 Canada | 
Joy Chapman 1 543 West 1 23rd Street Los Angeles CA 90047 | Kito Chapman 5927 Boca Raton Blvd. Apt. #1 Fort Worth TX 
76112 | Alyson Charles 29-40 Butler Street East Elmhurst NY 11369 | Frantz Charles 48 Andrews StMedford MA 02155 | 
Hodson Charles 3760 MiMi Lane Lake Worth FL 33461 ] Krista Charles 48 Elmhurst Circle West Hartford CT 06110 j 
Ramona Charles 1409 Mill Point Court Suffolk VA 23434 ] Kalandra Cheese 423 Star Blvd. Madison TN 37115 | Yvan 
Cherenfant Po Box N1095 Nassau East Blvd. Nassau Bahamas j Qurentia Chester 2045 Countydown Lane Stonemountain 
GA 30088 | Andrea Chetram 861 9 Lucerne Road Randallstown MD 21 1 33 | Dionne Childs 2430 Road #20 Apt. 203b San 
Pablo CA 94806 I Monique Choyce 710 Adelaide Avenue Bakersfield CA 93307 | Andrew Christopher 1 7806 Pebblewood 
Lane Hazel Crest I L 60429 ] Christopher Chung 3503 Duffer Road Sebring FL 33872 ] Brunelle Cinous 3809 Jamestown 
Street Huntsville AL 35810 | Tiffani Claiborne 12208 McCullagh Court Upper Marlboro MD 20772 | Adrienne Clansy 5235 
Hallmark St. Riverside CA 92505 | Annette Clarke 11 Randolph Avenue #607 Ontario Canada | Gwendolyn Clarke 3203 
Moorewood Drive Nashville TN 37207 j Michele Clarke 4980 Lake Road A Dollard-des-ormeau Quebec H9G 1G8 Canada ] 
Yannique Clarke 3920 Woodside Dr. #10 Coral Springs FL 33065 | Darien Claxton 715 Cox Avenue Hyattsville MD 20783 
] Edward Cleveland 381 8 Timwood Huntsville AL 35810 ] Paul Cleveland 421 7 Groover Dr. Birmingham AL 3521 3 | Tyrice 
Clisby 40 Wood Street Syiacauga AL 35150 | Cheryl Cochran P.o. Box 30044 7000 Adventist Blvd. Huntsville AL 35896 | 

Kenneth Cochran Edwards I tall, D3-1c Huntsville AL 35896 j Robert Cochran 2865 Lake Land Drive Berrien Springs Mi 

49103 | Darla Cockfield 1 210 Willowbrook Drive #4 Huntsville AL 35802 | Michael Coleman 3913 Friar Street Pikesville 
MD 21208 | Sherron Colgram 190 Gresham Street Springfield MA 01119 | Johanne Colin 20 East 18 Street Apt. C11 
Brooklyn NY 11226 | Lindzie Colin 75 Woolsey Avenue Glen Cove NY 11542 | Richard Collie 4515 Bonnell Drive, 27A 
Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Jordan Collier 1 870 Morris Avenue, #4 Bronx NY 1 0453 | Ashley Collins P.O. Box 464 Logansport LA 
71049 | Nathan Collins 109 Wigmore Dr Toronto Ontario M4A2C1 Canada | Alton Conwell 3700 Williamsburg Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 | Everett Conwell 1333 N.61st Street Kansas City KS 66104 | Michelle Conwell 2904 North 10th Street 
Kansas City KS 66104 ] Naomi Cooke 587 E. 53rd St. Brooklyn NY 11203 | Antonnine Cooper 266 Ironwood Dr. West 
Carrolton OH 45449 | Donald Cooper P.o. Box 190452 Lauderdale Lakes FL 33.319 | Sheila Cooper 3542 St. Paul Avenue 
Lincoln NE 68504 | Vania Cooper 2990 Maginn Drive Beavercreek OH 45434 I Therron Coopwood 1545 Mutz Drive 
Indianapolis IN 46229 ] Jasmin Cordy 202 Barbey Street Brooklyn NY 1 1 207 | Javan Cornelius 1 041 1 207 East Sumner WA 
98390 | Jerome Cornwall 1 408 Brcx >klyn Avenue, Apt-2e Brooklyn NY 1 1 21 | Sunquine Cousins 930 Capital View Atlanta 
GA 3031 2 | Hildaura Cowan 830 Capshaw Road Madison AL 35757 | William Cox 1 322 Stone Ridge Drive Apt. C Columbus 
OH 43213 | Anthea Craig 45 16 C Bonnell Drive Huntsville AL 35816 | Arnique Craig 2287 September Street Melbourne FL 
32935 ] Jason Craig 2407 Greeley Place Landover MD 20785 | Crystal Grain 891 2 Yadak Rd Dallas TX 75249 | Tara Crawl 
2447 North 56th Street Philadelphia PA 19131 | Kimberly Cumberbatch P.o. Box 340179 Brooklyn NY 11234 [Alicia 
Cummings 7502 Lakewood Drive Roanoke IN 46783 | Chappelle Cummings 2901 Baron Dr. Garland TX 75040 | Darien 
Curry 1 4333 Marlborough Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772 | Daryl Curry 3701 Paxmore Court Upper Marlboro MD 20772 | 
Matthew Curry 3701 Paxmore Court Upper Marlboro MD 20772 | Sophya Cyrus 4422 Bonnell Dr., Apt D Huntsville AL 

Stephanie Daffin 3400 Angora Drive Huntsville AL 35810 | Ernest Dailey 600 Beechwood Court Apt-C43 Berrien 
Springs Ml 49103 | Felicia Dailey 3002 Flag Circle #2617 Madison AL 35758 | Daren Daniel 1185 N.W. 118th Street 
Miami FL 331 68 | Darrel Daniel Caribbean Union College Maracas, St Port Of Spain Trinidad And Tobago | Saara Daniel 
Caribbean Union College P.O. Box 17 Port-Qf-Spain Trinidad And Tobago | Amber Daniels 774 Quail Drive Charleston 
SC 29412 |Diona Daniels 8683 Oriole St. Louis MO 63147 | Tiffany Daniels 7924 Long Spur Avenue Jacksonville ! 
32219 |Ricardo Daphnis 1320 N.vv. 200 Street Miami FL 33169 | Lastavius Darby 5108 McClellan Blvd. Apt.201 
Anniston AL 36201 | Reginald Darby 120 Beach 19th Street Apt-24c Far Rockaway NY 11691 | Agena Davenport 
10680 Buice Rd Alpharetta GA 30022 | Melissa Davey 39 Montrose Street Springfield MA 01 109 | Chelauna Davidson 
552 Ward Road Ellenwood CA 3029 | Akeem Davis 2635 Sedgwick Ave, #4a Bronx NY 10468 | Amanda Davis 3784 
University Drive, Apt. 136 Huntsville AL 35816 | Andrea Davis 310 Timber Drive Coloma Ml 49038 | Angelita Davis 
9430 ChanningCr, Apt-1 701 Tampa FL 3361 7 | Antoinette Davis 310 Timber Road Coloma Ml 49038 | Danielle Davis 
6862 Castello Place Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701 j Danielle Davis 136 Prity Court McDonough GA 30253 | Don 
Davis 3714 Fox Trail Circle, Nw Huntsville AL 35810 | Edwin Davis 2305 Congress Avenue Boyton Beach FL 33426 | 
Felicia Davis 9430 Channing Corner, Apt-1 701 Tampa FL 33617 I Heather Davis 2508 San Jose Avenue Alameda CA 
94501 | Jamie Davis 4544 Old Madison Road Quitman GA 31643 | jason Davis 3347 Bethel Chapel Road Loris SC 
29569 | Jeramie Davis Route 3 Box 780 Quitman GA 31643 | Justin Davis 5847 VV. Outer Drive Detroit MI 48208 | 
Lasean Davis 6111 Harcourt Ave. Los Angeles CA 90043 j Sonnet Davis 22 South Washington Street. Baltimore MD 
21231 | Tranteegus Davis 2303 Clifton Springs Manor Decatur GA 30034 ] Willena Davis 1334 East Weaver Street 
Philadlephia PA 19150 | Aiyana Davison 34 Norman Drive Framingham MA 01701 | Gail Dawkins 4211 Nw 44th 
Street Lauderdale Lakes FL 33319 | Melissa Dawson 20806 Pebble Lane Lenexa KS 66220 | Sekenah Daye 4908 Cotton 
Row #b Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Marisa DeBardelaben 5587-C Oakwood Road Huntsville AL 35806 | Jokebed Decanal 
602 North Montello Street. Brockton MA 02301 | LaQueice Decarlis 891 Fox Valley Drive Stone Mountain CA 30088 j 
Charlisa Delancy P.o. Box Ee17658 Nassau Bahamas | JoSon Delancy 55 Barrington Bottoms Court Sharpsburg GA 

30277 | Elly Delva 2223 Chestnut I lills Dr. Lakeland FL 33805 j Judy Delva 12 Normas Way I liram GA 30141 | Lynn 

Delva 2223 Chestnut Hills Drive Lakeland FL 33805 | Gina DeMuro 465 East Park Avenue Sellersville PA 18960 | 
Shalleen-Kay Denham 223 Meredith Lane West Hempstead NY 11552 I Alton Dennis 1943 Mcdaniei Evanston IL 
60201 | Melissa Desamours 515 Floral Drive Kissimmee FL 34743 | Darion Deschamps 6919 Panola Road Pinewood 
SC 29125 j Kimra Dewindt 5014 Oakwood Road, 11 Huntsville AL 35896 j Marlyse Dholah-Roddy 5563 Oakwood 
Road Huntsville AL 35806 | Shereka Dias 192 MacDonough Street Brooklyn NY 11216 | Cherie Dickerson 848 West. 
Huntington Drive #30 Arcadia CA 91 007 | Qian Dickinson 2 Camp Lane Warwick WK 02 Bermuda | Phetsani Dlamini 
6023 Rover Lane Columbus OH 43232 | Sarah Doepke P.O. Box 30047 7000 Adventist Blvd. Huntsville AL 35896 | 
Marian Doli 9532 Misty River Way Elk Grove CA 95624 | Jason Domino 351 Lemontree Lane DeSoto TX 75115 | 
Rhodeanith Dormer 10601 Sabo Road Gal 54 Houston TX 77089 | Caleb Dossman 1404 Chestnut Ln. Jackson MS 
39212 | Kharis Dotson 4510 Mastin Lake Road Huntsville AL 35810 | Andrew Doll in 5014 Oakwood Road, Nw 
Student Housi Huntsville AL 35896 [ Andrea Douglas 1111 Chesnut Drive Huntsville AL 35816 | Benjamin Douglas 
1111 Chestnut Road Huntsville AL 35816 j Caroline Douglas 8744 Burnet Avenue, Unit #1 North Hills CA 91343 | Tory 
Douglas 35 Ingraham Boulevard Hempstead NY 11550 | Kiyartna Dower 1766 East Kay Street Compton CA 90221 | 
Terrence Downer 393 East 58th Street Brooklyn NY 11203 | Bernard Downing 1506 A Medlancl Road Huntsville AL 
35816 | Kandis Draw 7311 S. Langley Ave. Chicago IL 60619) Twila Drew 1186 Creston Street Muskegon Ml 49442 | 
Jeremy Drummond 598 North Indigo Road Altamonte Springs FL 32714 j Sonya Duch 215 Ariola Drive Pensacola 
Beach FL 32561 | Junior Ducheine 2081 NW 43rd Ter Apt-209 Lauderhill FL 33313 | La-Tia Dukes 104 Sylvester St. 
Rochester NY 14621 | La-Tonya Dukes 104 Sylvester Street Rochester NY 14621 | Alison Dulan 4861 167th Avenue, 
S.e. Bellevue WA 98006 | Skyra Dummett 7 Hegeman Avenue, Apt. 4c Brooklyn NY 11212 j Howard Duncan 5127 
Seven Pines Circle Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Keitron Duncan 831 9 Mill Race Drive Ooltewah IN 37363 | Dwayne Duncombe 
10026 Coyle Detroit Ml 48227 | Tamika Duncombe P.o. box Cr 55958 Nassau Bahamas | Tanya Dunkley 15 Blacker 
Street Brentwood NY 11717 | Rodney Dunlap 3720 Creekland Court. Nashville TN 37218 | Amber Dunson 19002 
Harlan Avenue Carson CA 90746 | Michelle Durant 168-18 144th Avenue Jamacia NY 1 1434 | Nina Dykes 1 1 7 Pine 
Cliff Circle Birmingham AL 35226 | 

Brian Eakins 1218 Myers Mill Missouri City TX 77489 | Sheldon Eakins 12502 Huntington Field Houston TX 77099 | 
Shekeysa Ealey 400 Sweet Gum Dr.Desoto TX 751 1 5 | Erica Eddings 1037 Centerpoint Rd. #1 202 Hendersonville TN 
37075 | Courtney Edmond 3313 Timber Trail Antioch TN 37013* |Alj Edwards Bovoni Bid. B, Apt. #100 St. Thomas 
00802 US Virgin Islands | Celeste Edwards 116-32 132 Street South Ozone Park NY 11420 | Donna Edwards 2151 

Desoto Way South St. Petersburg PI 3371 2 | Moses Edwards 1 Waters Road Asheville NC 28805 | Raginee 
Edwards 3776 Landgraf Cove Decatur CA 30034 |Rawlston Edwards 303 E. 96th Street Brooklyn NY 
11212 j Samuel Edwards 116-32 132nd StreetQueens NY 11420 | Vincent Edwards 130-54 232nd 
Street Laurelton NY 11413 | Warren Edwards 376 Berkeley Road Orange NJ 07050 | joy Ellerbe 499 
Atwood St. Atlanta CA 30310 | Donny Elliott 205 Live Oak Court Lake Mary FL 32746 | Tamara Ellis 
8501 Brookridge Drive Oklahoma City OK 731 32 | Francki Elve 2608 Delaware Ave. Fort-pierce FL 34947 
| Catrina Ely 4900 Alburta Road Huntsville AL 35816 | Jonathan Emenike 29 Field Road Maplewood NJ 
07040 | Renald Emile 1412 Butler Street Jonseboro CA 30238 | James English 4002 Summerhill Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 | Philip English 6341 Sw 34th Court. Miramar FL 33023 | Shelley English 95 Indian 
Creek Road, Apt. 18 Huntsville AL 35806 | Yolanda English 95 Indian Creek Road, Apt. 18 Huntsville AL 
36806 | Grace Engrain 3510 Cable Street Huntsville AL 35810 | Robert Engram 3510 Cable Street 
Huntsville AL 35810 | jenelle Ernest 150 Bamburgh Cirle #25 Scarborough Ontario M1W 3V7 Canada | 
St had i que Escoffery 980 Haddock Road Clermont FL 34711 I Freddie Evans 1500 Sparkman Drive, 
Apt-28E | Lindsay Evans 147 Ballentrae Drive Hendersonville TN 37075 | Ryan Evans 409 North Ridge 
Street Danville VA 24541 j Tannysha Evans 6225 Rime Village Drive, 208 Huntsville AL 35806 | Julius 
Everett 14 Washington Avenue Summit NJ 07901 | 

Robert Faeldog 1804 Hitching Post Place Plant. City FL 33567 | Haven Fair 3780 North Mountain View 
San Bernardino CA 92405 | Michael Faisors P.o. Box 2884 Hamilton HMLX Bermuda | Joseph Fassett. 720 
West 9th Street Wilmington DE 19801 | Daniel Faulkner 1508 Halston Circle Huntsville AL 35816 | 
Rebecca Faulkner P.o. Box 3102 Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas 00803 US Virgin Islands | Reginald Felder 
2403 Valley Bend Dr. Missouri City TX 77489 | Mark Felton 2403 Arapaho Way Embrills MD 21054 | 
Tanisha Fenison 2715 West 116th Street Hawthorne CA 90250 j Abdelle Ferdinand Caribbean Union 
College P.O. Box 17 Port Of Spain Trinidad And Tobago | Alva Ferdinand Caribbean Union College P.o. 
Box 17 Port. Of Spain Trinidad And Tobago | Nedra Ferguson 2324 Hood Street Hollywood FL 33020 | 
Lois Fidelis 4836 Rossmoor Place Columbus OH 43220 | Reuel Field 121 N. 1 5 St.. Bloomfield NJ 07003 
| Johnathan Fields 499 Shields Road Huntsville AL. 35811 |Viviane Filias 4733 N.w 192nd St. Miami FL 
33055 | Nicole Fils 4526 Clamshell Drive Jacksonville FL 32218 [ Nicole Fleary 125 East 49th Street 
Brooklyn NY 11203 I Elise Fleming 703 Ben Nevis Court Brentwood TN 37027 j Herbon Fleming 703 
Ben Nevis Court. Brentwood TN 37027 | Georges Fleurimond 755 Place Chateau Drive Deiray Beach FL 
33445 | Mary Lyn Fleurimond 13730 Sw 112th Court Miami FL 33176 | Schari Flowers 676 West 
Mariposa Street Altadena CA 91001 | Angel Fluellen 3795 Brainard Road Cleveland OH 44122 | Akeem 
Fonseca 77 Locust Hill Ave., Apt. 222 Yonkers NY 1 0701 | Adaira Ford 721 2 South Ridge Trail Fort Worth 
TX 76133 [ Andrew Ford 169 Harmony Crescent Oliver BC VOH1TO Canada | Durandel Ford 7212 
South Ridge Trail Fort Worth TX 76133 j Michael Ford 169 Harmony Crescent. Oliver British Columbia 
V0H 1T0 Canada | Nicol Ford 5452 Roche Court Columbus OH 43229 | Crystal Forde 2110 Westbury 
Court Apt-4J Brooklyn NY 11225 | Sheena Forde 3837 Falling Leaf Lane Orlando FL 32810 j Tiffany 
Forde 901 Hillcrest Drive Apt-601 Hollywood FL 33021 | Orlando Fordyce 763 Barbey Street Brooklyn NY 
1 1 207 | Dionne Forrester 1 42 Ward Street Orange NJ 07050 | Angelique Fortson 54.25 Whitlock Road 
Baltimore MD 21 22 | Jarrod Foster 4930 Cotton Row, C Huntsville AL 35816 | Stephen Foster 661 1 
Willow Springs Blvd Huntsville AL 35806 | Danita Fowler P.O. Box 5881 Huntsville AL 3581 4 | Jonathan 
Fowler 1463 E. 66th Place Chicago IL 60637 | Sachoy Fowler 71 74 Nw 49th Street Launderhill FL 33319 | 
Erlouse Francis 300 Sw 6th Street: Belle Glades FL 33430 | Mishka Francis 25 Stonewall Circle White 
Plains NY 10607 | Alynton Francois 4701 Avenue H Brooklyn NY 11234|Ashton Francois 145 Water- 
bury Drive Harvest AL 35749 | Dominique Francois 1 1 83 Ne 91 Terrace Miami Shores FL 331 38 | Gabrielle 
Francois 1183 Ne 91st Terrace Miami Shores FL 33138 | Joslynn Francois 145 Waterbury Dr. Harvest Al 
35749 | David Franklin 6650 Liggett Drive Oakland CA 94611 | Karelle Franklin 1 Clove Road New 
Rochelle NY 10801 | Nicole Franklin 19847 E. 58th Street Aurora CO 80019 | Katrina Frazier 3305 
Kapral Way Bakersfielcl CA 93309 | Akeem Frett Kingstown Toitola British Virgin Islands | Lorraine Frye 
1805 Countryside Lane, NW Huntsville AL 35806 | Elise Fryson 110 Mar-jo Lane Harvest AL 35749 | Erin 
Fryson 1 25 Vintage Trail Mcdonough GA 30253 | 

Sean Gage 1102 Tyler Road Huntsville AL 35810 | Ryan Gaines 4305 Audubon Detroit Ml 48224 | 
Andrea Gaiter 2783 Woodhollow Lane Jonesboro CA 30236 | Roy Gaiter San Miguel Knoxville TN 37922 
| Gelder Gamboa 12 Menahan St. Apt 3-b Brooklyn NY 11221 | Jennille Gardener 808 St. Clarens 
Avenue Toronto Ontario M6H 3X8 Canada | Charles Gardner 651 1 N. Kings Highway Texarkana TX 75503 
| Jayna Gardner 4589 Lisa Lane Berrien Springs Ml 49103 | Tina Garnett 3012 Autumnwood Drive 
Huntsville AL 35816 | Jacquelyn Gates 19220 Double Eagle Drive Cornelius NC 28031 | Steven Gates 
3611 21st Avenue Gulfport MS 39501 | Kimberly Gaulteau 701 Nw 187th Drive Miami FL 33169 | 
Randal George 483 Robins Road Harvest AL 35749 | Prad Georges 1186 Ne 111th Street Miami FL 
33161 | Adam Germany 222 Roundtop Drive Harvest. AL 35749 | Antione Germany 6010 Rutland 

Gibbons P.O.Box 6794 Huntsville AL 35824 | Jamaal Gibbons 5424 Wauchula Ct. Orlando FL 
32839 | Farron Gibson 3115 Moorewood Dr. Nashville TN 37207 | Ronald Gibson 8553 
Thouron Avenue Philadelphia PA 191501 David Gilbert 17524 Birchcrest Detroit Ml 48221 | 
Morgan Gilbert P.O. Box N-4239 Nassau Bahamas | Andrea Gillespie 183 Herkimer Street 
Brooklyn NY 11216 | Clarence Gillespie 2004 Ne 35th Place Newcastle WA 98056 | James 
Glass 41 40 Shaw Blvd. St. Louis MO 631 1 | Terrell Glover 1 3 Newton Corner Road Howell NJ 
07731 | Brandan Goff 3486 Bethel Chapel Road Loris SC 29569 | Kerrianne Golding 1454 
Stoneleigh Circle Stone Mountain GA 30088 | Erin Golson 4806 Coltsfoot Rd. Greensboro NC 
27455 | Mark Golson 4806 Coltsfoot Road Greensboro NC 27455 | Avalla Goodin 101 Ce-lee 
Cirlce Huntsville AL 35806 | Justin Gordon 7480 Hickory Log Circle Columbia MD 21045 | 
Robert Gordon 20 Coronation Circle Brampton Ontario L6Z4A7 Canada (Tiffany Gore 3811 
Sturbridge Drive Nw Huntsville AL 3581 | Abigail Grant 41 60 Chipper Rd. Columbus IN 47203 

| Calvin Grant 1914 Matthew Way Lithonia CA 30058 | David Grant 7918 Woodvale Circle 
Tampa FL 3361 5 | Sebrena Grant 1 23 Circle Drwy Teaneck NJ 07666 | Zaira Grant 621 Kathy 
Lane, Apt. C Margate FL 33068 | Liana Gray 3300 Palmer Avenue Apt. 331 Bronx NY 10469 ] 
Matthew Gray 9875 Wildberry Lane Berrien Springs Ml 49103 | Jacquelyn Green 943 County 

Road 150 Marbury AL 36051 | Laura Green 3409-A Glen Park Drive I luntsviile AL 35810 | 

Donna Greene 5860 Grand Canyon Drive Orlando FL 32810 | Samantha Gregory 1 1 743 Jodi 
Drive Madison AL 35758 | Michael Grey 154 SW 16 Terrace Homestead FL 33030 [ Natalie 
Griffin 21 Lakeland Crescent Toronto Ontario M1G 2L4 Canada | Terry-ann Griffin 21 Lake- 
land Crescent. Scarborough Ontario M1G2L4 Canada | Jemaul Griffith 1482 St. John's Place, 
Apt-2c Brooklyn NY 11213 | Rodney Grissom 149 E. Amherst St. Buffalo NY 14214 | Latesha 
Gunn 21 74 Orchard Park Drive Spring Hill FL 34608 | Archie Gurley 3208 Doak Drive Huntsville 
AL 35810 

Roma Habtemariam 95 Indian Creek Road, 92 Huntsville AL 35806 | Duane Hall 149 Apache 
Tr. Toronto Ontario M2H2J1 Canada | Eric Hall 1401 Cottage Cove Ct. Seabrook TX 77586 | 
Joelle Hall 302 Lefferts Avenue Brooklyn NY 11225 | John Hall 734 Park Road Lansdale PA 
19446 | Joyce Hall 4614 Hoover Ave. Dayton OH 45417 | Marvin Hall 3936 W. 168th Place 
Country Club Hills IL 60478 | Monique Hall 3936 West. 1 68th Place Country Club Hills IL 60478 
| Naeemah Hall 1043 Wagner Avenue Philadelphia PA 19141 | Octavia Hall 1043 Wagner 
Avenue Philadelphia PA 19141 | Genevieve Hamer 204 Poorhouse Road Taft TN 38488 | 
Carla Hamilton P.O. Box N-7051 Nassau Bahamas | Kristy Hamilton 35 Ridgevvay Drive 
Nassau Bahamas |Nkecha Hamilton-Adams 652 South 7th Avenue ML Vernon NY 10550 | 
Ebony Hammond 111 Taurus Drive Harvest. AL 35749 | Justin Hampton P.o. Box 172 Pine 
Forge PA 19548 | Talitha Hampton 205 Sterling Avenue New Castle DE 19720 I Qyuni 
Handfield 360 N.e. 118th Street Miami FL 33161 | Richard Hardin 3744 Grim Avenue, Apt. 2 
San Diego CA 92104 | Walter Hardy 6231 Robin Hill Road Baltimore MD 21207 | Adrian 
Hargrove 31 03 Love Avenue Huntsville AL 35816 | Oneka Harmon 1 1 01 North Elm Street Apt- 
907 Greensboro NC 27401 | Tyquan Harper 5612 Arundale Drive Orlando FL 32808 | Chris- 
topher Harriel 1 2 Sunset Court St. Louis MO 63121 | Mario Harriel 1 2 Sunset Court St. Louis 
MO 63121 | Charles Harris 4730 Towancla Circle College Park GA 30349 j Michael Harris 5 
Kortright Rd. EastGuelph Ontario N1G4C8 Canada [ Tashianna Harris 291 2 Links Drive Decatur 
GA 3031 7 | Jennifer Harrison 2.340 Spring Branch Drive Madison TN 371 1 5 | Shanna Harrison 
227-16 139th Avenue Laurelton NY 11413 | Tommica Harvey 129 Village Green Drive New 
Britain CT 06053 | George Hassell 5 Granaway Drive Southampton SB02 Bermuada | Lauren 
Hastings 2031 Dutchess Road Lithia Springs GA 30122 I Laurie Hastings 2031 Dutchess Road 
Lithia Springs GA 30122 | Esther Haugabrooks 7754 Lake Andrea Circle ML Dora Fl 32757 | 
Nicole Haughton 107 Johnsberg Lane Bowie MD 20721 [Andre Hawk 2103 Lincoln Avenue 
Wilmington DE 19809 |Kimberle Hawk 2845 Foxlair Trail College Park GA 30349 | Claudia 
Hawkins 1 01 4 St. Andrews Dr Albany GA 31 707 | Howard Hawkins 1 304 Grant Street Gary IN 
46404 | Lajean Hawkins 2360 Thompson Bridge Rd. Gainesville CA 30501 |Robyn Hawkins 
4.37 Arrowleaf Court Montgomery, AL 36117 | Winfred Hawkins 4.37 Arrowleaf Court Mont- 
gomery AL 361 1 7 | Amanda Hawley 1 444 Fahlander Drive, North Columbus OH 43229 | Rob- 
ert Hayes 15800 Bunche Park East Drive Miami FL 33054 | Giselle Hayling 355 Lefferts Av- 
enue Apt. 4j Brooklyn NY 11225 | Me'chelle Haynes P.o. Box 1924 Upper Marlboro MD 

20773 | Moses Haynes 9015 Cheval Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772 |John Henderson 1882 Rutleclge Court 
Severin MD 21144 | Derrick Hendrickson 42 Riviera Crescent Southampton SN03 | Kia Henley P.o. Box 8716 
St. Thomas 00801 US Virgin Islands | Andrew Henriques 140-17 115th Avenue South Ozone Park NY 11436 | 
Casalnnie Henry 803 Mines Dr. Cedar Hill TX 75104 | Christina Henry 2022 Rose Street. South Bend IN 46616 
! Christopher Henry 1 2445 Pulaski Pike Toney AL 35773 | Henderson Henry 49.3 Luzon Crescent Mississauga 
Ontario L5B-3W9 Canada | Hyacinth Henry 1 46 West 1 1 1 th Street Los Angeles CA 90061 | James Henry 41 1 6 
Newson Road, 105 Huntsville AL 35805 | Kelt on Henry 23 Moffatt Court Etobicoke Ontario M9V4E2 Canada | 
Lashonda Henry 5249 Golf Valley Way Stone Mountain GA 30088 | Leslie Henry 1 2445 Pulaski Pike Toney AL 
35773 j Lorraine Henry 803 Mines Drive Cedar Hill TX 751 04 1 Michelle Henry 1842 South Fountain Avenue 
Springfield OH 45506 | Zenaida Henry 20300 Nw 3rd Court Miami FL 33169 | Charles Hewitt 1536 Laramie 
Avenue Redlands CA 92374 | Wayne Hewlett 501 4 Oakwood Ave Apt. 1 7 Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Debra Higgins 

21 00 Shady Lane Drive, NW I luntsville AL 3581 | Marcus HiggS 4428 Torrance Drive Apt 1 1 Huntsville AL 3581 6 

Bahamas | Gibbs Hilaire 80 N.E. 132nd Street N. Miami FL 33161 | Jessica Hildebrand 10207 E. 78th St. 
Raytown MO 64138 | Anthony Hill 4777 Nw 1 Street Plantation FL 3331 7 [ Maranatha Hill 1815 Linden St. 
Oakland CA 94607 | Marcus Hill 24 Meadowbrook Manning SC 29102 | Marlon Hill 805 Rose Street Green- 
wood MS 38930 | Myron Hill 805 Rose Street Greenwood MS 38930 | Nina Hill 3916 Magnolia Lake Lane 
Orlando FL 32810 | Shannon Hill 6702 Lake Park Drive Creenbelt MD 20770 | Matthew HiSier 1816 Reservoir 
Road, Apt-14 Little Rock AR 72222 | Kevon Hills 1401 Sterling Place Brooklyn NY 11213 | Erika Hinds 10026 
Coyle Detroit Ml 48227 | Marvin Hodges 5550 Garrett Ln. Riverside CA 92503 | Clement Holder 1028 Councill 
Street Huntsville AL 35816 | Lee Holder 20 Whaling Hill Southampton SB03 | Loderika Holder 2 Farm Lane 
Warwick WK05 Bermuda | Ashley Holland 28892 Silver Oak Lane Highland CA 92346 | Brittany Holland 1 106 
Whitaker Cove Memphis TN 38116 | Nathaniel Holland 8014 Patuxent Landing Loop Laurel MD 20724 | Norris 
Hollie P.O. Box 1384 Whiteville NC 28472 | Victoria Holmes 1946 Amsterdam Avenue, Apt-64 New York NY 
10032 | Eijah Holness 219-19 134 Rd. Laurelton NY 1141.3 | Alex Horton 415 Swan Ridge Dunconville TX 
75137 | Derrick Hough 319 West Walts Avenue Deland FL 32720 | Latoya Houghton 215 Cairo Road Oakland 
CA 94603 | Aleesha Houston 6239 Rime Village Drive, 204 Huntsville AL 35806 | Christopher Howard 609 N. 
Crestview Drive, Apt. 8 Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Marjean Howard 2495 N. Mercedes Ave. Highland CA 92346 | Regrick 
Howard 260 Village Creek Apt. A Winston Salem NC 27104 | Runako Howell 8122 South Peoria Chicago IL 
60620 | Randall Hoyte 45 Fawn Ridge Drive Hamden CT 06514 | Jamaal Hubbard 3539 Cherryhill Court Beltsville 
MD 30705 | Sharelle Hubbard 621 2 Rime Village Dr. Apt 201 Huntsville AL 35806 [Andrew Hudgson 30 Isaac 
Murray Avenue Maple Ontario L6A2R8 Canada j Jodi-Ann Hudgson 30 Isaac Murray Avenue Maple Ontario L6A2R8 
Canada | Ashley Hudson 64 Brush Hill Rd., #2 Milton MA 02186 j Christina Huffman 1066 Laurel Hill Road 
Mouth of Wilson VA 24363 jjann Hugger 2240 Atlantis Street Hollywood FL 33020 | Stanley Huggins 5014 
Oakwood Avenue Huntsville AL 35896 | Ashley Humphrey 433 Williams Street Cedar Hill TX 75104 | Gibran 
Hunt. 1 1 9-23 1 98th St. St. Albans NY 1 1 41 2 I Uohna Hunte 315 Hampton Green Staten Island NY 1 031 2 | Claval 
Hunter Box N-9863 Elizabeth Estates Nassau Bahamas jTeaneishia Hunter 4706 Park Pines Dr. Eight Mile AL 
36613 | Jason Hutchinson P.o. Box 145 Briarpatch Road Elkton TN 38455 |Antionette Hutton 3935 North 
West 176th Street Miami FL 33055 j Steven Hutton 9606 Dortmund Drive Huntsville AL 35803 | Locresia 
Huxtable 319 West Walts Avenue Deland FL 32720 | Natalie Hyde 20180 N. W. 14th Place Miami FL 33169 
| Dwayne Hylton 1034 White Clover Way Mississauga Ontario L5V 1 G7 Canada j Nadia Ince 381 8 Brenda Street 

Eleanor Innocent 2039 Bent Pine Court Jacksonville FL 32246 |Mark Irby 2140 South 17th St. Springfield IL 

■KISIVTiiewl rclsll 

Devon Jack 939 East 213 Street Bronx NY 10469 jAndy Jackson 1508 Halston Circle Apt. # D Huntsville AL 
35816 I Brian Jackson 8109 New Riggs Road Adelphi MD 20783 | Dartyielle Jackson12 Loney Circle Greensboro 
NC 27406 | Eric Jackson 1 423 Accent Trail, D Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Jermaine Jackson 1 3209 Matador Drive St. 
Louis MO 63141 |Jonae Jackson 601 Roberts Dr. Mabieton GA 30126 | Jonathan Jackson 1475 Geneva Loop, 
Apt-12E Brooklyn NY 11239|Kori Jackson 729 Perkins Park Drive Akron OH 44320 |Marcelia Jackson 303 
Carmelita Drive GrandCane LA 71032 | Marquis Jackson 553 Maple Ave, Cincinnatti OH 45229 I Robert Jack- 
son 3636 N. Crestview Dr., #10 I luntsville AL 35805 | Stea'van Jackson 3021 Autumn Wood Drive Huntsville AL 

3581 6 1 Vintonya Jackson 641 8 Marsh Ave. Huntsville AL 35806 | Patrick Jacques 1 4 Seggar Avenue Ajax Ontario 
L1T4C9 Canada (Akeisha James 1 5 North East Ash Avenue College Place WA 99324 {Andali James 725 East 

,iana James 152 N. Elliot Walk, Apt-3a Brooklyn NY 11205 | Fiona James 66 Clementine 
Square Toronto Ontario M1 G2V7 1 Juelle James 1 5 North East. Ash Avenue College Place WA 99324 
|KimbeHy James 173-73 Croydon Road Jamaica NY 11432 | Lloyd James 3340 Hyder Avenue 
Deltona FL 32738 jOren James P.O. Box 10624 St. Thomas 00801 US Virgin islands | Pauline 

James 2411 Cardenal Avenue NW I luntsville A I. 35816 |Shanae James 16 Girarcl Avenue East 

Orange NJ 0701 7 1 Zonique James Southern Adventist. University Collegeclale TN 3731 5 1 Tammoi 
Jarrett 14 Happydale Road Devonshire HM18 Bermuda | Miriam Jean-Leon 5607 Hollow Oak 
Road Orlando FL 32808 | Kevin Jefferson 6416 Omo Road Richmond VA 23234 |Tia Jeffery 
9121 Helaine Hamlet Way Columbia MD 21045 |Deondria Jeffries 2 Berry Ave. Newnan CA 
30263 | Christina Jemine 569 Empire Blvd. Brooklyn NY 11225 I Joey Jenkins 6528 Hiwassee 
Street. Panama City FL 32404 | Precious Jenkins 4909 Clardy Road Huntsville AL 35810 | Clifton 
Jessup 906 Kings Court Duncanville TX 75137 IJanelle Jessup 906 Kings Court Duncanville TX 

Jessup 906 Kings Court Duncanville TX 75137 IJanelle Jessup 906 Kings Court Duncanville TX 
75137 | Esther Jocelyn 600 Robert E. Lee Pkvvy jonesboro CA 30238 | Jacques Jocelyn 600 
Robert E. Lee Pky Jonesboro CA 30238 | Rose-nadelle Jocelyn 600 Robert E. Lee Pkwy Jonesboro 
GA 30238 |Rondal John 19698 Hathaway Lane Warrensville OH 44122 | Rashida John-Lewis 
3500 N.w. 83 Street Miami FL. 331 47 | Candice Johns 590 Red River Circle Walnut. CA 91 789 1 Aaron 

Johnson 521 7 Kenstan Temple I lills MD 20748 | Attalie Johnson 729 Sherwood Road Fairfeild AL 

• 35064 | Brennan Johnson 1 01 2 Ranch Toledo OH 43607 | Clarice Johnson 520 Hyde Avenue 
Bessemer AL 35020 | Cory Johnson 6904 Vallery Street Riverdale MD 20737 j Dorenda Johnson 
561 3 Conlin Drive Fort. Worth TX 761 34 | Ennis Johnson 9321 Joe Montoya Place NW Alberquerque 
NM 871 1 4 I Eugene Johnson 632 Curtis Road Burleson TX 76028 1 Gerald Johnson 1 0206 Ostend 
Avenue Cleveland OH 441 08 Fi j Grace-Ann Johnson 93 Shadow Lakes Drive Lithonia GA 30058 1 Ja- 
son Johnson 1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 19E Huntsville AL 35816 IJenean Johnson 3524 Rip- 
pling Way Laurel MD 20724 1 Jennipher Johnson 327 Judith Lane Huntsville AL 35805 | Jerahmeel 
Johnson 2918 Sunset Road Texarkana TX 75503 1 Jonathan Johnson 3524 Rippling Way Laurel 
MD 20724 | Joseph Johnson 3919 Neptune Drive Huntsville AL 35810|Keeva Johnson 9321 
Joe Montoya Place NW Albuquerque NM 8711 4 1 Kristyn Johnson 8243 Windsor Drive Miramar 
FL 33025| Lorna Johnson 576 Eastern Parkway Apt-5a Brooklyn NY 1 1 225 jMerkitha Johnson 
509 Locust. Street Florence AL 35630 1 Pearline Johnson 4909 Joy Circle Huntsville AL 35810 
| Robert Johnson 2918 Sunset Road Texarkana TX 75503 1 Rodriguez Johnson 2918 Sunset- 
Road Texarkana TX 75503 | Rommel Johnson 60-26 Smith Bay St. Thomas 00802 US Virgin Is- 
lands ; Samuel Johnson 1601 Sparkman Drive, 201 Huntsville AL 35816 | Tiffany Johnson 451 8 
Bonnell Drive, Apt. J Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Tonika Johnson 3560 NW 108th Avenue Sunrise FL 
33351 jAdrianne Jones 110 Roanoke Way Dothan AL 36305 | Amanda Jones 110 Ronoake 
Way Dothan AL 36365 | Amber Jones 1735 County Road 25 Killen AL 35645 1 Ann Jones 131 
Waterbury Dr. Harvest AL 35749 jAlyesha Jones 1246 Schenectady Avenue Brooklyn NY 1 1 203 
| Celestine Jones 3427 Glen Park Drive, Apt. B Huntsville AL 3581 | Davonna Jones 3850 Seay 
Road Huntsville AL 35806 1 Demetria Jones 85 Grafton Street Rochester NY 14621 1 Earl Jones 

6306 Menifee Drive Huntsville AL 35810 | Jessica Jones 131 Waterbury Drive I larvest AL 35749 

| Jessica Jones 3503 LuCretia Avenue NW Huntsville AL 35810 I Kennube Jones 8406 Lucerne 
Road Randallstown MD 21133 | Kimberlee Jones P.O. Box 469 St. Thomas 00802 US Virgin Is- 
lands | Leigh Jones 1414 Lykins Lane Niles Ml 49120 jLori-Ann Jones 129 Clenabbey Drive 
Couitice Ontario L1 E2B7 Canada | Melanie Jones 909 Bridgette St. Fayetteville NC 2831 4 1 Nadine 
Jones 131 Waterbury Drive Harvest AL 35749 1 Raphael Jones 400 Swan Creek Road Fort Wash- 
ington MD 20744 | Stephanie Jones 24 McKinley Avenue White Plains NY 1 0606 1 Tanica Jones 
2150 Aqueduct Drive Florissant MO 63033 | Tia Jones 690 Julia Street, #2 Huntsville AL 35816 
| Todd Jones 500 Thayer Avenue, Apt-401 Silver Spring MD 2091 1 Ernie Jordan 1 3436 Sw 1 76 
St. Miami FL 331 77 jjanique Joseph 238 Annas Retreat St. Thomas 00801 US Virgin Islands jjenelle 
Joseph 4804 Woodlawn Drive Landover Hills MD 20784 1 Lucson Joseph 3800 Squaw Valley 
Drive, Apt.11f Huntsville AL 35805 | Michael Joseph 1189 J.B. Walker Road New Market AL 
35761 LPerrar Joseph 27 Laoriat Street. # 2 Dorchester MA 021 24 1 Gary Jouett 105 High 
Meadow Place Goose-creek SC 29445 1 Gina Julceus 2911 Greenfield Avenue Orlando FL | Kevin 
Jules 109 Lakeshore Drive, East, 417 Hampton VA 23666 |Andresa Julien 18 Scaur Hill Drive 
Sandy's MA06 Bermuda | Charles Julius 2621 Friddell Cove Bartlett TN 381 33 (Alicia Jumper 73 
Chester St. Winchester MA 01 890 1 

Kayoba Kabinga 1 505 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 1 96 I luntsville AL 3581 6 1 Rebecca Karimi 1 000 Airport Road, E-4 Huntsvilie AL 35802 

| Antonaya Kelly 1 31 Berry Street Park Forest IL 60466 ] Justin Kelly 123 A North Village Dr. Centerville OH 45459 |Tuere' Kemp 27 
Woodlawn Terrace Newburgh NY 12550 | Nicole Kensie 6905 Canyon Drive Capital Heights MD 20743 1 Jason Kent 24352 Oak Drive 
Elkmont At 35620 |Cherie Keogh 999 Nottingham Dr. Corona CA 92880 |Charmaine Kerr 886 Camellia Drive Royal Palm Beach FL 
3341 1 jAdrienne King 4823 Brinker Ave. Ogden UT 84403 [Andrew King 52 Madison Street Massapequa NY 1 1 758 | Hersha King 
2990 Main Sail Cove Kissimmee FL 34746 iMelvin King 248 Birchfield Dr. Savannah GA 31405 | Raymond King 3211 Woodlea Drive 
Greensboro NC 27406 | Ryan King 5636 Briar Knoll Court Lithonia GA 30058 [Shantel King 2309 Cherry Street Lufkin TX 75901 | 
Shasone King 1126 Sheridan Chico CA 95926' | Steven King 4709 Grantland Drive Huntsvilie AL 35810|Tamiya King 5540 Haverhill 
Road North #75 West Palm Beach FL 33407 |Terri King 1601 Sparkman Drive, 208 Huntsvilie AL 35816 jSharita Kinley 2518 12th 
Street Svv #e Huntsvilie AL 35805 | Sherry Kirby 869 AL Hwy 71 Section AL 35771 | Anthea Knight 38 Esplanade Mount Vernon NY 
10553 (Kurtley Knight 306 Holly Springs Dr. Madison AL 35758) Michael Knight 50 Carabob Court, Apt. 1209 Toronto Ontario 
M1T3I9 Canada |Takeisha Knight 81 7 West Nocturne Drive Nashville TN 37207 | Carlton Knott 5570 Northwest 44th Street Apt. A-4 
Lauclerhill FL 33319 | Harvey Knotts Claytown Bailey's Bay #8 Hamilton P Bermuda CR03 Bermuda | Kesia Knowles 8331 South 
Meaclowbird Circle Houston TX 77489 | Kanyeba Kutebwa4113 Nelson Dr. Huntsvilie AL 35810 | 

Adonis Labady 6221 Kaieteur Lane Orlando FL 32808 | Dave Labady 6221 Kaieteur Lane Orlando FL 32808 | Michel Labossiere 101 
NW 99 Street Miami FL. 331 50 | Brian Ladiny 548 East 29th Street Brooklyn NY 11210 | Clifford Laguerre 1 9920 Franjo Road Miami FL 
33157 1 Steven LaiHing 31 01 Doner Circle Huntsvilie AL 3581 | James LaMar 2 Jamor Court Nesconset NY 1 1 767 | Kristy LaMar 2 
Jamor Court Nesconset NY 1 1 767 | Tiffany LaMar 2 Jamor Court Nesconset NY 1 1 767 | Natasha. Lambert 1 650 Kent Street Columbus 

Ol I 43205 jLes-Shawn Lamorell 998 Belmont Avenue Brooklyn NY 11208 |Nickesha Landell 3700 N.W 39th Street Lauderdale 

Lakes FL 33309 (Drechelle Larry 17819 NE Couch Street Portland OR 97230 jKenyatta Latham 5432 Helen Detroit Ml 48211 
I Eustace Laurie 46 Eastern Parkway jersey City NJ 07305 | Marva Laurie 1 60 Baker Road Huntsvilie AL 35806 | Alexis Lawrence 8478 
Sw Charlotte Dr. Beaverton OR 97007 IJeannae Lawrence 12776 Henderson Lane Madison AL 35756 [Jillian Lawrence 12776 
Henderson Lane Madison AL 35756 [April Lee 200 Heritage Circle East La Vergne TN 37086 | David Lee 1 843 Aspen Run Birmingham 
AL 35209 | Erica Lee 5102 Doral Ave. Whitehall OH 4321 3 | Jessica Lee 5102 Doral Avenue Columbus OH 43213 | Rebecca Lee 563 
Bishop Dr. Lexington KY 40505 | Rose Lee 2203 North Paulsen Avenue Compton CA 90222 | Natalie Legal! 179 Parkside Drive 
Bridgetown Barbados, West Indies jTaniesha Lehmann 7237 Duben Avenue Anchorage AK 99504 JDeidra-ann Leiba 815 Hendrix 
St Brooklyn NY 1 1 207 | Adrian Lemard 1 32 Gardner St. Arlington MA 02474 [ Rachel Lemons 247 S. 1 7th Avenue Maywood IL 601 53 
! Tiant Leon 629 West Parkway Avenue Flint Ml 48505 | Pascal Lescouflair 51 1 Charlemagne Court Newport News VA 23608 I Shernell 
Lespier 5139 N.vv. 194 Lane Miami FL 33055 |Stefanie Lester 906 East Cynthia Trail Coodletttsville TN 37072 Carletta Levy 120 
Kenilworth Place, Apt 5b Brooklyn NY 1 1 21 | Petrina Lewin 361 4 Macon Place Court Houston TX 77082 | Trenton Lewin 361 4 Macon 
Place Court Houston TX 77082 (Alexander Lewis 346 S. 302nd Place Federal Way WA 98003 1 Allaceea Lewis 3824 West Van Buren 
Street. Chicago IL 60624 | Antwann Lewis 3824 W. Vanburen Chicago IL 60624 1 Dionne Lewis 95 Indian Creek Road #1 7 Huntsvilie AL 
35806 | Lauren Lewis 5595 Sw 28th Avenue Ocaia FL 34474 | Michael Lewis 5070 Deephaven Court Denver CO 80239 | Neil Lewis 
P.o. Box 607 Spring Valley NY 10977 | Prince Lewis 3430 Nw 176th Street Miami FL 33056 1 Roosevelt. Lewis 5600 Silver Star Road, 
#100 Orlando FL 32808 |Tino Lightbourne Maple Street P.O. Box N-775 Nassau Bahamas |Cara Lindo 2043 Burbank Dr Dayton OH 
45406 | Olive Lindo 1 21 73 88th Place N Royal Palm Beach FL 3341 2 | Roshelle Lindsay 2264 Govenors Bend Dr. Huntsvilie AL 35801 
| Shane Lindsey 5 Norbrook Cresent Rexdale Ontario M9V-4P7 Canada | Martin Lister 7051 Old Clarksville Pike Joelton TN 37080 
|Sieaundria Lockett 491 Park Valley Drive Atlanta GA 30318 IMicha Logan 9061 W. Outer Drive Detroit Ml 48219 |LiYi Loh 1025 
N 23rd Street Lincoln NE 68503 I Kaarina Lokko 1 31 Bullit Circle Arclmore AL 35739 | Artia Long 31 1 4 Cecil St. Greensboro NC 27455 
| Krishon Long (Walker) 3760 NW 1 97 Street Miami FL 33055 | Josette Louis 451 5 Bonnell Dr., #3(1 Huntsvilie AL 3581 6 | Gregory 
Louissaint 5485 Redmond St. Hubert Quebec J3Y2L9 Canada | Kenneth Lovett 

I Uerek Lowe 1 4979 Alabama Hwy. 51 Opelika AL 36801 (Jevon Lowe 7 Ocean Lane, 

„..gtbh I !ill Pembroke HM1.3 Bermuda [Christianne Lubin 140 NVV 102nd Street. Miami Shores FL 33150 |Darnelle Lubin 

2 Maple Avenue, Apt-5 Montclair NJ 07042 | Odette Lubin 140 N.w. 102nd Street Miami Shores FL 33150 | Rortie Lubin 2 
Maple Avenue Montclair NJ 07042 | Rosny Lubin 140 Northwest 102 Street Miami Shores FL 33150 |Gessie Luc 975 Tinton 
Avenue, Apt. 5A Bronx NY 1 0456 | Cameron Lumsey 664 Park Avenue Springdale OH 45246 | Nicole Lundy 59-2578 
Miami FL 33159 | Sylvia Lyew 86-47 Little Neck Pkwy Floral Park NY 11001 j Nathaniel Lyles 467 Hopkins Road Kernersville 
NC 27284 | David Lynes 102 Buckingham Court Goodtettsvtlle TN 37072 | 

Mlibazisi Mabandla 22 EdwinstOwe Dr Sherwood Nottingham NC35EP United Kingdom | Michael Macchiarulo 621 1 Rime 
Village Drive., 201 Huntsville AL 35806 | Clint Mack 20101 Glenmore Drive West Palm Beach FL 33409 | Jermeral Mack 361 5 
N. Crestview Drive., #4 Huntsville AL 35816 | William Mack 5510 Jackson Kansas City MO 64130 | Kyle Mackey 1254 West 
84th Street Los Angeles CA 90044 | Stephen Mackey 1809 Whisperwoodway Huntsville AL 35806 iRochelle Maddix 4422 
Bonnell Drive Apt. D Huntsville AL 35816|Mwaka Mahanga 3206 Acklen Drive, SW, Apt. B21 Huntsville AL 35805 | Desiree 
Mahoney 1 679 Arkansas Drive Valley Stream NY 1 1 580 | Rory Major Knollwood Drive P.O. Box N-8750 Nassau Bahamas j Temika 
Mallory 1 Rose Hill Road Southampton West SB03 Bermuda | Dammeon Malone 201 54 Northwest 1 2th Place Miami FL 331 69 
|]ason Mann 3507 Mona Lee Lane Houston TX 77080 jSheena Mann 8320 Harvard Terr. Raytown MO 641 38 [ Ryan Manning 
1 585 Sw Andalusia Rd. Port St. Lucie FL. 34953 | Danice Mapp 3 'Border Lang South Pembroke HM'I 5 Bermuda | Nia Mapp 6603 
Tee Bow Court Lithonia GA 30038 [Alvin Maragh 1226 Haverhill Road Apartment 1 West Palm Beach. FL 33417 |Takiyah 
Markland P.O. Box 487 Valley Stream NY 1 1 582 | Naema Marr 401 5 Hunters Ridge, #1 1 Huntsville AL. 35802 | Chanika Martin 
3012 Burbank Drive Charlotte NC 28216 | Edward Martin 5025 54th Place Hyattsville MD 20781 Ijaselie Martin P.O. Box 
1 71 422 Arlington TX 76003 | Jerry Martin 7060 East. Renaissance Court New Orleans LA 701 28 1 Malissa Martin "1 6222 Shaftsbury 
Detroit Mi 4821 9 1 Rowena Masoka 9097 Maplewood Drive Berrien Springs Ml 491 03 I Katrina Mason 1 930 Nw 1 89th Terrace 
Miami FL 33056 [Sheana Mason 5521 Marlin Street Rockville MD 20853 |Veniece Massenburg 20023 Mattingly Terrace 
Gaithersburg MD 20879 1 Gerna Massillon 261 NE 1 3th St. Delray Beach FL. 33444 | Solomon Matheka 60 South Munn Avenue, 
Apt. 31 East Orange NJ 0701 8 Bermuda | Desiree Mathershed 1 61 6 W. 1 33rd Street Compton CA 90222 1 Sabrina Matheus 331 
South 19th Street Newark NJ 07103 | Rothschild Mathieu 739 East 82nd Street Brooklyn NY 11236] Steven Mathis 17647 Sw 
32nd Street Miramar FL 3.3029 |Anneli Matthews 115 Fairington Road Huntsville AL 35806 | Annell Matthews 115 Fairington 
Road Huntsville AL 35806 | Debra Matthews 229 Postwood Court Madison AL 35758 |Java Mattison 5465 Red Berry Lane 
Atlanta CA 30331 |Aswad Maundy 15 Skyline Drive Jersey City NJ 07305 |Adam Maycock 2613 Trail Ridge Road Huntsville AL 
3581 1 David Mayes 6458 South Eberhart Avenue Chicago IL 60637 1 Tirel Mayo 340 Gillespie Road #1 51 Madison AL 35758 1 Brian 
Mazengero c/o Ms. Mavis Matewa 520 East 72 St New York NY 1 0021 | Grace Mbyirukira 1 06 Sleepy Hollow Lane Madison AL 
35758 1 Camille McAnuff 1 78 Berkshire Place Irvington NJ 071 1 1 | Olivia McAnuff 1 504 Ascent Trail Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Latwana 
McArthur 2235 Sunderland Road, Apt-93C Winston-Salem NC 27103 [Crystal McCarthy 60 White Pine Avenue Walterboro SC 
29488 1 Harriet. McClellan 1729 17th St. N.e. Canton OH 44705 [Chavvah McCoy 8516 Chickamauga Ct. MabelvaleAR 72103 
| Charles McCray 85 Mt. Zion Rd., Apt-81 Atlanta GA 30354 jKaye McDonald 622 East 82nd Street Brooklyn NY 11236] Justin 
McFarland 391 2 Stilton Dr. Nashville TN 37207 1 Kimberly McFarland 391 2 Stilton Drive Nashville TN 37207 1 Meredith McFarland 
3912 Stilton Dr. Nashville TN 37207] Beth McGatha 525 South River Street Centre AL 35960 1 Nathan McGinnis 300 North F 
Street Pensacola FL 32501 | Tiffany McGinnis 300 North F Street Pensacola FL 32501 I Candace McGoodwin 303 Maple Street, C- 
37 Springfield MA 01 1 05 1 Joseph McGowens 5587 Oakwood Road Huntsville AL 35806 1 James McGriff 500 Ripple Lane Hamp- 
ton Cove AL 35763 | Jamie McGriff 500 Ripple Lane Hampton Cove AL 35763 | Mark McKay 10841 Village Road Moreno CA 
92557 1 Edd McKenzie 9 Lightwood Drive Rexdale Ontario M9V2Z1 Canada | Gordon McKenzie 1 035 Windsorhill Blvd., Apt-402 
Mis Ontario L5V1 C3 Canada | Laurence McKenzie 1 506 Halston Circle, Apt D Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Topaz McKenzie 1 035 Windsor 
Hill Blvd #402 Mississ Ontario L5V1 C3 Canada | Zahair McKenzie 982 Farragut Drive Teaneck NJ 07666 1 James McKinney Castor 
St.highland Park Nassau Bahamas | Shalondra McKinney 5280 Little Mtn. Drive #H1 San Bernadino CA 92407 1 Tyrone McKinney 
1 8254 Meadowood Avenue Lathrup Village Ml 48076 1 Fredricka McKnight 5321 85th Avenue Apt.'! 02 New Carrolton MD 20784 
]Decarlo McLaren 17 Denison Street. Newark DE 19711 |Sykanya McLaughlin P.O. Box 173 Savannah Grand Cayman Cayman 
Islands | Peta-Gaye McLean 454 South 6th Avenue Mount Vernon NY 10.550 j Sheldon McLean 9375 Riverview Redforcl Ml 
48239|Nikka McLeod 7740 Wyndam Road Pennsauken NJ 081 09] Amy McNeil 8359 Greenham San Antonio TX 78239] Franz 
McNish 2.331 Nw 43rd Terrace Lauderhill FL 3331 3] Carey McNorton 2356 Woodvine Court Grand Prairie TX 75052 |Noyle 
McPherson 2156 Fulton Street Brooklyn NY 11 233 1 Ernest Medley 305 Northside Drive Nashville TN 37115 |Nicceta Medley 
305 Northside Drive Nashville TN 37115 ]Launice Melbourne 7411 Lake Glenn Drive Glen Dale MD 20769] Marissa Melton 
109 E. Cato Street Fitzgerald GA 31 750 1 Rodney Menelas 4409 Oakwood Road Huntsville AL 35810) Devin Mercer 15 Liberty 
Place, Apt. 5 Randallstown MD 21 244 1 Reuben Meriweather 8508 Brandermill Lane Chattanooga TN 37421 |Huggins Michell 
3809 Hamestown Drive Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Jerome Miles 2810 Broadview Drive Huntsville AL .35810] Kadiesha Miles 20 
Huntley Rd. Elmont NY 1 1 003 1 Damion Miller 1 40-1 8 1 60th Street Springfield Gar Queens NY 1 1 434 1 Genee Miller 1 703 Coun- 

cil Crest Rockford IL 61107 jHindia Miller 2320 Grand Concourse Bronx NY 10455 jjoel Milliner 4 5 Aintree 
Road Westbury NY 1 1590|Jamecia Mills 5637 Dakota Drive Jacksonville FL 32209 [Janae Mills P.O. Box 1263 
Ridgeland SC 29936 jSonia Minis 2723 Manor Cove Decatur GA 30034 | Timothy Minerve 4013 Rainbow- 
Drive Decatur GA 30034 | Kenneth Minors 6 Mission Heights Paget PG06 Bermuda | Kim Minors 6 Mission 
Heights Paget PG06 Bermuda jDayna Mitchell 32 Schleigel Blvd Farmingdale NY 11 735 | Dillon Mitchell 455 
Schenectady Avenue Apt-6j Brooklyn NY 1 1 203 | Henry Mitchell 37 Graeler Drive St. Louis MO 63 1 46 1 Keira 
Mitchell 859 Shadow Lakes Drive Lithonia GA 30058 | Marsha Mitchell 2750 NW 44th Street, Apt. 411 Oak- 
land Park FL 33309 1 Megan Mitchell 8673 Valley Lakes Lane Union City GA 30291 | Tenille Mitchell 16 Camp 
Rd. Massapequa NY 11758|Danacia Mohley 3021 Autumnwood Drive Apt-d Huntsville AL 35806 |Candyce 
Monroe 921 Beaconcrest Circle Birmingham AL 35209 jCara Monroe 921 Beaconcrest. Circle Birmingham AL 
35209 | Rose Monroe P.o. Box 824 Thomasville GA 31 792 | Brandon Montgomery 300 Sequoyah Dr. Dothan 
AL 36303 1 Brian Montgomery P.o. Box 352 Metcalfe MS 37806 | Powell Montgomery 505 Donald Street 
Mobile AL 36617|Shayla Montgomery 300 Seguayah Dr. Dothan AL 36303 | Taurus Montgomery 3822 
Timbercrest Drive Huntsville AL 35810) Derod Moody 3476 B & S Rd. Loris SC 29569 1 April Moore 2580 
Fieldstone Drive Conyers GA 3001 3 1 Britany Moore 406 N. Lasena Avenue West Covina CA 91 790 1 David 
Moore 8772 George Avenue Berrien Springs Ml 491 00 | Emily Moore 1 46 Kint Arthur Way Jackson GA 30233 
jHadassah Moore 100 Meadowlark Greenwood MS 38930 1 Kenneth Moore 8043 Rodney Street Philadel- 
phia PA 19150 |Latrice Moore 37.32 Avondale St. Louis MO 63121 | Shayla Moore 25043 Kay Avenue 
Hayward CA 94545 1 Brenda Morelus 520 Harvard Avenue, #1 Mattapan MA 021 26 (Angela Morgan 2003 
Drake Avenue Panama City FL. 32405 | Donell Morgan 2003 Drake Avenue Panama City Fl 32405 | Simone 
Morgan 35 Fountainhead Rd, #705 Toronto Ontario M2J 3V7 Canada (Althea Morris 16420 SVV 107 Av- 
enue Miami FL 33157 | Jessica Morris 101 Jones Valley Drive Huntsville AL 35802 1 Ronald Michel 2514 
Scenic Drive Huntsville AL 3581 0| John Morris 4354 Ceylon Street Denver CO 80249 | Renee Morris 101 
Jones Valley Drive, Sw Huntsville AL 35802 | Reynell Morris 4078 Braeswood Drive, Apt-5 Huntsville AL 
35802 ! Rodney Morris 101 Jones Valley Drive Huntsville AL 35802 |Sonia Morris 20424 Northwest 29th 
Place Opa-locka FL 33056 I Erica. Morrow 75 Arnett Boulevard Rochester NY 14619 | David Moses 1509-B 
Burgundy Street Raleigh NC 27610 | Courtney Mosley 2008 Lloyd Street. Bellevue NE 68005 |Kelli Mosley 
3604 #8 Mcvay Avenue Huntsville AL 35808 | Kircio Mota 7425 31st Avenue Hiaieah FL 33018 | Arnold 
Moten 1 56 Gordon Drive Moulton AL 35650 1 Marvin Moten 1 336 Draper Road Talladega AL 351 60 | Shayla 
Moten 1336 Draper Road Talladega AL 35160 | David Mugerwa 2101 Hampshire Drive Adelphi MD 20783 
| Kadianne Muir 10 Via De Casas Sur, #103 Boynton Beach FL 33426 [Jonathan Mullins 201 W. Kenilworth 
Street New Orleans LA 70124 | Dayna Mufraine 1948 Deep Woods Trail Nashville TN 372141 Frederick 
Murphy 4112 Fieldway Road Rex GA 30273 1 Lynda Murphy 4112 Fieldway Road Rex CA 30273 1 Eslie 
Murraine 1 1 72 St. Marks Ave. Brooklyn NY 1121 3 | Amanda Murray 552 West Front Street Thomasville AL 
36784 1 Jasmine MurreSi 7111 25th Avenue Hyattsville MD 20783 1 Michael Murrell 98 Burnett Ave. 
Maplewood NJ 07040) Kourtney Musson 1201 Kra-nur Dr. Burton Ml 48509 1 

Chanel Nealey 12325 East 54th Avenue Drive Denver CO 80239 1 Liana Nelson 20700 Edgewood Circle 
Castro Valley CA 94552 1 Lilly Nelson 7900 Old Madison Pike., #15012 Madison AL 35758 1 Louis Nelson 
27606 Pacific Hwy„ Apt-Hi 05 Federal Way WA 98003 | William Nervis 11118 Novelda Drive Oakland CA 
9460.3 | Karla Nesmith 4 Oak Bluff Court Columbia SC 29223 1 Esther Newton 1 500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 

1 1 c I luntsville AL 3581 6 | Husbert Nicholson 857 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn NY 1 1 21 3 1 Matthew Nicholson 

2 346 Bowwood Court Villa Rica GA 30180|Rashon Nicholson 1261 Tuxedo Square Teaneck NJ 
07666! Theodore Nicholson 2346 Boxwood Court Villa Rica CA 301 80 1 Dewhyte Nisbeth 1514 Heather 
Hill Crescent Flossmoor IL 60422 1 Keamesha Nisbeth 1 51 4 Heather Hill Crescent Flossmoor IL 60422 1 Clarise 
Nixon 2629 Gawain Road Huntsville AL 35803 |Geoffery Nkata 7836 Big Horn Trail, Apt-1116 Indianapolis 
IN 46214 | Hansy Noel 3328 E. Tucker Drive Huntsville AL 35810 | Jenny Noel. 135 Angela Drive Apt-1302 
Madison AL 35758 | Edna Nore 358 SE Prima Vista Blvd Port St. Lucie FL 34982 | Kevin Norris 21 7 Creekview 
Apt. 201 Garland TX 75043 1 Marisol Norris 335 La-paz Drive Kissimmee FL 34743 | Leonard Northe 5587 

Oakwood Road NW, F I luntsville AL 35806 1 Leslie Norwood 232 E. Urner Street #172 Pottstown PA 19465 

| Alicia Nurse 2533 Elton Road Huntsville AL 35810 jjoelyn Nurse 1560 Grand Concourse., Apt-5 19 Bronx 
NY 10456|Sekia Nurse 2029 Milton Avenue Neptune NJ 07753 ITesa Nurse 27 Kendal Hill Park Christ 
Church Barbados, West Indies | Janice Nwokike 15934 Manfield Dr. Houston TX 770821 

Chane' O'Bannon 16139 North 158th Avenue Surprise AZ 85374 | April Oakes 71 Charter Circle, Apt. 4H 

Ossining NY 10562 | Parrie Oates 11621 N.w. 17th Avenue Miami FL 33167|Kiyomi Oatez 1442 W. 83rd 
Street Los Angeles CA 90047 1 Susan Ogbonna 2728 Holland Avenue Bronx NY 10467|Toyin Ogunrinu 
11487 Whittier Avenue Loma Linda CA 92354 jOluchuku Okike 161143 Aitamonte Springs .FL 
3271 6 1 Onyinyechi Okike P.o. Box 1 61 1 43 Aitamonte Springs FL. 3271 6 1 Akinde Olagundoye 451 1 Avenue 
K Brooklyn NY 1 1 234 1 Mahalia Olatunji 4722 1 2st. N.e. Washington DC 2001 7 1 Segun Olaye 1 5 Rook Lane 
Carrolton GA 30116J Lrmide Olibris 8221 SVV 9th Place North Lauderdale FL 33068 | Daryl Oliver 3632-8 
Cresview Hunstville AL 3581 6 1 Marie Omeler 172 Center Bridge Rd. Lancaster MA 01523 jAkua Opoku- 
boateng 291 8 West Locust Fresno CA 9371 1 | Susanne Osborne 1 6283 79-a Avenue Surrey British Columbia 
V3S7C9 Canada | Danielle Oscar Morne Dillon Bat A 8 Residence Alle Fort-de-france 97200 Martinique | Kristie 
Osi 6708 Bear Canyon Drive Oklahoma City OK 73162Sara Osi 6708 Bear Canyon Drive Oklahoma City OK 
731 62 | Henry Ostoh 1102 Crainge Road Conway SC 29527Katrina Otey 1067 Waterloo Rd WestpointTN 
38486 | Nadra Outerbridge 2 Featherbed Alley St. Georges GE05 Bermuda | Schinel Outerbridge 8 Claytown, 
Bailey's Bay Hamilton Parrish CR03 Bermuda | Betsy Owusu 1 75 Hazelvvood Drive Westbury NY 1 1 590 1 Priscilla 
Owusu-Frimpong 490 Claremont Parkway Bronx NY 10457 

Yelena Packwood 21 Atherstone Court Longwood FL 32779 [ Maria Page 2230 Jonathan Drive, Apt. B Hunts- 
ville AL 35810 |Shelton Palmer 2503 Dysart Road Cleveland OH 44118|Damion Parham 344 Still Forest. 
Terrace Sanford FL 32771 |Alyson Parker 18675 South Grasel Road Oregon City OR 97045 jAudri Parker 
1867.5 South Grasle Rd Oregon City OR 97045 1 LaToya Parker P.O. Box 81 Bunker Hill WV 25413|Sonya 
Parker 1 050 Anderson Ave, Apt. 2n Bronx NY 1 0452 1 Melissa Parks 29 W. Fairview Dayton OH 45406 | Darla 
Partlow 1 761 Sundale Drive Lawrenceville GA 30045 1 Samuel Paschal 391 2 Neptune Dr. Huntsville AL 3581 
| Matthias Patrick 1 1 5-84 225 Street Queens NY 1 1 41 1 1 Teleka Patrick 1 1 5-84 225th Street Cambria Heights 
NY 1 1 41 1 1 Deidra Patrickson 1 70 Victoria Drive Fayetteville CA 3021 4 1 Jason Patrickson 1 202 Julia Street, 
#2 Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Andrew Patterson 1053 Burnham Drive Hendersonville TN 37075 | Anthony 
Patterson 8009 Mandan Road, Apt. 202 Greenbelt MD 20770 1 Darrell Patterson 1 5800 SW 91 Court Miami 
FL 331 57 1 Jason Patton1347 Marlborough Avenue Plainfield NJ 07060 INaomie Paul 18 Nelson Place 
Maplewood NJ 07040 | Shalewa Paul 1 60 Prospect Street, Apt. 204 East. Orange NJ 0701 7 1 Kerth Payne 4420 
Torrance Dr. Nw Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Philip Payne 1 1 3 Taurus Drive Harvest AL 35749 1 Kimfoeriy Pearson 
11433 Cherry Hill Road, 303 Beltsville MD 20705 1 Melissa Pearson 3205 North Thurin Avenue Altadena CA 
91001 1 William Penick 9854 Smoky Court Stockton CA 95209 Raymond Peoples 4818 W. Bancroft, 51 
Toledo OH 43615|Sudhir Perakathu 1653 Artemisa Ave Brownsville TX 78526 |Sumith Perakathu 1653 
Artemisa Avenue Brownsville TX 78521 jO'ge Percy 1830 West Finland Drive Deltona FL .32725 [Gregory 
Perkins 1720 East 92 Place Chicago IL 6061 7 1 Kenton Perrin 17 Orpington Cres Etobicoke Ontario M9V3E2 
Canada | Sonya Perrin P.O. bOX 1 648 George Town Cayman Islands j Belinda Perry 3441 Hunter's Pace Drive 
Lithonia GA 300.38 1 Erika Perry 2439 Newgate Drive Decatur GA 30035 | Shelby Perry 81 74 Trace Court Park 
Ridge Riverdale CA 30274 [Walter Perry 3302 Bridlewood Drive Glenn Mills PA 19342 |Rachelle Peters 
6637 Rebecca Lou Lane Lithonia GA 30058 1 Princess Pettigrew 2225 Colony Drive Huntsville AL 35802 1 Char- 
lotte Pettiway 30070 Pierce Southfield Ml 48034 1 Steven Petty 4004 I lydraulic St. Louis MO 631 1 6 | Randall 

Phang 1 725 Pinacres Blvd. Bayshore NY 1 1 706 1 Kenneisha Phillips 45 Genessee Ave. Teaneck NJ 07666 1 Kevin 
Phillips 2809 Hester Lane Huntsville AL 35810 | Malcolm Phillips 19 Greendale Ave Mt. Vernon NY 
10553 | Wendy Phipps 1155 Old Monrovia Road, #11 Huntsville AL 35806 (Juliette Pibien 2337 Montrose 
Drive Eastpoint GA 303441 Veronika Pierce 5510 Jackson Avenue Kansas City MO 641 30 j De'vesco Pierre 
4721 N.w. 1 70 Street Opa Locka FL 33055 1 Gina-marie Pierre 8560 N.w. 46th Street Sunrise FL 33351 I Jean- 
Richard Pierre 4438 Bonnell Drive, Apt. D Huntsville AL 35816 1 Marie Pierre 6829 Compass Court Orlando 
FL 32810|Natacha Pierre 6829 Compass Court. Orlando FL 3281 0| Lark Pile 4812 71st Avenue Hyattsville 
MD 20783| Victor Pile 4812 71st Avenue Hyattsville MD 20784 1 Andrew Pileggi 14 Macleli ne Terrace 
Chestnut Ridge NY 1 0977 1 Jacqueline Pinder 1 31 1 Fox Run Drive Charlotte NC 2821 2 1 Stacey Pinder 1 01 3 
Olympia Avenue Ne Renton WA 98056 1 Marvin Pitcher 5030 Wayne Court Nw Huntsville AL 3581 0| Steven 
Pitts 7703 Donegal Drive Huntsville AL 35802 | Robert Poitier 6332 North 51st Avenue Omaha NE 681 04 1 Me- 
lissa Pondexter 8266 Creek Street Jonesboro CA 30236] John Pooler 411 Sheila Street. Hope Mills NC 
28348 1 John Porter 3887 Wisteria Lane Sw Atlanta GA 30331 j Rebecca Porter 7890 Barfield Drive Fayetteville 
NC 2831 4 1 Rokeem Pough 2569 7th Ave. Aptl 61 New York NY 1 0039 1 Ollie Pouncey 71 1 9 South Constance 
Chicago IL 60649 1 Andrea Powell 5015 Dublin Drive Atlanta GA 30331 |Anika Powell 135 Lincoln Street 
Steelton PA 17133|Deanna Powell 354 Wyona Street Brooklyn NY 11 207 1 Edwin Powell 4203 Interlake 

Drive Tampa FL 33624 | Judy-Ann Powell 1439 Wood Road, Suite 2G Bronx NY 10462 | Nevasca Powell 354 Wyona 
StreeBrooklyn NY 1 1 207 1 Allycin Powell-Hicks 644 Peralta Hills Drive Anaheim CA 92807 1 Omar Preddie 2701 NW 
47th Lane Lauderdale Lakes FL 3331 3 1 Carolyn Pressley 4516 23rd Avenue South St. Petersburg FL 33711 | Beverly 

Preston 621 5 Cedar Point Dr. I luntsville AL 3581 1 Brian Preston 331 Beechwood Lane Stone Mountain GA 30087 1 Traci 

Preston 6215 Cedar Point Drive Huntsville AL 35810|Torrey Price 7920 South Prairie Chicago II... 60619|Sabrina 
Prieur 416 Gallatin Street, Northwest Washington DC 20011 |Keisha Prime 1504 Medland Road Huntsville AL 
35816|Tameika Profitt 196 Stone Valley Drive Huntsville AL 35806 1 Tiffany Profitt 196 Stone Valley Drive Huntsville 
AL 35806 1 Natalie Prosper 881 6 Pioneer Road Berrien Springs Ml 491 03 1 Karis Pruitt 71 1 7 Cedar Hill Drive Gainesville 
CA 30507 1 Kristen Pruitt 71 1 7 Cedar Hill Drive Gainesville GA 30507 1 Chauntell Pullman 71 5 Camelot Drive College 
Park GA 30349 |Melanie Pullman 18996 Mitchell Place Denver CO 802491 

Karintha Ragland 14684 East 13th Circle Aurora CO 80011 | Evette Rainey 7062 Waverly Court. Kansas City KS 66109 
I Renee Ramon 3885 Old Fairburn Road Sw Atlanta GA 30331 (Starshema Ramsey 6023 Pachappa Drive Riverside CA 
92506! Kenneth Rancifer P.O. Box 71246 New Orleans LA 701 72 1 Damyon Ray 2 Horseshoe Road Southampton 
SN04 Bermuda | Devin Reade 475 Carlton Avenue, Apt. 3h Brooklyn NY 11238 |Ron Roddick 3862 Mulberry Drive 
Columbus GA 31 907 1 Tyrone Reed P.o. Box 32 Buffalo NY 14209|Jolita Reevers 1244 Stonehedge Drive Birmingham 
AL 35235 jSharrel Reeves 208 Windy Hill Road Coatesvtlle PA 193201 Jessica Reid 7709 East 73rd Street Kansas City 
MO 64133Kanika Reid P.o. Box 30 Davidsonville MD 21035 [Laverne Reid 225 Deer Creek Drive Jacksonville NC 
78546 ! Marlon Reid 14536 South Normal Riverdale IL 60827 1 Ryan Reid 7709 East 73rd Street Kansas City MO 
641 33 j Eddy Remy 350 NE 27 Court Boynton Beach FL 33435 1 Marsha Remy 451 5 Bonnell Drive, Apt,. 26G Huntsville 
AL 3581 6 1 John Rhodriquez South Beach Drive, Apt. 501 Nassau Bahamas | Paul Richards 24561 Barton Road Loma 
Linda CA 92354 1 Indra Richardson P.o. Box Sb 41 Somnerset Bridge SBBX Bermuda) Joy Richardson 8081 Baffin 
Howell Road South Charleston OH 45.368 1 Krystle Richardson 2310 Lynn Drive Huntsville AL 35810] Kyrinda 
Richardson 1 8 Hill Farm Road Bloomfield CT 06002 | Casey Ricks P.O. Box 1 31 Dudley GA 31 022 1 Luis Rigacci 431 6 
Bardin Road Grand Prairie TX 75052 | Garrard Rigby 4905 Cotton Row, Apt. C Huntsville AL 35816 | Fallon Rivers 303 
Carmelita Drive Granclcane LA 71032 | Keith Roach 3832 Landmark Drive Douglasville GA 30135|Apryl Roberts 110 
Sorrel Way Alvarado TX 76009 1 Christopher Roberts 200 South Elton Circle Meridianville AL. 35759 1 Erica Roberts 908 
Circleview Drive Dothan AL 36301 ||oseph Roberts 1419 Teller Avenue Bronx NY 10456! Lorna Roberts P.O. Box 
953 Fedricksted 00841 US Virgin Islands | Mustimbo Roberts P.O. Box FH-14065 Nassau Bahamas | William Roberts 
908 Circle View Drive Dothan AL 36301 | Bree Robinson 25043 Kay Avenue Haywa'rd CA 94545 1 Cynthia Robinson 

7000 Adventist Blvd., Apt. 25 1 luntsville AL. 35896) Erin Robinson 37181 Chester Rd. Avon OH 44011 jKimberly 

Robinson 105 Cheyenne Trail Huntsville AL 35806 1 Marquis Robinson 1010 Henderson Road, 1043 Huntsville AL 
3581 6 ! Myesha Robinson 8 Twin Lane Drive Pembroke I Reginald Robinson 7000 Adventist Blvd., Apt. 25 Huntsville 
AL 35896 |Meyassar Robinzine 466 Springfield Street Park Forest IL 60466 | Sylvia Rochester P.O. Box 22274 I lunts- 
ville AL 35814 1 Katie Roddy 140 Baker Road Huntsville AL 35806 ( amillia Rodgers P.o. Box 564 Reynoldsburg OH 
43068 | Cosville Rogers P.O. Box 10541 St. Thomas 00801 US Virgin Islands Robert Roland 3350 N. 70th Street Kansas 
City KS 661 09 1 Donald Rolle 2543 D Frederick Douglas Blvd New York NY 1 0030 1 Gerard Rolle Fresh Creek G.P.O. 
Andros Bahamas I Lawrence Rolle 417 Julia Street, Apt. 202 Huntsville AL. 35816|Stacyann Rolle 417 Julia Street, Apt 
202 Huntsville AL 35816|Edwina Romulus 4215 Carousel Road Orlando FL 32808 (Pascal Romulus 4215 Carousel 
Road Orlando FL 32808 1 Shetn Ross 1 470 St. Johns Place, Apt. 2b Brooklyn NY 1 1 21 3 1 Jeffrey Roulston 21 3 Lynedock 
Crescent North York Ontario M3A2B5 j Reuben Roundtree 216 West 99th Terrace Kansas City MO 64114|Charisse 

Rox 30321 Nick Davis Road I larvest AL 35749 |Latoya Royal 620 NW 5th Street Boynton Beach FL 3343.5 | Audrey 

Rucker 510 N Wilkinson Street Milleclgevitle GA 31061 1 David Ruff 557 East Tower Fresno CA 93706 SErinn Ruff P.O 
BOX 702738 Tulsa OK 741 70 | Eunice Ruff 557 E Tower Fresno CA 93706 j Gabrielle Ruff P.o. Box 702738 Tulsa OK 
741 70 1 Stephen Ruff 833 Lorretta Drive Goodletsville TN 37072 1 Tahia Ruff 3933 E. Shields Fresno CA 93728 | Jennifer 

Rugless 12134 Addison Street North I lollywood CA 91607 | Lauren Rugless 2.549 Oak Forest Drive Antioch TN 

3701 3 1 Keith Russell 3015 Forestside Lane College Park GA 30349 1 Khrystal Russell 1512 Foxhall Lane Atlanta GA 
3031 6 1 Lamar Ryan 1 002 Chateau Circle Clermont FL 3471 1 | Joseph Ryce 59 E. Market Street Long Beach NY 1 1 561 | 

Racheem Sagay 268 Wooddale Drive Wellington FL 33414 [Fabrice Saint-Elie 6616 Crossing Creek Pt. Austell GA 
301 68 1 Chanel Sales 791 Macedonia Road Ardmore AL 35739 1 Sheena Salmon 2956 Egrets Landing Drive Lake Mary 

''46 1 Melody Sam 9 

lham MD 20706 England jKimberly Sampson 450 Highland A 

Mount Vernon NY 10553 1 Kurtleigh Samuel 13708 Madrad Way #12 Silver Spring Ml 20904 1 Naomi Samuels 4401 
South 282nd Street Auburn WA 98001 ISaran Samuels 58 Bruce Beer Drive Brampton Ontario L6V2W9!Alfredneitta 
Sanders 261 5 

1 7th Ave. South Minneapolis MN 55407 1 Alyce Sanders P.O. Box 5581 Huntsville AL 35814 1 Charlene Sand- 
ers 1 091 4 Paulwood Dr. Houston TX 77071 | Charles Sanders 2348 Westmere Street Harvey LA 70058 1 Latina 
Sanders 1548 Nw 32nd Avenue Ft. Lauderdale FL 33311 Quentin Sanders 1548 N.W. 32nd Avenue Ft. 
Lauderdale FL 33311 1 Harrison Sao P.o. Box 60873 Nashville TN 37206 |Julie-anne Satterfield 2008 
Featherwood Drive West Atlantic Beach FL 32233 | KimbeHy Satterfield 416 Nicholas Court., Apt-C Chesa- 
peake VA 23320 1 Amber Saunders 1047 Ascot Court Riverdale GA 30296 j Hilar! Saunders 1123 Randolph 
Leavenworth KS 66048 j Nadine Saunders P.O.Box 587 George Town Grand Cayman Cayman Islands | Shanna 
Scarlett 7000 Adventist Blvd. P.O. Box 30098 Huntsville AL 35896 1 Jonathan Scott 20626 S.w. 1 20 Ct. Miami 
FL 331 77 1 Leslie Scott 3610 Williamsburg Drive Huntsville AL 35810 jLuwanda Scott 3610 Williamsburg Dr 
Huntsville AL 35810|Sheri Scott 179 Vintage Gate Brampton Ontario L6X5B7 Canada I Anika Sealey 17 
Grandview Avenue Staten Island NY 1 0303 | Lenworth Sealey 481 3 Church Avenue Brooklyn NY 1 1 203 j Lloyd 
Sealey 481 3 Church Avenue, Apt. 3f Brooklyn NY 1 1 203 1 Shauna Sears 6428 Shasta Creek Way Elk Grove CA 
95758 j Lavina Seawright 10 Tomahawk Drive White Plains NY 10603 j Ramona Seawright 100 Park Avenue 
White Plains NY 10603 1 Romona Sequea 108 Draper Street #3 Dorchester MA 02122 1 Phillip Session 156 
Honey Suckle Lane Andrews SC 2951 1 Janel Sessom 3524 Middlebelt Inkster Ml 481 41 | Herone Shaw 71 80 
Hilmar Drive Westerville OH 43082 1 Alicia Shelly 5057 Ceylon Ct. Austell GA 30106 Jillyan Shelton 115 
Mustang Drive Harvest AL 35749 1 Summer Shelton 1507 Bank Street #5 So. Pasadena CA 91 030 j Latonya 
Shepherd 550 Maplewood Ct Berrien Springs Ml 49103 |Sharhonda Sherman 4028 HuntersRidge Drive, 4 
Huntsville AL 30580[Sellie Shines 223 Dona Avenue Jackson MS 39212|Scarlet Shorter 1024 19th PL Sw 
Birmingham AL 35211 | Nathan Shuler 175 Whopping Creek Church Road Carollton GA 301 16 1 Sean Sigh 
1 242 Spring Blade Road Fairbanks AK 99709 [Jessica Simeon 2904 Doreen Lane Marrero LA 70072 [ Christo- 
pher Simmonds 105 Weldrick Rd. E. #404 Richmond H Ontario L4C9Y8 Canada | Benaejah Simmons 7304 
Lea Place Fort Worth TX 761461 Bethany Simmons 7304 Lea Place Fortworth TX 761 40 1 Kianna Simmons 
27 Green Acres Road Devonshire DV08 Bermuda! Lauren Simmons 27 Green Acres Rd. Devonshire DV08 
Bermuda | Lelis Simmons 20810 Deauville Dr. Spring TX 77388 1 Lena Simmons 6807 Mayfair Rd. Laurel MD 
20707|Lorna Simmons 6807 Mayfair Road Laurel MD 20707 j Mia Simms 365 Warwick Avenue, Apt. 102 
Oakland CA 94610| Antonia Simons 29 Middle Road Smith's FL03 Bermuda | Calvin Sims 9726 Slalom Run 
Drive Woodstock MD 21 1 63 1 Wilenise Sineus 1 00 East Viola St. Avon Park FL 33825 1 Mary Singletary 319 
Brooks Avenue Rochester NY 1 461 9 j Carrie Singleton 4300 Hidden Creek Drive Arlington TX 7601 6 j Frederick 
Sloan 1435 Shenandoah Avenue Cincinnati OH 45237 1 Uschett Slosh 4840 Kimber Lane #2 Berrien Springs 
Ml 49103|Veneshia Slosh 4840-2 Kimber Lane Berrien Springs Ml 491 03 1 Holly Small 1891 Paw Paw Av- 
enue Benton I larbor Ml 49022 [Stefan ie Small 150 N. 19th St. Wheatley Heights NY 1 1 798 1 Tiffany Small 

539 North 86th Street Kansas City KS 661 12 1 Diann Small (irving) 4954 Post Road Pass Stone Mountain CA 
30088 j Carla Smart 7408 1 0th Avenue Kenosha Wl 531 43 ] Toneii Smart-Grey 1 660 Middleto Street. Pickering 
Ontario L1 X2J9 Canada | Amy Smith 501 Cervantes Avenue San Diego CA 921 1 3 | Bryant Smith 1 94 Comet 
Drive Toney AL 35773 | Dawn Smith 1 831 8 Lyles Drive Hagerstown MD 21 740 1 Demerious Smith 35 Horse- 
shoe Lane Mullica Hill Nj 08062 1 Dexter Smith 1 28 Miles Farm Rd. Markham Ontario L3S-1Z9 Canada | Janae' 
Smith 2618 Carlsbad Drive, Nw Huntsville AL 35810 [Jennifer Smith 6796 Ashberry Drive Pinson AL 

351 26 1 Kahari Smith 5035 Kyle Lane NW I luntsville AL 3581 1 Kellie Smith 1 1 26 Oster Drive Huntsville AL. 

3581 6 1 Kendal Smith P.O. Box CB 1 3735 Nassau Bahamas | Latesha Smith 1 1 1 3 North 6th Street Atchison KS 
66002 1 Leon Smith 9 St. Annes Road Southampton SN01 Bermuda | Marissa Smith 1 226 Tolkien Road River- 
side CA 92506 | Megan Smith 1 8247 Murray Hill Detroit Ml 48235 | Michael Smith 208 North Cottonwood 
Dr. Goldsboro NC 27530 1 Nicole Smith 331 King Charles Circle Seftner FL 33584 1 Patrice Smith 1 427 Hopkins 
Avenue Dover DE 19901 | Porsha Smith 3176 Kingsdale Drive SW Atlanta GA 3031 1 j Ryan Smith 7406 La 
Salle Avenue Los Angeles CA 90047 ]Sherese Smith 206 Waterview Drive Hendersonville TN 37075 [Troy 
Smith 340 Gillespie Road, Apt-188 Madison AL 35758 [Jonathan Snodgrass 156 Winter Ridge Drive Madi- 
son AL 35757 | Jurelder Solomon 1 1 741 N.w. 35th Street Sunrise FL 33323 [ Rhonda Souvenir 1 1 5 Lawson 
Wall Drive Huntsville AL 35806 1 Shelton Stanley 4019 Carlisle Avenue Baltimore MD 21 21 6 1 Alton Staple 
4420 N.w. 23rd Court Lauderhill FL 3331 3 1 Shamell Staples 1 794 Scott Road Hazel Green AL 35750 [Andrea 
Starks 5602 Rock Quarry Terris Forestville MD 20747 [Sharon Staten 2906 Broadview Huntsville AL 
3581 1 Aquarius Statham 1 22 Bluebird Drive Dallas GA 301 57 | John Stephens 668 W. Washington El Cajon 
CA 92020 1 Mark Stephens 8000 Fairview Dr. Apt. 301 Tamarac FL 33321 | Rhonda Stephens 668 W. Wash- 
ington Ave. #32 El Cajon CA 92020 1 Racquel Stephenson 6742 Sienna Club Place Lauderhill FL 3331 9 1 Rudolph 
Sterling 633 Barbey Street Brooklyn NY 11 207 1 Wesley Sterling 891 Reflections Loop East Winterhaven.FL 


33884|Denise Stewart 6108 Sharon Woods Blvd. Columbus OH 43229 1 Alleta Stiggers P.o. Box 48622 Tulsa OK 
74 1 48 1 Lorraine Stith 243 Intervale Road Teaneck NJ 07666 1 Courtney Stokes 642 Franklin St. Danville VA 24541 1 Nicole 
Stokes 2404 Hickory Ridge Chattanooga TN 37421 jSherwin Stone 129-10 131st Street South Ozone. Park NY 
11 420 1 Danielle Storey 4 Palanga Road Northford CT 06472 iDiann Stoutt P.o. Box 305498 St. Thomas VI 00803 US 
Virgin Island | Toccara Strong 2120 West 16th Avenue Broadview II. 601 55 1 Christopher Stuckey 1908 Ri'deout Rd. 
Huntsville AL | Nona Sturgies 1 504-c Ascent Trail Nw Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Edith Suber 3301 E. Reichert Drive Crete IL 
60417|Shenetta Suber 3301 E. Reichert Drive Crete IL 60417|Lydia Suddler 3785 N. Goddard Road Lithonia GA 
30038 |Shaunte' Sullivan 982 Hammel Street Akron OH 44306 jTarika Sullivan 936 Brown Avenue Westfield NJ 
07090 jAbdulla Sutherland 263 East 202nd Street Bronx NY 10458| Brandie Sutton 108 Matt Phillips Road Huntsville 
AL 35806 1 Stephanie Swaby 174 Fundy Bay Blvd. Scarborough Ontario M1W3G1 Canada | Jonathan Swan 2810 
Broadview Drive Hunstville AL 3581 1 Selena Swan 3 Beach Road Sandys SB01 Bermuda | Treva Sweeney 451 5 Bonnell 
Drive, Apt. 14a Huntsville AL 35816 |Chivohn Sylvester 39 Heathcote Road Elmont NY 1 1003 1 Justin Sylvester 9815 
E. Rockton Circle New Orleans LA 701 27 1 Shanelle Sylvester 4249 Angelo Street Riverside CA 92507 1 Kristina Symonds 
24 Warwick Lane Warwick WK02 Bermuda | 

Valisha Tankard 61 Stadium Heights Devonshire HM15 Bermuda | Alexander Taylor 5552 Oakwood Road Huntsville 
AL 35806 1 Dion Taylor 286 Southridge Dr. Rochester NY 1 4626 1 Estus Taylor 1 5 First St. Unit 9 Stamford CT 06905 1 Lisa 

Taylor 1010 Henderson Road, 14-T Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Monica Taylor 2402 118th Street, Apt. F I luntsville AL 

35806 jMwon Taylor 1397 Foxforrest Circle Apopka FL 32703| Natasha Taylor 286 South Ridge Drive Rochester NY 
1 4626 1 Raymond Taylor 1 01 Henderson Road, 1 4-T Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Reginald Taylor 4430 C Myrtlewood Hunts- 
ville AL 3581 6 1 Robin Taylor 12776 Henderson Ln Madison AL 35756 |Shakema Taylor P.O. Box S.B. 52094 Nassau 
Bahamas | Shenika Taylor P.O. Box CB 12640 Nassau Bahamas | Winston Taylor 1503 Sparkman Drive, Q134 I lunts- 
ville AL 35806 1 Tyra Taylor-Cooks 8971 Rocky Creek Court Elk Grove CA 95758 1 Linda Thelusma 21 51 Shady Grove 
Walk Austell GA 30168 | Natalie Thelwell 1388 Leicster Court Hampton CA 30228 1 Mcintosh Thervil 12720 Ne 13 
Ave Miami FL 33161 |Guy Thevenin 694 Metropolitan Avenue Hyde Park MA 02136 Canada |Alexcia Thomas 3403 
Beechcraft Drive Alexandria VA 22306 |Chinara Thomas 8440 Norris Lake Way Snellville GA 30039 1 Elizabeth Tho- 
mas 651 Elton Street, Apt. A12 Brooklyn NY 11 208 1 George Thomas 130-41 233rd Street Laurelton NY 11413|Joetta 
Thomas 1501 Haiston Circle, Apt. C Huntsville AL 3581 6 [Jonathan Thomas 1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 19e Huntsville 
AL. 3581 6 ! Michelle Thomas 161 Laura Rd. Toronto Ontario M3N1Z8 Canada |Raamah Thomas 409 Spruce Court 
Hernden VA 20170 IRajeeni Thomas 209 Peabody Road Meridianville AL 35759 1 Shari Thomas 305 Scoville Street 
NW Orangeburg SC 291 1 5 1 Tory Thomas 2531 Dora! Way West Palm Beach FL 33407 1 Angel Thompson 21 74 Juanita 
Street Decatur GA 30032 j Christopher Thompson 1 1 1 Charles Street Beaufort SC 29902 | Crystal Thompson 1275 
Old Bayfront Drive Mobile AL 3661 5 | Dwayne Thompson 2240 Planters Cove Circle Lawrenceville GA 30044 |jason 
Thompson 61 03 Jefferson Drive Reading PA 1 9606 1 Julie Thompson 921 1 Lakeshore Drive Kenosha Wl 531 58 1 Krystal 
Thompson 146-03 226 Street Rosedale NY 11413 IQuenesther Thompson 288 Crown Street, Apt. 5k Brooklyn NY 
1 1 225 1 Adrian Thome 2005 Rosewood Drive Huntsville AL 3581 1 Theodore Thorpe 1 408 Union Street Brooklyn NY 
1 1 21 3 |Jared Thurman 21 Ivy Hall Lane Sicklerville NJ 08081 I Ricardo Tillery Edwards Hall, B1 -3B Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 1 Sean Tillery 21 Laurel Wood Road Newport News VA 23602 1 Jewel Timmons 22600 Parkview 
Dr. Richton Park IL 60471 j Ezara Todd 69 My Lords Bav Lane Crawl CR02 Bermuda IDenise Tolbert 12703 Laurie 
Drive Silver Spring MD 20904 1 Gladys Tom 1 61 5 SE Bleasner Dr. Pullman WA 991 63 1 Sherice Tomlin 5242 Chakanotosa 
Circle Orlando FL 3281 8 1 Hector Torres 5014 Oakwood Road, Apt. 3 Huntsville AL 35896 j Wanda Trotman 3607 
Glendale Lane Huntsville AL 3581 j Devonnett Troupe 98 West Hamilton Avenue Englewood NJ 0763 1 1 Lamata Troupe 
98 W. Hamilton Avenue Englewood N| 07631 [Alicia Trusty 261 7 Sweet Oaks Circle Germantown TN 38 1 38 1 Rashawn 
Tucker 1010 Club View Dr. Huntsville AL 35816 | William Tull 7 Hibiscus Drive Khyber Pass Warwick VVK03 
Bermuda (Andre Turner 2709 Trailridge Huntsville AL 3 r >810| Michael Turner 24429 106th Ave Se Kent WA 
98031 j Monique Turner 24429 1 06th Ave SEKent WA 98031 | Samuel Turner 2996 Brighton Road shaker Heights OH 
44120, Tiffiny Turner 874 Douglas Drive Pine Forge PA 1 9548 1 

) WA 991 63 1 Sherice Tomlin 5242 Chakanotosa 
3 Huntsville AL 35896 j Wanda Trotman 3607 
>n Avenue Englewood NJ 0763 1 j Lamata Troupe 
M Oaks Circle Germantown TN 38 ! 38 \ Rashawn 

7 Hibiscus Drive Khyber Pass Warwick VVK03 

Kimberly Linger 8710 Woods End San Antonio "I'X 78240 j Michelle Urena 25 Sunnyside Drive Apt.1-d Yonkers NY 
10705 1 Christopher Usher 10525 Country Ridge Drive Upper Marlboro MD 20772 |Norman Usher 19166 Brownville 

Street Cassopolis Ml 49031 | 

Tamisha Valcin 173 Nw 108th Street Miami FL 33168 jjosie Valentin 15 Sandalwood Dr. Warren NJ 07059 1 Porfirio 
Valerio 230 Martense Street Brooklyn NY 1 1 226 1 Wesley Valmir 6890 Compass Court Orlando FL 3281 1 Michaila Vance 
4717 Wheaton Lane Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Porsche Vanderhorst 4674 Weston Place Olney MD 20832 jShalisha 

Vanderhorst 11800 A Old Gergorgetown Rd. #17 North Bethesda MD 20852] Jason Vanderpool 648 Bralorne Drive 
Stone Mountain CA 30087 1 Brittany VanPutten 215 T.G.T. Road Portland TN 37148 1 Marcus Vassell 124 East 34th St., 
Apt-1 Brooklyn NY 11203 |Adrienne Vaughan 32301 Alvin Garden City Ml 48135 Jamaal Venter 2216 Jonathan Drive, 
Apt. D Huntsville AL 35810|Charmicielle Venters 2156 Catskill Street Hillcrest Heights MD 20748 |Cassandre Verneus 
17 Annadea Road Brockton MA 02302 (Gerard Vertilus 1512 N. 16 Street Ft Pierce FL 34950 |Yonnett Victor 9896 
Willow Cove Road Huntsville AL 35802 1 Marline Victorin 131 West Street. Hyde Park MA 021 36 1 Dana Vincent 300 
Derwyn Road Lansdowne PA 1 9050 1 

Gabriel Wade 6107 Heatherglen Drive Arlington TX 76017|Jarret Wade 2105 25th Avenue South Seattle WA 
98144jVershonda Waiters 1000 Clement Street Apt. 21 Florence SC 29501 1 Keri Wakefield 7079 Horseshoe Circle 
Conway SC 29527 1 Ronald Walbrook 1419 Shakespeare Avenue Apt.4h Bronx NY 10452 | Gregory Walcott1419 
Shakespeare Avenue, Apt-1 j Bronx NY 10452 1 Brent Waldon 2461 Augusta Way Kissimmee FL 34746 1 Kawaisha Waldon 
2461 Augusta Way Kissimmee FL 34746 1 Andre' Walker 161 County Street New Haven CT 0651 1 |Charlene Walker 33 
Rushmore Cres Brampton Ontario L6Z-1 R1 Canada j Daniel Walker 838 Maple Street Brooklyn NY 1 1 203 1 Darryl Walker 
57 Maple Drive Amityville NY 1 1 701 | Davion Walker 838 Maple Street Brooklyn NY 1 1 203 1 Erica Walker 800 Douglass 
Drive Boyertown PA 1 951 2 1 Jescia Walker 4821 NW 1 75th Terrace Miami FL 33055 | Kenny Walker 1 358 Oak Crest Way 
Antioch CA 94509 1 Lakesy Walker 1901 Haren, #121 Henderson NV 89015|Lanair Walker 5648 North Farhill Street 
Philadelphia PA 19120| Lourie Walker 24890 Bay Avenue Moreno Valley CA 92553 jSharlee Walker 619 Quincy Street 
Apt. 1 r Brooklyn NY 1 1 221 1 Keisha Wallace 1 072 Timber Trace Road Powhatan VA 231 39 j Shaun Wallace 1 3300 Morris 
Road Apt-1 83 Alpharetta GA 30004 1 Angela Waller 5535 Pepper Drive Rockford IL 61 1 1 4 j Dorian Ward 247 Childs Drive 
Atlanta GA 3031 4 j Fred Warfield 219 Grubb Road Newfield NJ 08344 |Timesha Warno 263 Copley Court Freehold NJ 
07728|Jerrick Warren 508 North Bluff Street Berrien Springs Ml 49103 | Kerri-Ann Warren 40 Lawrence Avenue New- 
Windsor NY 12553 | Lawanza Warren 4428 Torrance Drive Apt. 4 Huntsville AL 3581 6 (Augustine Washington P.o. Box 
1771 Hedgesville WV 25427 1 Noah Washington 2809 Kirtland Avenue Forestville MD 20747! Perry Washington 1133 
East San Mudele Fresno CA 93710|Kandace Waters 3302 Anvil Block Road Ellenwood GA 30294 (Calvin Watkins 3617 
Hardwick Court Douglasville GA 301 35 j Christopher Watkins 2028 Rosewood Circle Huntsville AL 3581 1 Harry Watkins 
656 Swamp Creek Drive Jonesboro GA 30236 jKatara Watkins 3834 Gateway Terrace Burtonsville MD 20866 jMyecha 
Watkins 4064 Big Valley Trail Stone Mt. GA 30088 | Theodore Watkins 3834 Gateway Terrace Burtonsville MD 
20866 1 Harrelson Watson 3275 Thornridge Trail Douglasville GA 301 35 1 Chalonda Webb P.o. Box 1 683 Independence 
MO 64055 1 Norton Webb 6102 Rickwood Drive Huntsville AL 35810 (Nicole Webster 314 NE 1st Street Hallandale FL 
33009 1 Jeremiah Weekes 4955 Trailview West Bloomfield Ml 48322 (Joan Weekes 7000 Aclventist Boulevard Oakwood 
Co Huntsville AL 35896 1 Lequicha Weems 1 1 2 Clubhouse Lane Madison AL 35757 1 Jamie Welch 8726 Hurricane Manor 
Trail Chattanooga TN 37421 j Erica Wells 824 Hedge Way, #7 Las Vegas NV 891 1 j Daniel West 21 68 Willarcl Street Fort 
Myers FL 33916jKristina West 400 Peregrine Street Virginia Beach VA 23462 (Theodoric Weston 2109 Ridge Street 
South Boston VA 24592 1 Eunice Wheeler 341 2 Tall Timbers Circle Nw Huntsville AL. 3581 1 Eva. Michelle Wheeler 341 2 
Tall Timbers Circle, Nw Huntsville AL 35810 (Aaron White 8166 North Calaveras Fresno CA 93711 |Angella White 4605 
Robindale Road Knoxville TN 37921 (Christopher White 207 Ella Lane Daiton GA 30720 1 Denry White 343 St. Nicholas 
Avenue, Apt. 67 New York NY 10027 (Jasmine White 30 Midstream Road Pine Hill NJ 08021 (Robert White 1970 Glen- 
dale Avenue Kansas City KS 661 04 1 Staci White 1 655 Old Railroad Bed Road Harvest AL 35749 1 William White 8275 East. 
Nicaragua Drive Tucson AZ 85730 1 Ayanna Whyte 1903 Sahara Lane Bowie MD 20721 | Kali Wilder 31 7 East 7th Street 
Lakewood NJ 08701 [Annette Wiley 9168 Ashbum Drive Stockton CA 95209 (Ashley Wilkins 1213 Swingingdale Drive 
Silver Spring MD 20905 1 Alex Williams 3405 Via Dolce, Apt. 304 Marina Del Rey CA 90292 j Bianca Williams 1 7 Harvey 
Hill Road Devonshire FI01/BDA Bermuda | Carlin Williams 6545 Sundance Court Lincoln NE 68512 (Chantay Williams 
4876 Peace Street Memphis TN 381 09 1 Danielle Williams 843 Baldwin Drive Westbury NY 1 1 590 1 Dantae Williams 1 6 
FriswelPs Road Pembroke HM15 Bermuda | Dara Williams 6980 Cabral Street. Pensacola FL 32503 (Edward Williams 
1 807 Seminary Street Nashville TN 37207 j Elvert Williams 281 1 Springfield Road Peoria IL 61 61 1 1 Helen Williams 7078 
Wheeler Drive Clio Ml 48420 | Isbelia Williams 830 Nw 38th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale FL 33.31 1 (Jennifer Williams 8381 
East Court Street. Davidson Ml 48423 1 Joanne Williams 251 9 Elton Road Huntsville AL 3581 (Joel Williams 71 4 Kilkenny 
Street Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Jon-Nita Williams 248 Kelsey Lynn Lane Huntsville AL 35806 j Joseph Williams 393 Hazelwood 
Terrace Rochester NY 1 4609 1 Joshua Williams 714 Kilkenny Street Huntsville AL 35816| Kareem Williams 2932 Old 
South Drive Jonesboro GA 30236 1 Kenneth Williams 8811 Charlston Woods Drive Mason OH 45040 (Marquita Will- 

ianis 1208 Silk Oak Drive Suisun CA 94535 |Monique Williams 141-21 255th Street Rosedale NY 
11422|Nashon Williams 111 Craydon Court, #4 Silver Spring MD 20910|Nathania Williams 2012 
Rosehaven Street Charleston SC 29414 |Nevin Williams 16 Friswell's Road Pembroke HM15 
Bermuda | Okemus Williams 202 Ruth Circle Greenwood MS 38930 1 Omar Williams 686 1/2 East 223rd 
Street Bronx NY 1 0466 j Orlyn Williams 16 Friswell's Road Hamilton HM15 Bermuda | Rebekah Will- 
iams 35 Devon Springs Road Devonshire DV08 Bermuda | Regina Williams 1401 Bankhead Highway, 
Apt. EE9 Atlanta. GA 3031 8 1 Robin Williams 921 South Aprilia Avenue Compton CA 90220 1 Ronnie Wil- 
liams 2007 Flagstone Drive Apt-407 Madison AL 35758 |Sacoastia Williams 4451 Friden Drive Jackson- 
ville FL 32209 1 Sean Williams 2710 Garvin Road Huntsville AL 35810] Shawn Williams 6324 Loring 
Drive Columbia MD 21 045) Stan Williams 2225 Ora Court Bakersfield CA 93306 (Stephen Williams 
1 928 Rainbow Drive Cedar Falls I A 5061 3 | Sur Williams 591 7 Maple Avenue St. Louis MO 631 1 2 1 Tamika 
Williams 2094 Carmel Circle Corona CA 92882 |Tenicha Williams 7200 S.coles Apt-409 Chicago IL 
60649 1 Tiffany Williams 6324 Loring Drive Columbia MD 21045 1 Vanessa Williams 3986 Cedarvale 
Road Syracuse NY 1 321 5| Wendi Williams 921 South Aprilia Compton CA 90220 1 Nichole Williams- 
Alexander 6746 Calvine Road Sacramento CA 95823 |Antweyne Williamson 13812 Melzer Avenue 
Cleveland OH 441 20 1 James Williamson 3718 Pratt Avenue, Apt. #2 Bronx NY 10466 (Jessica 
Williamson 21323 Old North Church Road Frankfort IL 60423 1 Keturah Williamson 1700 East Date 
Street Apt.2099 San Bernardino CA 92404 |Shantelle Williamson 1040 East 226 Street Bronx NY 
1 0466 1 Jonathan Willis 481 7 Sweetbriar Terrace Harrisburg PA 1 71 1 1 1 Roy Willis 481 7 Sweetbrier Ter- 
race Harrisburg PA 1 7111 1 Roy Willis 7535 Lerose Drive Jonesboro GA 30236 1 Cheryll Wilson 262 Browns 
Road Nesconset NY 1 1 767 1 Curtis Wilson 3409 Leroy Drive Huntsville AL 3581 1 Felicia Wilson 2121 7 
East Washington St. #1 39 Walnut CA 91 789 | Kimberly Wilson 3030 Matthew Road Detroit: Ml 491 03 j 
Meretle Wilson 365 Shelton Road, Apt. 110 Madison AL 35758 (Michael Wilson 830B Nob Hill Drive 
Birmingham AL 35209 |Sharlene Wilson 48920 Denton Rd., Apt- 3 Belleville Ml 48111 1 Tiffany Wilson 
P.o. Box 2252 Homewood IL 60430 (Victor Wilson 6300 Old Canton Road, Apt. 9-108 Jackson MS 
39211 (Yolanda Wilson 1 109 Brown Street, Apt. 2G Peekskiil NY 10566|Yole' Wilson 4310 Boxwood 
Court Huntsville AL 3581 6 | Kelly Wimberley 9249 Fourth Street Berrien Springs Ml 491 03 ( Kyle Wimbish 
3438 Cherry Hill Court Beltsville MD 20705 (Johnny Wimbley P.o. Box 5854 Huntsville AL 3581 4Tiffany 
Windham 6584 Coventry Point Austell GA 301 68 (Todd Windham 6584 Coventry Point Austell GA 
30168] Lynet Winfrey 4937 Cotton Row, Apt. D Huntsville AL 358161 Lakisha Winters 3802 Battle- 
field Drive Huntsville AL 35810! Haroon Wisdom 1 Sagamore Circle Pomona NY 10970| Kristopher 
Wisdom 4320 Midway Drive Douglasville GA 30134|Ysaak Wisdom 4320 Midway Drive Douglasville 
CA 301 34 1 Juliet Wise 691 Julia Street, Apt. 2 Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Summer Wood 9305 Snowhill 
Estates Lane Laurel MD 20708 1 Keith Woodard 136 Southern Plaza Drive Dudley NC 28333 1 leasha 

Woods 1 588 I Iwy #2 Courtice Ontario LI E2R6 Canada | Natasha Woods 1 588 Hwy #2 Courtice Ontario 

L1E2R6 Canada | Marcia Woodson 9243 8th Avenue Hesperia CA 92345 |Tiana Woolard 12510 
Woodstock Drive, East. Upper Marlboro MD 20772 (Annamarie Works P.o. Box 133 Oakwoocl College 

I luntsvil'le AL 35896 1 Adrian Wright 41 25 Sarnia Lane SW Atlanta GA 30331 1 Andre' Wright 4125 Sarnia 

Lane SW Atlanta GA 30331 1 Brandon Wright 61 4 Little Wekiva Road Altamonte Springs FL 3271 4 1 Carmen 
Wright 3314 Cherrybrook Drive Jamestown NC 27282 1 Courtney Wright 5609 S. Arch Bridge Court 
Arlington TX 7601 7 1 Hilary Wright 1 474 North Holliston Avenue Pasadena CA 91 1 04 1 Juannette Wright 
5025 Galaxy Way, Apt #802 Huntsville AL 3581 6 1 Ravida Wright 1474 North Holliston Avenue Pasadena 
CA 91 1 04 1 Tammi Wright 3509 Madrid Drive Ft. Worth TX 761 33 1 Brooke Wright-clayton 6941 For- 
est Lake Boulevard Lincoln NE 68516 | Alyxis Wynder 2208 Brahan Avenue, Apt. A Huntsville AL 
3581 6 1 Brenda Wynn 21 5 West Sanderfer Road Athens AL 3561 1 | Johnathan Wynn 1 01 43 Park Ridge 
Drive Indianapolis IN 46229 j 

Jennifer Yates 2234 Bunkerhill Road, NE Washington DC 20018 | Taoshin Yawn 727 Museum Drive 
Los Angeles CA 90065 ( Krystal Yearwood 651 1 Canterlea Drive Orlando FL 32818 | Megan Yelorda 
900 West 1 1 4th Terrace Kansas City MO 641 1 4 | Peter Seth Yelorda 900 West 1 1 4th Terrace Kansas City 
MO 641 1 4 | Elisa Young 71 1 Cumberland Place Tampa FL 3.361 7 | Eryn Young 1 641 West 37th Street 
Los Angeles CA 90018 ( George Young P.o. Box 7334 Riverside CA 92513 j Teresa Young 7110 
Cumberland Place Tampa FL 33617 | Tishona Young 4838 Bradingtion Court Columbus OH 43229 j 
Desiree Young-Hurst 5420 Lincoln Street Hollywood FL 33021 | Shannon Youngman 5871 North Irish 
Pat Murphy Dr.Parker CO 801 34 | 



It seams almost impossible that four years of college have 
happened so quickly. We are so grateful to the LORD for bringing 
you through yet another milestone in your life. You should know 
that we are very proud of you for a job well done. We celebrate with 
you. As you enjoy the moment, kick back a little and take a rest and 
well be right here as you prepare for your next level of education. 
We are confident that the LORD will place you in the medical 
school of His choice and that, mydear, will be the best choice. 




^^z J 

J / 

(Idoyd, Jean, and Emn Ruff) 

Where there is a will there is a way! 

Since I am in God's will, 

I know He will show me the way. 

I would like to praise G-od for my Mother, who is my 
role model, my friend, the one who believed in me, 
never gave up on me and loves me. 

I would also like to praise God for my sisters 
Rosheda and Roshana. You're my inspiration. 
And I cannot forget my family, my New Hope church 
family, my friends Oakwood and New York, my broth- 
ers and sisters, and Pops. 

Thank you ALL for your prayers, love and support. 

Thank You 

to our son 

Ricardo Alexander Daphnis 

We are so proud of who you are, and who you are be- 
coming. Continue to set high goals for yourself, and 
strive to be the BEST! Remember that God's ideal for 
you is "higher than the highest human thought..." 
Put Christ first at all times and He will bring you through. 

Yes, you can make a difference. 




J\277i AAz'viors 


JEft «T^ •„ ^ 


~ '"*" 'i ' 




;, m / ML 


wjf .2. 

Congratulations on achieving your double bachelor's degree. And as 
you continue to pursue your studies for your Master's in Health Care Ad- 
ministration and Business Management make the Lord your priority. 
Remember that He is the one that has brought you through all of this. 
Take Him where ever you go. Well done! I am very proud of you. 


Cs©fi%r&t\jl&tmti$ Chartfeaift'cff 

We are proud of you! 

We knew with the Lord's help you could do it 

and you did. 

Keep your head high, Give the Lord Praise. 

The best is yet to come. 

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. 

Remember: Self-confidence is the best attire; 

always appropriate whatever the occasion. 


I Worn & "Dd, %fflft ^Undka, ^nti^foUom 
andiii oiokoi ^amlla kinhiitik W 

Our 'Dearest Daughter %janna , 

Z\(jft>er forget 
3fo<ti> zMucb We JZffte Ton 

Sometimes parent's don't make their feelings clear; they as- 
sume that their children know of the deep love they feel for 
them. Yet when misunderstandings occur, and things are left 
unsaid, it can lead to needless doubts and insecurities. 

We don't ever want you to feel insecure, and we want you to 
remeber these words we are telling you now, because they will 
always be current and never changing.... 

You are one of the greatest gifts that God has endowed upon 
us. There is nothing we would rather see than your smile, ot 
rather hear than your laughter. 

We are proud of the person that you have become. And no 
matter what happens in your life, we have confidence in your 
ability to make the right choices. We Love You. 

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given us. 

Always remember the wonderful lessons you learned from 
Grandma Edmonde. Although she is no longer here to celebrat 
with you, know that she too was very proud of you. Carry her 
memory forever in your heart until you see her again on that 
great reunion day. 

Congratulations ! ! ! 

£olpe you always 
zMom & T>ad 

We are so proud of you big sister. Always keep God in your heart and you will achieve all 
your dreams and aspirations. God bless you always. Congratulations & Good Luck! ! ! 

Love you forever, 
Nlkki & Mikey 

Over the past years you eac 
have grown into mature, edu- 
cated adults. Through life's hard 
wessons y° uv ^^^^pd strong 
not compromising your goals; 
supporting and encouraging 
each other along the way. Always 
remember God as you enter an- 
other phase of your lives. 
We thank God for each of you. 

The Family 

Chris Carter 

Kito Chapman 

Jordan Earle 

Adaira Ford 

Eugene Johnson 

Courtney Wright 


Lady bug! 

Danita Patrice Fowter 

Por "Hie. pa«."t~ XT year* ve>u bavc bce.10 vJor\-\\r\ci \o\N<\r<&& TV»i«e> p£>if-»T. TVie. Time. U<*«» -fifiallY c-c>wie, 
afid we arc pverwUelvneeJ w'iTU pride, \ov, an<* adwviiraTioi'-*. Y^ Uave alwc*Y«e» "E»«td TViaT y<?^ were 
pUc-ed on TWi«& ear-TU \o <&o b'i<* TVi'm***. Mow Uere'«> y 01 **" c-Uai^c-e. Y^ <wc- <* verY i»'Vi"elli^ei'-»T UcK/ 
atod y^u Uave "Hie abili"^ ^•'"id iiVie. <&e?CeJcvv\\v\<\\\oyr\ To be *vre.aT ov^e, day. I^eep yoKXr vnmdamel «&£>ul 
•focused cvn Go<?l amd Ue will *ee y oiA T>tr<?u<*W». 



M«y £c>d c~pv~\Ttv~\\Ae, To h\t 

e*»«» vow i\r\ vcur 





Cxemplifing Christianity Through Actions 

; 1 

- ';„■■■,■•:,„ 



ears of 





E>LAOd A&LC 6I6TEJ2.6 <?F Ej-E^AHCE. 

Celebrating n yeaea *f Llexjance 


S Hzonzialulalionb ^Jecnsie and ^/k via on yotti many accotniiJiJimenh't. W' aie &o laovd of you!! rfi 






^eaize &&kma 

on your 
Qollege Qraduation 

To our Beloved son and brother 

Qeorge ^Andrew Thomas, 3UU , 

We are elated that the Lord allowed you 

to stay focused during your 4 years at 

Oakwood College. We are extremely 

proud of your accomplishments. Continue 

to keep God first in the future because He 

has a plan and will direct your path. 

With all our loJ>e, 

'Dad, zMom, U^ana 
Desmond &> Qiana 

To our Beautiful daughter 

£\yra T)ummett 

We are very proud and thankful that Lord 

has blessed us with you. With Christ you 

have set and attained high goals. Your 

deligence and hard work has paid off and 

for that we are very proud. 

With all our lo"t>e, 

'Dad, (£yllpia, Qrandma 
and zAtint Doreen 







Qeorge &> ^j^yra, 

Congratulations on your 

graduation. We are very 

proud of the both of 

you. Continue to put 

God first and everything 

else will fall into place. 


The 'Dummett (S- 9 Thomas 


ni) ok 


??/ 09 dw 9.JU ''nuounvnj^uiooov h'uviu wofi 140 mhvj^fvv dSwig, WMfvpifviSu-ocfa 

On your birthday we wish 

All the joys you heart can hold 

All the smiles the students bring 

All the blessings OC life can unfold 

dy you have Gods best in everything 

Van Carrin 





United. Student Movement 
Congratulates the 
Class of 2003. 
Remember the " REVIVAL " 
begins with you. 

Fred R. War field-President 

Matin L.K. Lister- Exective Vice Jerry Martin- Soical Vice 

Kevin M. Barnease- Athletic Vice 
Haven Fair- Academic Vice Morris Carlye- Religious Vice 

Shanna Scarlett-Web^ graphics 
Anika Powell- Treasurer Dwayne Boone- Public Relations 

Katara Watkins Spreading Oak Editor 
Adaira J. Ford- Acorn Editor Justin Davis- Music Coordinator 
Mactiosh Thervill- Special Events Coordinator 
Joslynn Francois- Senate Secretary 
Kevin Jules- Parliamentarian 
Teleka Patrick & Odette Lubin- Executive Secretary 




To a... 

who has become. 

great daughter, 

Truly Black 

loving sister, 

We Love You 


We are Proud of you 

Diddy, Mama, Chris& Paulette, Fred, Kim 
& the kids, James Euwanza and the kids, 
Darryl , Evette and the Kids and Edith. 

I tried writing a poem but I'm no poet, but I'm proud of your accomplishments 
and I want you to know it. Finishing school in less then ten years overcoming 
obstecals and confronting your fears. Now you've proven to yourself that you 
can do anything you want. This is your time to shine go ahead and flaunt. I'm 
happy for you Congrats Grad ! 

$oot Muaaai,, 

aook tiitu anient £kttnl 

doeial Work Graduates 

of 2003 

Toyosi Atolagbe 
Tonia Austin 
Cariela Belgrave 
Lavona Cassimy 
Karine Champagne 
Yannique Clark 
Kimra Dewindt 
Andrew Dottin 
Skyra Dummett 
Tamika Duncombe 
Lorraine Frye 
Kerrianne Golding 

Monique Hall 
Charmaine Kerr 
April Oakes 
Shauna Sears 
Ryan Smith 
Shenetta Smith 
Florence Sutton 
Ricardo Tilley 
Denise Tolbert 
Jaunnette Wright 
Ravida Wright 


We Entered to Learn, and Depart to Serve 




«^^(Mr 'fi 


.- "'-', 




Hc^3K £ 

* i ~*~r 

|l ,4||" 1 

> 1 


. f 

^Bf <I^^P 

^HT^^ w^m 

' if 

' "■■' ... 

1 , » 




f i- 


' ^^* 

^ ■*. 


M m 



! V 

1 1 "jRc" > 


16 -^^l 

dials' ' '$' ^*'&(S^™ 


^^BP/rtK^ t 

r ■ *• 

:'lk ^ 


• A, 

t ., i ; j 

bi 1 

ig ba 

From the park, to the gym and finally the 
real wood. Students and players alike en- 
joyed a game in a new setting. Hosted by 
the NBDL Hunstville Flight team the Am- 
bassador guys and girls played a home 
game on the Von Braun court. The night 
was higlighted as the guys beat our sister 
school, Columbia Union College, Washing- ' 
ton, D.C.; the Aerostars tumbling for half- 
time; and the girls putting up a good game 
worth watching. We even got to see 
Oakwood student interns at work during the j 
Flight game. BIG Ball-ers!! 



' 4 

1 1 

■ 4< Iw A 

all photos 'off-the-wall' 






the stars 

The fizz, pops and glare of fhe 2003 
Banquet opening act brought 
sparkles to the eyes of the 
unexpectant guests. A pyotechic dis- 
play, along with vibrant voices and 
song of gospel recording artists (and 
Oakwood Alumni!) VIRTUE set the spirit 
of the night leaving guest wonder- 
ing what better was to come. Their 
curiosity was quickly relieved as the 
jam-packed 3-hour program moved 
smoothly along. 

Spicing up the plain old banquet regi- 
ment Jerry Martin USM Social Vice 
and team themed the banquet 
"Night Among the Stars." The Oak 
Awards, patterned after the Emmys, 
highlighted students (stars of the 
evening) who were nominated in 
catagories by peers, The intermis- 
sion acts were performed by Sean 
Tillery, Soul Cry, Marcus Higgs, 
"The Band" and a few others. 
Awards were presented by stu 
dents from all classifications 
and genders. The elegant 
night is truly to be remem 

m m 








-rM»s '& 



2003 Oak /4w<w? 

'Best /Hale ~Oooalisl 

'Best 6}teufj/T)uo ofc the fyea? 

Justin Davis 

Completely His 

Steve Mackey 


Ennis Johnson 

Kindred Spirit 

Sean Tillery 

Soul Cry 

'Best < J-entale "Oecallst 

/Host < ~falente2) iDnstmmenlalh 

Jasmine Murrell 

Teleka Patrick 

Chavvah McCoy 

Nathan Anderson 

Wendy Williams 

Mathias Patrick 

Porche Vanderhorst 

Theodore Thorpe 

"Best Dresse? /Hale 

'Best T>tessed ^J-entale 

Kean Baxter 

Krystal Thompson 

Stephen Sanders 

Kia Henley 

Dwayne Edwards 

Renee Ramon 

Pierre Cantave 

Allycin Powell-Hicks 

Cutest /Hate futile 

Michael Grey 
Jonathan Fowler 
Mcintosh Thervil 
Michael Turner 

/Host School ^ylrttet 

Kevin Barnease 
Crystal Crain 
Elise Fryson 
Marquis Jackson 

^veshman efo the fyea* 

Jasmine Murrell 
Jonathan Jackson 
James Barber 
Clifton Jessup 

Cutest Couple 

Twila Drew & Noah Washington 
Raginee Edwards & Kean Baxter 
Patirce Smith & Carlos Allers 
Katara Watkins & Dewayne Boone 

'Best /Hale /kthlete 

Philip Austin 
Jermaine Brown 
Lamont Perry 
Daniel Faulkner 

^eniev ofo the fyeav 

Sara Osi 
Seth Yelorda 
Noah Washington 
Terry-Ann Griffin 

'Best ^eitfcciHttanee /(rtist 

Jonathan Scott 
Shalondra McKinney 
Omnipotent Hands 
Tamiya King 

Cutest female futile 

Zara Grant 
Shalondra McKinney 
Marie Sanders 
Bianca Williams 

'Best female /kthlete 

Tiffany Claiborne 
Hillary Sanders 
Sabrina Prieur 
Erica Marrow 

/Host Aeoed faculty/ ^tafifi 

Dr. Sandra Price 

Dr. Anthony Paul 

Dr. Craig Newborn 

Drs. Delbert & Susan Baker 

/Host Aukely te become ^^esibent efc OC 

John T. Boston 
Fred Warfield 
Martin Lister 
Troy Bright 

anb the toinnetfs ave 


All nominations were 
strictly student based - 
a 3 week campaign of 
nominations and 
eliminations were 
conducted to decide 
the Oak Award win- 
ners. The USM nor 
school officials are re- 
sponsible for catagory 

, tcoa /Hackey - 'Best /Hale "Dooalist 
^ Chaooah /PlcCcy - 'Best female Docalist 


H /HcDntesk TJutoll - Cutest /Hale £>niU 


'Blanca Williams - Cutest female futile 
/V- -Hawucnu - 'Best C^jroufj/Duo cfi the fyea* 
Kevin !*>a?nease - /Host School £>yintec* 
/Lament \J>ewq - 'Best /Hale /Kthlete 
-Hillary ^anbars - "Best female /Athlete 

ICcan Baxter - 'Best Dressed /Hale 

/Crystal c ~lMem^scn - "Best Dressed female 

TV Craig flctobern - /host Aooe? faculty/ £ta$ 

Jtaglnac dbwarbs Sc Kean ^Baxter - Cutest Couple 

^X&Uka ''pattlek - /Host <r falenteb Dnstrumenlalist 

Jonathan £cctt - 'Best "performance /Artist 

- freshman of the tyear 

£>ara Osl - Renter of the tyear 

/}chn c Js. ^Boston - /Host Aikelq to become president of OC 



Hbid MMi 

"What time can you do It, Thursday night in the 
TV room at Ford, or Friday afternoon outside on 
the bench, or downstairs in Blake?" 
A question that many Oakwood men < 
prepare ourselves to get braided, twisted, corn 
rolled, or platted up for the weekends festivities 
we simply ask... "Can you braid my Mr?" 

-> : '/■■'' > r - : ,' : './ 


students travel to Oakwood in a variety of ways, via the friendly skies, rails, or even th( 
dreaded Greyhound, but the mast majority make their expedition to Oakwood on th( 
wings of Goodyear and the tread of Michellin tires. Some trek from Canada and Cal 
others from Texas and Tennessee. For some it's an hour's drive, for others it's a week 
But as the farmlands, lowlands, and country mile pass Oakwoodites are brought home 
Sports cars, sedans, SUVs, and trucks with various tags fill Oakwood parking lots, thei 
passengers' road to graduation a little friendlier. 


d^&& ! m%&*£&3;L ; i\ i^i^H 


Sitting in Class 

Theo Nicholson III 

Sitting in class, with nothing to do 

Writing notes in black ink, not blue. 

Sitting in class, bored almost to tears 

Sitting in class, watching the passing of 

Long gone are the days of playing and 

Now I must work and slave till the day is 


Wondering why I chose to come here 

Why would I want to waste 4 good 


Is it the money, the fame, or future? 

Or maybe it's my desire for wounds to 


Sitting in class wondering these things 

Waiting for rehearsal in which I will sing 

Sitting in class thinking of life 

Wondering if I came here for a wife 

I believe no, but most say yes 

Some say searching for women will put 

hair on your chest 

Well, I am still bare-chested with no 

hairy mane 

So if I was looking, I guess my search was 

in vain 

Sitting in class with nothing to do 

Wondering which, if any, lifestyle I will 



the greatest hits 

nadine Undo 

I think I wanted to 

record the 

moment I realized 

it was over 

Last looks 

No regrets 

Loose capablities from 

a four year sentance 

to unsecrepulous 


Defensive nature for all 

the things I wanted 

to interject 

I think I wanted to 

refocus my intentions 

on what absolutely resolved 


Because I sat 

around you 

pass and I got older 

and my health 

I think I wanted to 

remeber when I 

told myself it was 


going back to the 

time when I anticipated 

you crushing the leaves 

as you approached me 

not that it was ever you 

And instinct was never 

used until I knew 

I was new 

Newly baptized 

Newly bought garments 

Newly purchased smile 

at the expense of my 


Back then, 

he rubbed my shoulders 

It made sense the first time I wrote it 

I write it our of my 

situational moment 

I wirte it out to never 

write him and mean you 

I write it out of the 

life I never got to 

experience because 

I decided I would 




I knew. 

Screams. Capn' 
Crunch (only 
with the Ber- 
ries). Pringles. 
The production 
through the 
eyes of the 

"okay now, for real 


gotta focus 



ira ford 

Special tributes to... 

GOD ~ my "sane side" MOM & Daddy I 
YOU., being you ~ "the Aorta"ONE and 
ONLY yearbook camera-GOOD 
Shot! ~ Kevin you are the bestESTESTJ 
buddy ever, hanging in when ALL others 
fell out~Rajeeni for making sure I kept 
organized to graduate ~ Danita and my 
Girls for capturing me out of the whirlwind 
and keeping me grounded ~ to my 
iroomate (and the three extras) ~J 
EXAS! ~ Tobey & Nathaniel at Wal-Martj 
|photolab~mylilbro' Durandel~and Bay. 




' " fowler 


auren rugiess 

C Or 

photA^iG+of pi I© 


mcoie lunav 

iffani bradlev 

iehael faison 
ecllth suber 


seratrae blanchard 

)iR»& G RAPHER rochelle carter 

damion miller 

dedication, a word that 
has a whole new meaning 
to me. It is when you 
stand in the mental dark- 
ness and wait. Not idle 
though, because that is 
not productivity. It's the 
laughter when cussing is 
expected, the hope that it 
will begin instead of end. 
Dedication trusts others while unsure of you. 
Wonders why anyone ever did it, instead of 
how they did. Knowing that everything has 
to work together while remembering to pray. 
This year was a truly unexplainable. I now 

see why past editors and 
staff began writing on the 
walls. The ultimate rush 
gained from a squeaky 
marker against the surface of a cold, red brick 
is better than taking anyone's headache medi- 
cation. This rare outlet, that is fascinating art- 
work to many is a life support. Sitting back 
you feel the stress and struggles of staffs past. 
You get the spirit of dedication; my meaning 
of dedication deeper than Webster's but not 
profound. Asked why I ever accepted the 
responsibility, my answer was not clear to me. 
Now it is... it's the walls. 





"To be rooted is perhaps the most 
important and least recognized 
need of the human soul." 


: r©nch oh 


trie 2003 Acorn, volume 50, was published by the United Student Movement at Oakwood College and 
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